Russia – Heavy snowfall in Irkutsk region

The month of May began with hail and snow.

Today, May 2, in some areas of Irkutsk was at first degree, and then snow. The sky outside the window is dark,

Yesterday almost the entire territory of the Irkutsk region was snowing heavily. Especially in the evening, snow fell abundantly in Slyudyanka area.

On social networks, perturbed Irkutsk citizens have asked if they could return in April, because it was warmer than it is now.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

4 thoughts on “Russia – Heavy snowfall in Irkutsk region

  1. Hope all the folks in Queensland region of Australia are ok contending with the outrageous flooding.

    • It was hyped up by the media.

      There were some local heavy rainfall events resulting in rapid local stream rises. People continued to make the same mistake of driving vehicles into known local flood prone roadways and some paid dearly for that tragic mistake.

      There was little widespread river flooding as happened in 2011 or 1974.

  2. Irkutsk is well below the Arctic Circle in Siberia, but it seems to have a rather cool climate, with May daily temperatures ranging from upper 30’s to lower 50’s. I imagine that occasional snow squalls are not unlikely in late April and early May. However, a persistent storm that leaves measurable amounts over large areas is probably unusual for this time of year.

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