Russia – Only records of the cold! Meteonovosti

Not a single heat record has been observed in Russia over the past 24 hours, but cold records continue toppling across the territory.

Last night in Vyborg of the Leningrad Region the temperature dropped to 5.8°C (the previous record was 7.9°C in 1948).

The temperature in the Pushkin mountains of the Pskov region dropped to 7.0°C (the previous record was 7.6°C in 1976).

In the city of Sukhinichi, Kaluga Region, the temperature dropped to 9.1°C (the previous minimum of 9.2°C was observed in 1968).

In the city of Elton, Volgograd  the temperature dropped to 9.3°C  (previous record of 11.5°C was in 1994).

In the city of Upper Baskunchak, Astrakhan Region, the temperature dropped to 9.9°C (previous record of 11.6°C was in 1994).

In the city of Tsimlyansk, Rostov Region, the temperature did not reach 0.3°C to the 1969 record, when it was 11.3°C.

In the Irkutsk region, Trans-Baikal Territory and Buryatia. So in Orling, Irkutsk Region, the temperature dropped to 3.8°C (the previous record of 4.5°C was noted in 2002).

In Romanovka (Buryatia), the minimum temperature reached only 1.3°C (the previous record was 1.4°C in 1947).

And in Transbaikalia (Chary), the thermometer column dropped to -1.4°C (in 1943 it was 0.0 degrees).

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4 thoughts on “Russia – Only records of the cold! Meteonovosti”

  1. if this is lateish midsummer…then whats winter going to be like you have to wonder..not crop ripening or harvesting weather at the moment for sure.

    correcting that their main grain crops appear to be Buckwehat for homeland use and a lot of wheat for export, wheat might be ok but cold while heading/flowering for Buckwheat isnt good at all.
    it grows in as little as 3 mths but its fussy about the temps for the last 6weeks of that time. for good grain anyway
    if youre growing as green manure, then theres some leeway

  2. Strange in the hottest time on Earth evah! that only record cold is being recorded and the claimed heat records are only due to cheating and UHI.

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