Russia – Record cold in South Ural region

On October 3, the mercury plunged to -7.3C in the city of Magnitogorsk, easily breaking the previous record of -5,0C set in 1955.

In other parts of the Urals, the temperature is running 6-8 degrees below the norm.

Magnitogorsk, a city of 440,000, lies about one thousand miles east and slightly south of Moscow.

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5 thoughts on “Russia – Record cold in South Ural region”

  1. well it’s sure getting colder every year across the Hemipshere.

    Where’s that stupid lunatic Gore and Viner on all that?????

  2. Kazakhstan, October 5, 2017: A snow storm and ice are expected in the north and in the center of Kazakhstan on Friday

    ASTANA. KAZINFORM – With the passage of atmospheric frontal sections on Friday in places in the east, at night in the north and in the center of the republic there are precipitation, the rest of Kazakhstan is expected to have a weather without precipitation. In some places, fog, ice, wind intensification are expected, in the north – a blizzard, KazPhydromet RSE reports.

  3. Our prayers and thoughts should go out to the Northern nations!
    Let us pray that they and their southern nations may conclude to use their technologies to grow abundant food for their survivals.

    Seriously, if we do not pray for the Russians, Chinese, Mongolians, Indians, Pakistan’s etc., the world will be in for dire straits.

    May we expand our growing potentials exponentially to serve as a saving grace for the far north and south reaches! Let the USA be a grace to all the nations that they may look to us a nation of peace and plenty not just for ourselves, but for them as well.

    Forget the lost millionaire loons and their hiding in the bunker theologies! Forget the MSM and their doomsday scenarios which distract us from the greater picture. Peace, people, peace will be the only saving grace upon the lands. With the technologies of the different nations we may preserve the peace for a while yet as we go through difficult times. Only if we can can common ground; that which we should pray for.

    Keep up the good fight Robert! We shall need the positive strength of all involved to get through one if we wish to save the rest of the nations. We shall not fall here, but the eruptions of the other nations needs some help eh?

    Bless all

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