Saltbush Solar Activity Watch Established.

“A new cooling era would play havoc with world food supply, and those who rely on unreliable wind/solar energy will regret their choices.”
– Viv Forbes


Saltbush Solar Activity Watch Established
by Viv Forbes

27 Dec 2018

The Saltbush Club today announced the formation of the “Saltbush Solar Activity Watch” led by Mr David Archibald.

The Executive Director of Saltbush, Mr Viv Forbes, said it was obvious to everyone except school teachers, the ABC, the Greens and the leaders of CSIRO that the sun is the main driver of weather and climate on Earth.

“This giant ball of nuclear power in the sky beams solar radiation and exerts gravitational force on everything on earth.

“These two solar forces, radiant heat and gravity, control our world.

“Radiant heat on an inclined rotating Earth drives the winds and the ocean currents, produces rain and snow, powers cyclones and storms, and affects the cloud-forming cosmic radiation that hits the earth.

“Gravitational forces from the sun, the moon and other planets create atmospheric tides that also affect weather. They also create tides in the oceans and ground waters as well as “Earth Tides” in crustal rocks that affect the timing of Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

“The ancient Greeks and Egyptians, South African water engineers and Australia’s most famous weather forecaster, Inigo Jones, all knew that the sun was a key factor in weather/rainfall cycles. Most of the world’s calendars are based on movements in the solar system, and ancient monuments from Stonehenge, to the Pyramids, to the Americas are testament to the pervasive influence of sun and planets in human history. (Source:

By permission Steve Hunter

Little Ice Ages coincided with periods of low sunspot numbers

“Solar cycles have been observed for over 2,000 years and sunspots have been recorded in detail since the invention of the telescope in 1610. This record shows that cold periods like the Little Ice Age have coincided with periods of low sunspot numbers.

“David Archibald’s analysis of solar activity suggests that the sun has driven a warming phase since about 1900 but probably entered a new cooling phase about 2006.

“A new cooling era would play havoc with world food supply, and those who rely on unreliable wind/solar energy will regret their choices.

“With reckless bravado, foolish Western politicians and their minions have placed all of our bets on an old fading gelding called “Global Warming”. They have not noticed a vigorous white stallion, “Global Cooling” which is racing down the straight.

“Even a small cooling will reduce world food supply in three ways.

  • “Firstly, any reduction in surface temperature will reduce crop growth and growing season in all sub-polar regions.
  • “Secondly, reduced solar radiation will reduce evaporation from the oceans and must reduce precipitation on land.
  • “And, worst of all, cooling surface temperature on the oceans will cause oceans to absorb more carbon dioxide plant food, so plant/crop growth will be lower than in today’s warm well-fertilised atmosphere.

“Carbon dioxide has never driven world climate and will play an even smaller part in future.”

The first Saltbush “Solar Activity Watch” by David Archibald can be found here:

Viv Forbes
Executive Director
Washpool  Qld  Australia

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13 thoughts on “Saltbush Solar Activity Watch Established.”

  1. There’s an error in that cartoon

    The size of the earth is far too large in comparison to the size of the sun.

    The cartoon human should be standing on a small dot.


    • David, you are correct.

      The little Ice age was caused by the Vikings moving to Greenland and Iceland and therefore reducing the Carbon footprint of Europe….when there were fewer camp fires, from fewer Vikings in Europe…It is a proven fact that when you burn fewer camp fires, you cool the Earth.

      Also, it got cold when 1/3 of the polluting Europeans died of Small pox, or Plague, or whatever, and that reduced global C02 since so many peasant housewives stopped cooking for the kids….they were too sick…..

      You know I am right. The sun is too far away to effect the Earth, right?

  2. I have discussions on sites where people seem to think that near Earth orbit space is “cold”.

    They often cite the cosmic microwave background radiation as evidence of this stupid assertion.

    The fact is that at every point in 3 dimensional space mapped out by Earth’s orbital radius there is a continuous flux of solar radiation powerful to heat objects it irradiates to over 110°C.

    This is always present – there is no way to avoid it except to hide behind a planet or moon or reflect it away.

    However, the stupid assertion people always come back with the nonsensical claim that the radiation from the Sun only occupies a small fraction of the space around Earth – a thin pencil of light directed at Earth – and this somehow “proves” the space isn’t continuously “irradiated” by the Sun everywhere in 3D space all the time.

    The only thing I can understand about their thinking is that the Sun only shines at Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mercury.

    I get what they say that the solar radiation comes from a small part of space and there is no radiation from other directions except the cosmic microwave background radiation but this in no way negates the simple fact that at every point in 3 dimensional space mapped out by Earth’s orbital radius there is a continuous flux of solar radiation powerful to heat objects it irradiates to over 110°C !

