Russian boy stumbles upon “woolly mammoth find of the century”

An 11-year-old Russian boy has stumbled upon a well-preserved woolly mammoth in what scientists describe as the best such discovery since 1901.

The animal’s “tusk, skin, an eye and an ear were clearly visible” said Alexei Tikhonov, director of the Saint Petersburg-based Zoological Museum.

The mammoth’s “one-metre-long penis is also intact so we can conclude that this was a male,” Tikhonov added.

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4 thoughts on “Russian boy stumbles upon “woolly mammoth find of the century”

  1. Isn’t there a passage in Aleksandr Sozhenitsyn’s tome “The Gualag Archipelago” where they talk about eating frozen mammoth?

  2. I wonder if berrylium 10 is present in this ancient mammals flesh in high concentrations.If the permafrost just thawed,russian researchers have a golden opportunity to measure this rare element in this creature.This element has been proven…to show up from space to earth, during past earth climate cooldowns/iceages related to low solar activity.

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