Russia – Record snow covers houses up to the roofs – Video

Russia – Record snow covers houses up to the roofs – Video

Animals slaughtered due to record snowfall – Five times the monthly normal precipitation in Yakutia, Russia

Five times the monthly normal … and it’s only the 2nd day of the month!

Horses are unable to feed themselves because of deep snow. forcing locals to slaughter younger horses.

According to, communication between the regional center and villages was interrupted because of the snow.

Yakutia’s Minister for Agriculture Peter Alekseyev recommended that district authorities should search for suitable pastures for horses and observe emaciated animals.


According to Yakutsk.Ru, snow has covered houses up to the roof; classes at schools have been cancelled.

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  1. About the snow cover in Moscow.
    During the last days of October, autumn landscape changed in the metropolitan area of winter, snow everywhere formed in Moscow up to 7 cm in the region 13cm. The snow does not melt because the air temperature during the day is held negative, below the norm for 3-5 degrees.
    And there’s snow! During the day, 03 October snow depth in the Moscow region could increase by 5-10 cm. And the next Atlantic hurricane will have even more snow.
    If this happens, then this year the date of the establishment of permanent snow cover (October 27) will be the first in the history of instrumental observations in the capital!

    First snow on the German lowlands?
    The first snow may fall on the flat in Germany, in particular, since 7 November.

  2. I am sad for the horses, but at least theyre taking action quickly so they dont starve or die a horrible death by freezing;-(
    and notably they DID immediately act for the animals and it wont just be the horses. bit a change from places elsewhere isnt it?

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