    No matter how I have tried they still spruke the same nonsense.

    Yes the solar radiation is directional but there is no way to avoid it other than hide from it or reflect it away.

    The idea that near Earth orbit space is cold and devoid of radiation – how they think this is beyond me – is a major underpinning of AGW gobbledygook.

    All these people who think Earth would be minus 18°C without greenhouse gases fail to see the Moon, with no atmosphere at all bakes to temperatures over 110°C in the noon day Sun but this same Sun can only heat Earth to minus 18°C ?

    How do people become this brainwashed ?

  3. 😉 meanwhile you oughta hear the media here lying through their teeth about heatwaves
    while admiting briefly VERY briefly that the same or hotter temps were recorded in the 20s n 30s
    yeah a few scorchers, but its an aussie summer

    • Both the UK Met Office and the entire BBC Environment new team are the chief propagandists for the UK Green Science Establishment.
      Recent clangers for the met office claim the hottest temperature for the UK from a Weather station notorious for miss reading air field temperatures on the Northern Runway boundary during a slight Southerly wind on the warmest summer days particularly when a series large heavy Jets are reverse thrusting during landing a few hundred feet from the boundary fence and the weather station, at least 4C misreading.
      The UK Met Office to hire forecasters or indeed anybody within the management team has to have a valid degree in a AGW climate science field every one of them supports AGW and that CO2 is the root climate knob for the UK weather.
      I also notice they have gone very quiet about Sudden Atmospheric Warm Events, particularly with the series the UK has experience this year during the normal Solar minimum between cycles and the large number of long lasting coronial holes they are liked to, any one would think they are frightened to admit that the Sun controls our climate , and not a trace plant food gas, no life on earth can do without.

  4. Quote: “And, worst of all, cooling surface temperature on the oceans will cause oceans to absorb more carbon dioxide plant food, so plant/crop growth will be lower than in today’s warm well-fertilised atmosphere.
    With the above reoccurring as cyclic climate change thoughout history, which has happened during each of the Younger Dryas events, the 8500K event and during the 10 abrupt endings to the ten major named warm periods with GSM period which have occurred since the heights of Holocene Max some 9000 years ago.
    The root cause is the variable energy output of the Sun, as its activity is moderated by the Jovian Gas Giants as happens for every one the twenty or so observed stars which displays sun spots, and whose solar systems contain multiple Gas Giants in variable numbers of AU unit orbits around them.
    During each of the solar body’s disordered phases, energy is moderated into a cooling phase. On a water world like Earth water soluble gases, like CO2 is stored in cold sea water as part of the oceanic water circulation system, which in our case takes 1000 years for a given Litre of water to move from the centre of the Pacific to the edge of the Ice pack in the Northern Polar region via the Indian and Atlantic Oceans as part of the world wide over-turning current and return to the starting position. The major part of the LIA cooling and deglaciation started with the Spoorer GSM period at around 1450 AD and lasted until the end of Dalton/Gleissberg at around 1920, a period of 500 years.
    Given that cold carbonated Spoorer water would reach the Pacific and start to outgas CO2 at around 1950 (1450+500) and will continue to out gas for the duration of LIA period (1920+500) until 2420, CO2 will continue to increase in the world atmosphere, as a lagging indicator of how warm our oceans are today following our recently ended (2008) Solar Warm Period, and how cold they were during the LIA period which started some 700 years ago.
    The 1950 start point for the hockey stick rise in CO2 is significant in my view, and would also account for smaller CO2 rises due to the pervious Oort and Wolf GSM cooling periods prior to 1950 coinciding with the start of the industrial era. If my suggestion is valid, CO2 outgassing from water-sequestered CO2 should reduce after 2420 and the commencement of the Modern Warm Period after 1940.
    A fact the Warmists don’t like to mention is that the oceans contain 50X more CO2 than is in the atmosphere, and the magma ocean our continents float on contains many more 1000s X of SO2 and CO2. Then ask yourself what would happen to another water world, smashed by a major comet which resurfaced the entire globe with magma, in my view Venus is a prime example and GHG have done nothing to cause the atmospheric pressure change or the amount of Sulphur in the atmosphere of Venus .

  5. I started gardening about 10 years ago.
    The learning curve is steep. Especially if you think you might have to live on what you grow.
    Not as easy as dropping a seed in the ground and coming back in a few weeks with your salad bowl.

  6. Now, all that is needed to further complete the narrative is the slow recognition of the magnetic and electric current connection and the picture resolves a bit more.

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