Russian tankers trapped in Ice

Nuclear-powered icebreakers called in to free the ports.


The Barents Observer reports that two of Russia’s largest Arctic out-shipment points for oil and LNG are “packed with ice” leaving tankers and carriers stranded.

Experts had expected that ice clogging the Gulf of Ob would melt with the summer months, allowing the state-owned energy company Rosatomflots to avoid using their nuclear-powered icebreakers.

Two nuclear-powered icebreakers, the Taymyr and the Vaygach, are working overtime. There are also several smaller tugs and icebreakers working in the waters around the Sabetta port.

According to Rosatomflot, its icebreakers will be working at least through the first week of July to free stranded ships from the ice.

The fear about rapid melting of ice caps in the Arctic “seems to have receded a little and we are returning to the standards of the 1980s and 1990s,” said Rosatomflot representative Andrey Smirnov.

The Gulf of Ob a bay of the Arctic Ocean, located in Northern Russia at the mouth of the Ob River.
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“Lol look amount of ice beeakers lol,” says David

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  1. Just take a look at commercial Investments: will large companies buy or build huge icebreakers if REALLY ice cap are going to melt?

  2. i was reading they plan to make any new oil tankers almost as rugged as the icebreakers to try n avoid this issue in future
    proposed hulls to cope with 6ft of ice
    Russians dont tend to do much without good reason..tells me theyre not expecting much melting

  3. For someone that was personally in the Barents Sea in August of 1987, Back in that time frame there was no Ice to be seen, we were however spending more time looking for mines, so maybe we were too distracted to notice any ice bergs in the open sea [sarc].

    This seals it for me. I think there is no more to debate in my mind. The shift to Global Cooling is starting.

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