Same old game, same old field, same old rules, same old prize

“Woe unto them that pointed out that while the priests were calling for fasting, they themselves were feasting.”
– John the 1st

Same old game, same old field, same old rules, same old prize

John the 1st

For tens of thousands of years the high priest (or priestess), would stand up and say the drought, or the earthquake or the eclipse, or the flood happened because “god” (choose whichever god you want) was unhappy with us, and that tutelary was unhappy with us because we were wicked and evil. They would use talismans, and relics, secret incantations and confusing terms and language to “prove” their assertions.

The fearful, ignorant, and even the cautious, would then prostate themselves before the priests and their acolytes, sacrificing their wealth, their freedom, their free will and their happiness in the vain hope that they could curry the favor of the offended deity and thus be spared from the misery produced by the catastrophe du jour.

Woe unto them that questioned the veracity of the priests or the efficacy of their countermeasures.

Woe unto them that pointed out that while the priests were calling for fasting, they themselves were feasting. While they admonished gaudy displays of wealth, they clothed themselves in fine garments. While they demanded abstinence and humility, they indulged and reveled in their power.

That worked for thousands upon thousands of years. Perhaps for all of humanity’s conscious existence.

Those who crafted the Global Warming scam know this and are exploiting it.

They are being assisted and enabled by the same sort of true believers that in generations past would denounce the wicked and demand their sacrifice.

It’s the same old game, played on the same old field, using the same old rules, for the same old prize.


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  1. Lyrics that have stuck in my mind for years … “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”, from The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again”! Ignorance, blindness, stupidity, seems to know no generational boundaries! And, you are right, today’s narratives are all misdirection, hiding sheer greed, lust for power, and evil agendas!

  2. Same shyte. different century. The grifters at the top of pyramid leverage the ignorant mob at the bottom. The great human experiment continually fails concurrent with IQ levels. Watch the movie “Idiocracy” for an explanation (breeding) on how we arrived here ‘again’. Maybe the drug culture of the 60s fried the gene pool and contributed to the ease of brainwashing present in all levels of academia.

  3. The problem with this post is mostly the misrepresentation of religious value. There is a pretense here that “god” by any name is a mythic presence and that people follow the “priest” for fear of this mythic being. While “churches” do, in fact, seek power, religion, itself, doesn’t.

    PEOPLE seek power, and it doesn’t matter what role they play, be it priest, mayor, governor, king, emperor, President, or PM. I have no idea why the “non-believer” always likes to lump religious value in the same category as those that criminally seek power over people, but they always do.

    While the current drive for world government is real, and the tools being used at this time are the twin “C”s of Climate and COVID, it serves no purpose to smear “religion” per se, when you are considering cults, not unlike the sanctimonious “anti-religion” cult to which the smearer belongs.

    For the truth is God does not seek power over men, He doesn’t need to seek that which He already has. And He need not do for Man what Man is capable of doing for himself. He needs not to protect us from the tyranny of Man. If Man chooses not to, then that is his right of exercising his own free will.

    Sadly, most of “mankind” has given up their free will for the protection of the cults that abuse them. And THAT is the power of education, which makes or breaks any society and the way it develops.

  4. The only real way to explain politics is to view it as a religion. People filter what little unbiased “NEWS” is available and choose to believe the only the “Facts” that fit their belief system. Add this to the fact that the Main Stream Media in the US is little more than a Deep State propaganda tool and we have a very politically ignorant citizenry.

  5. Yup ! Organised religion….under whatever badge or belief….is a form of tribalism, often manipulated by the power-hungry at the TOP !
    Many wars have been fought because “My god is greater than your god !! Take that !!!”
    One of the greatest songs written in English is the thought-provoking Universal Soldier by Buffy Saint Marie from Canada.
    Donovan took it to the top of the charts. GREAT WORDS !! HOW TRUE !!

    Universal Soldier
    He’s five foot-two and he’s six feet-four
    He fights with missiles and with spears
    He’s all of thirty-one and he’s only seventeen
    Been a soldier for a thousand years
    He’a a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain
    A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew
    And he knows he shouldn’t kill
    And he knows he always will
    Killing you for me my friend, and me for you
    And he’s fighting for Canada
    He’s fighting for France
    He’s fighting for the USA
    And he’s fighting for the Russians
    And he’s fighting for Japan
    And he thinks we’ll put an end to war this way
    And he’s fighting for democracy
    He’s fighting for the Reds
    He says it’s for the peace of all
    He’s the one who must decide
    Who’s to live and who’s to die
    And he never sees the writing on the wall
    But without him
    How would Hitler have condemned them at Dachau?
    Without him Caesar would have stood alone
    He’s the one who gives his body
    As a weapon of the war
    And without him all this killing can’t go on
    He’s the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame
    His orders come from far away no more
    They come from here and there and you and me
    And brothers can’t you see?
    This is not the way we put the end to war
    Source: Musixmatch
    Songwriters: Buffy Sainte Marie
    Universal Soldier lyrics © Caleb Music Co., Caleb Music Co

  6. Why Has Everyone Seemingly Forgotten How the Immune System Works? [not everyone… just the targeted zombies]

    Depending on latitude, not attitude, it’s that time of the year again when the sun is getting lower on the horizon, even at noon… so UVB / vitamin D3 drops off so everyone needs their vaccines again to stay healthy. Remember the vaccines are usually free like the cheese in the mouse trap.

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