Sahara Desert – Biggest snowfall in living memory

Freak heavy snowfall in Sahara desert – Waist deep in places

22 Jan 2017 – More than one meter (3 ft) of snow covered the sand this morning in parts of the town of Ain Sefra.

The snow has been falling steadily and is now waist deep in some parts of the small Saharan desert town, often called “The Gateway to the Desert.”

“It started snowing at around 1.30am this morning and is now one metre deep in some places,” said Photographer Sekkouri Kamel. It’s absolutely incredible to have so much snow.”

Apart from a few flakes of snow before Christmas, snow was last seen in Ain Sefra on February 18, 1979. That snow storm lasted just half an hour.

Ain Sefra is around 3,280 feet (1000 m) above sea level and surrounded by the Atlas Mountains.

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  1. Snow in the Sahara Desert is pretty amazing but the 3 feet of snow claimed looks very much more like 3 inches in all the photo’s. The author of this news must be thinking and talking about the size of his little toe.


  2. This is how the drop in sea level will start.
    Not only will the Ice Caps regenerate in depth and then new ice for the Ice Rivers to the sea, But the arid sections of the world which never see rain or snow fall due to the lateral jet streams of the solar warm period now get their turn to soak up the rain fall in vast quantities.
    Now, during a Grand Solar Minimum under way now, the main jet stream is far more meridional, pushing low pressure systems far to the south of the their normal track, and creating large blocking high pressure systems which guide the cold polar stream of air clock wise around them turning the rain bearing water vapour to snow and most of Europe to ice.

    • Regina,

      Check out to see the wind, water vapor and temperature transects of the entire globe which puts into perspective why, where and how these events are taking place.

  3. The Robert Felix books, particularly Not By Fire But By Ice is compelling. It is also a timely smack in the face for Our Ski Instructor PM and his latest efforts to add to the cost of living and bring poverty to Canadians!

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