Russia May Catch the North Pole

It’s all Putin’s fault.


“As Newsmax reported, the magnetic North Pole is wandering towards Siberia at an increasing speed, currently in the order of 35 miles per annum,” writes Dr Klaus L E Kaiser.

“Just when you had been thinking of following your compass until you see some polar bears in northern Canada, the magnetic North Pole shifted again. And if the pundits are right, it may just take a few more decades to point you right towards Siberia. Clearly, that’s intolerable.

The Magnetic North Pole

“The Magnetic North Pole (MNP), of course, has nothing in common with the Geographical North Pole (GNP).While the GNP is a fixed point on the globe, the MNP is not and it has been moving about forever.

“Once in a while, the MNP even flips upside down. In fact, over earth’s history, there were numerous events of the MNP “suddenly” changing its location from the northern hemisphere by 180 degrees to near the geographical SOUTH Pole, and back again.

“Such magnetic reversals can be observed from undisturbed solid layers of basalts and magmatic rocks that contain magnetic minerals (such as magnetite and ilmenite) in various rocks of the world, such as the mid-ocean ridges.

“According to current knowledge, the last of such magnetic pole flips occurred less than 40,000 years ago and reversed fully again after only some 400 years of “aberration.”  Robert W. Felix has written about such magnetic reversals in his book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.”

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Russia May Catch the North Pole

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  1. Still say the ocean resets come more often than 10s of thousands of years. As the lava cools from an erupting volcano the draw between the core magnetic gravity verse sun magnetic draw coupled together with a shifting magnetic roaming sphere of poles, would seem likely to play contiguous roles pertaining to the final state of polarity of said lava. Some have proposed that during a super weakened state of earth core the polarity has a very high probability of dancing in a butterfly conceptual across the earth; i.e. a continuous shifting of of N v S in a uniform pattern, and a high probability of multiple poles at once?

    Multiple sites where this dynamic event has transpired is recorded with multiple polarities showing up inside the same event lava pools.

    Will the earth be rocking to and fro as a drunkard before this one be over? haha

    Love ya’ll, thanks you so much Robert for all the info, time and heartfelt site you have given us!

  2. Putin is stealing the North Pole!!!
    Is Santa going to find our home??
    Serious emergency!!
    Mueller must start a new investigation. Did Trump asked Putin to do it??

  3. The South magnetic pole is moving relatively slowly. But it has left Antarctica and appears to be on its way to Australia.p

  4. Jacek, the south pole isn’t fixed either and is heading out into the southern ocean as we speak. It should be off the coast of Sri Lanka in less than 100 years.

  5. This is a gift from the Great Trump to Putin. He has allowed the pole to move towards Russia. Trump does all things that are pleasing only to him. We are but here to protect and serve him.

  6. Does this mean my letter to Santa needs to be in Russian?


    I’m really more worried that the South Atlantic Anomaly is growing. It can screw up our satellite systems.

    By Dr. Tony Phillips (

    Sept. 30, 2016: Researchers have long known that one of the van Allen Radiation Belts dips down toward Earth over South America, creating a zone of high radiation called “The South Atlantic Anomaly” (SAA). Since its discovery in 1958, the SAA has been shape-shifting, growing larger and intensifying.

    NASA already shuts down some sattelites as they transit it. What happens if it starts taking out more systems?

  7. Probably ought to add that the South Atlantic Anomaly is likely an artifact of polar weakening. During pole flips, excursions, and failures, multiple weak poles pop up all over the planet with spots like the anomaly forming. We could end up with satellite damaging spots all over the globe as the weakening intensifies and more stronger anomalies form.

  8. Adoni-
    You said it! And I’m glad you did because I hemmed and hawed for quite awhile trying to think of an appropriate response to him, but I couldn’t.

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