Russia – Surprise snowstorms – Two weeks of snow in two days (Video)


Wintry weather catches a number of large cities off guard in Russia’s Far East and southern Siberia.


28 Sep 11 – In the Chita and Magadan regions, heavy snow and strong winds paralyzed road traffic and left entire districts without electricity.

Road crews managed to clear the Kolyma motorway connecting the Magadan region with the Republic of Yakutiya, but several large roads remain closed and several small villages are cut off from the rest of the region.

Meteorologists say the last two days have seen enough snow for two weeks.

The weather in the Russian capital got so cold that Moscow authorities – for the first time in history – decided to turn heaters on in before the temperatures dropped below eight degrees Celsius.

This year’s winter is expected to be cold and long.

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  1. But you have to remember, global warming means more warmth and more cold, more drought and more rain, more severe storms and greater calm, more money and less fuel. All bases, neatly covered.

  2. More links to share these articles would be really nice and less hassle for those of us who don’t use all the latest gadgets and links.

  3. Robert Felix is this snowfall in the Chita and Magadan regions historicly unusual for this time of year? If it is could it be an indicator of the approach of some kind of ice age?
    On another matter I have visual evidence of snow on mount Washington in the middle of october 2010 so I’ll be looking for something simular this october.
    Do you want to see year over year pictures when I have them?
    Nothing like the internet and webcams to do science from a distance.


    • On October 10, 1979 there was a snowstorm in the immediate Washington,DC area that left up to 3″ of snow and up to 10″ in the Blue Ridge. So I don’t think snow in Siberia during late September is shocking.

      I believe that accumulating snow has fallen every month of the year on Mt. Washington, certainly it has happened in late August.

      • Andy I have a picture recorded from the alpine webcam on Aug8, 2007 that looks like snow. At first I thought it must be an error like flood lights shining on the grass or trees at night but this was just after sunrise and it was overcast. The snow appeared to be 4 to 6 inches deep. Later in the day there was no evidence of snow to be found. Rather odd considering the time of year.

  4. Those systems are on their way to the West Coast of North America. Mid next week things may be pretty bad. We’re talking deadly bad.

  5. Snow in Siberia in late September is not unusual. Later next week snow is expected in the highest parts of the Grampians of Scotland. Again, not unusual for the time of year.
    With a severe winter forecast for the Pacific north-west and Alaska, it will be interesting to see how much of the accumulated snow fails to melt next summer.

    • Thanks for the clarification on the issue of snow fall in siberia. Detecting the onset of an ice age may take awhile.


  6. Right on Tom..! Al Gore has consistently told us that the hotter it gets, the colder it will be and that we will certainly see more droughts as the rains continue to fall on the submerged portions of the desert regions. All if which increases and decreases in direct correlation to the amount of money in several key Swiss bank accounts.

  7. UK today recorded highest ever temperature for October (since records began of course!) 29.5c and it looks like it might go higher. It’s been over 27c for 5 days now and doesn’t look like breaking until at least Monday. All the snow in St Moritz and Graubunden, Switzerland has, as predicted, gone too. Just proves these unique events are pretty meaningless in the grand scale of things. Funny though you would think the warmists would jump on this but there is not a single mention of global warming or the like in any of the press.Probably be snowing by the end of the month!

    • matt

      You know full well that this summer has been cool by UK standards.

      We have had 5 days of hot weather which we didn’t get in the summer. So what?

      It’s no more global warming than a bit of early snow is global cooling.

      End of.

  8. Dude, its russia.. is snow ever unexpected like! really, these minor weather events mean nothing, but are interesting. i will say, it is interested to see solar activity increases we have record temps in the uk.. what does that same about the weather..

    • Dude! Even the Russians acknowledge that it was a “surprise” snowstorm and that the amount of snow is unusual. I think “they” ought to know; considering that it is “Russia,” and “they” are Russians.

  9. yup, for that region in Siberia it’s normal. In Yakutia far East mountains area first snow this year huppened in early September, temperature is already around -20C during nights….but normal weather over there.
    I think, that the first sign of an ice age is cold summers in Europe,SUA,ASIA,etc

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