Russia – Never so cold in many decades

Record cold – Temperatures in most parts of Siberia and the Urals most typical for January.

The Urals and Siberia are abnormally cold, with average daily temperatures as much as 16-20 degrees! below normal.

On Friday in Ural towns and villages the temperature dropped to -27 to -32 degrees.

Temperatures in Siberia are even below -32 to -38 degrees.

In the Tomsk region, central and southern regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, down to -42, and in the Khanty Mansiysk district down to -44 degrees.

On Thursday in the Urals the temperature did not go above -14: -19 degrees to the north and east of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Kurgan region -20: -24.

The Siberian fields daytime temperatures reached -22: -28 degrees, while in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug and the Turukhansk District, to -29: -32.

Expected in Kazakhstan -40°C.
The Astana record for November is -39°C, and was measured in 1953 (see table) in a historical series over 130 years.

Meanwhile, it’s freezing in Brazil in “the hottest year ever!”
Imagine when the coldest year comes!”
-Spring cold: 1 ° C temperature in the South (South Brazil) “Probable 3 days with frost in high mountains.”

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  1. Tokyo, first november snow since 54 years.
    Possibility of first snow in the Kanto at night on the 23rd or in November in Tokyo.
    Snowfall is expected in the Kanto region on the night of the 23rd. According to the Meteorological Agency, a strong cold will enter the archipelago and there is a possibility of snowing in the Kanto plain from the 23rd night to the 24th morning. On the 24th morning of the holidays, attention is also required for commuting.
    According to the Meteorological Agency, in the vicinity of 1,500 meters above the sky, around 0900 pm on 23rd, cold air at 0 degrees Celsius, which is usually about 4 degrees lower than normal in the Tohoku region, go south to the Kanto region. Tokyo is predicted to be “cloudy with occasional rain or snow” on the 24th.
    At the same time, it is expected to advance eastward on the southern coast of the archipelago while developing low pressure. Low pressure may cause the cold to go further south.
    According to the Japan Weather Association, the first snow has been observed in Tokyo in November in 1960, this time it is the first time in 54 years. It is unusual in northern Kanto in November, for the first time in 30 years in Utsunomiya, the first time in Maebashi for 14 years.

    It is snowing in Tokyo on the 24th, but in November it will be the first time in 54 years
    It is possible that snow may fall from the night of 23rd to the morning of the 24th due to the influence of the valley of atmospheric pressure accompanied by coldness approaching. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the forecast of Tokyo’s central Tokyo on 24th is “cloudy with occasional rain or snow.” If snowfall is observed in November, it will be the first time in 54 years since 1962.
    According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, rain or snow is expected in Gunma and Tochigi from the evening of the 23rd, and on Saturday, there is a possibility of snowing even in Tokyo and Chiba etc. It is said that the cold air of 0 degree or less will go south in the vicinity of 1500 meters above the ground. A man in charge of the Japan Meteorological Agency said, “Even if it gets down, the temperature will be low until the 24th morning.

  2. Although it may be 20 degrees colder in Siberia than normal, it also happens to be an unprecedented 20 degrees warmer at the Northpole according to the KNMI, the Royal Duch Meteorological Institute in the monday news broadcast.
    If so, the arctic cold has made an excursion into the lower latitudes, a socalled Polar Vortex.
    But why would there be a relocation of arctic cold ino Siberia and Asia ? Could that be due to the alarming presence of methane buildup over the Arctic, due to the melting of perma frost tundras in Siberia releasing all hat methane gas , possibly caused by subterranean heat buildup round the Arctic region ?
    Is this phenomenon related to the ever weakening magnetic field strength and its effects on the atmosphere and geological movements including so much active volcanism taking place ?
    Anybody have the right answer to what’s going on at the Northpole region ?

    • The AO had been in extreme positive territory Roger which blocks the air from leaving the Arctic that is one piece. That explains the blocking highs but doesn’t explain the anomalous warmth in the Arctic areas. Well I’m going to try to explain it but since I’m not a meteorologist the source of this nugget is Joe Bastardi follow him on Twitter and go to his site Ok, the Arctic warmth can be blamed on water vapor that is more prevalent in the atmosphere now due to the departed El Niño. The meridional flow of the jet stream due to the intensifying solar minimum transported the juiced up air to the Arctic. So why the cold in Asia? The jet stream picked up the moisture from Asia and moved it into the Arctic. Drier air can cool much more rapidly than moisture laden air hence the cooling over Asia. Where you have seen monster snows that’s the boundary between the two airmasses in Asia and in Canada. Now that the AO is moving negative you should see the Arctic cool down and also air from Greenland invade the Eastern half of the US….

  3. Don’t they say that the magnetic pole has been quickly traveling towards Siberia?

    Before a magnetic pole reversal, don’t they say that multiple magnetic poles can come and go?

    I wonder how many times magnetic poles (axes?) have existed for a while,then been superseded by others, and did they leave in their wake foci of anomalous magnetism?

    Aside from that, I find myself wondering if the LHC might end up creating a new magnetic pole (axis).

    How do you create a magnet?

    • Take a rod of iron, pencil sized, and with a magnet stroke it from end to end until the disorganised iron atoms line up end to end n to s. Then place on a sheet of iron filings, the iron filing should then reorganise into lines of force showing the Mag field pattern.
      In the Earth’s case, the magnet is the Sun and the raw iron is our solid iron core and inner mostly molten iron Magma Ocean around the core. The earths Magma also contains around 50x the amount of CO2 that is stored in the world’s oceans. The atmosphere contains a pitiful amount of that in comparison, 99% of than comes from volcanic sources. All of that added by Humans is taken up by plants. The earth is greening, cooling, and at the same time growing wetter as it recovers from the drought caused by the recent Solar Warm Period which ended in 2008.
      Yes, Humans need to be worried about their world, but not about whether it is warming or cooling as it’s a cycle for 3.85 billion years, but about lying politicians and their fraudulent olgists cooking up a series of tax scams to steal more of your earnings, property rights, and freedoms of thought, expression, and speech.
      Turkeys have never voted for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Humans should never vote either, to be cast back into the stone age, on the whim of a group of Green terrorist billionaires, or a UN populated by dictators, thugs, criminals and collectivist socialists. The UN needs to be reformed, or replaced by Pax Americana, with a few bathrooms enlarged by hellfire missile as well.

    Dear Editor,
    Readers need to peruse the web-site, . All we hear on the BBC is that 2016 is “the hottest year on record !”” Is it really? Where did they take these “global” temperatures , I wonder ?
    It is STILL 2016, yet central Asia , including Russia and Kazakhstan are suffering RECORD LOW temperatures very early in the winter. It is as much as 20 degrees below normal in the Urals [ minus 32 degrees C in places] ; minus 38 Celsius in Siberia and minus 40 Celsius expected in Kazakhstan !
    All it needs for a severe winter to reach the UK is for a High Pressure to build up over southern Sweden. Then , being that air moves clockwise around a High, the severely cold air will be dragged across to the UK from Siberia !!
    Then, look out !! As that very cold air meets moist air off the Atlantic , we would have VERY SEVERE ,HEAVY snow-falls!
    Such a High Pressure built up over Sweden in October, which is why we had a lovely dry , sunny month . It will be a VERY different story if a High builds up there from now on !! …….THEN let’s hear talk about “global warming ” !
    Yours faithfully,
    L J Jenkins,
    01239 612196

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