Sale ends New Year’s Day! All books 20% Off!

Sale ends New Year’s Day – 20% off!

Not by Fire but by Ice

Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps

Basic Preparedness (includes DVDs)

Ice Age Now – The DVD

17 thoughts on “Sale ends New Year’s Day! All books 20% Off!”

  1. Thanks! I just took advantage of this sale offering and ordered Not By Fire… and Magnetic Reversals… Should make for some nice winter reading by the cozy fake fireplace(I don’t have a real one). 😉 -Andrew

    • AndrewS.. sorry, but once you start reading Robert’s books, you won’t want to put them down. I got both finished inside a week.. but then had to read them both again of course :^) You would be amazed at how much you miss first time around.. then, as events start to happen, you find yourself reading them AGAIN! Then of course you will find yourself lending them to a friend or a family member.. this alone makes them EXCELLENT value for money!

      • Well Caroline it took me about 4 days for the first run through of NBFBBI, and you were right. Once you get going, very hard to put down.

        Anyone with even the slightest of interest in this topic should take advantage of this sale offering. Get ’em while the price is right!, we don’t know how long this generous offer will last!

    • Im also going to be reading my signed book: “Not by fire but by ice.“ Then later if im finished “The extinction protocol 2012 and beyond.

      No real fireplace here either haha.

    • Dear Robert
      This article is an excellent example of the Landscheidt effect and how there is a well-defined uptic in both seismic and volcanic activity during periods of low sunspots….as now and in the next sunspot cycle (realizing that the Landscheidt effect, or cyclical-planetary/geomagnetic changes or disturbance are the actual cause of the low sunspots and the seismic rumblings)….expect MORE rumblings….after all we are going into a “Little Iceage” event….as I write….

    • I sign every book before I ship it. However, if you want it autographed to a particular person, then you’ll want to immediately send me an email with their name. Western New York? No, I’m on the West Coast.

  2. Dad studies a lot of things to and he and I both want to know if due to the southern hemisphere having more and more snow while the northern hemisphere is losing it wont’ that eventually create a weight imbalance between the poles?

    Would that be what creates a magnetic flip is having one side be heavier then the other to the point the one side cannot bear the load?

  3. Right now the whole of North America is not having anything CLOSE to Artic air which in fact the Artic Air retreats to the other side of the planet.

    HARRP anyone?

    Also why did God make me born stupid? It really really sucks.

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