Sanity prevails – Trump signs executive order undoing Obama-era climate regulations

“I am taking historic steps to lift restrictions on American energy, to reverse government intrusion and to cancel job-killing regulations,” said President Trump at EPA headquarters.

The President spoke those words today as he signed an order to undo a host of Obama-era economically devastating environmental regulations.

The sweeping executive order targets the Clean Power Plan, which was (supposedly) intended to curb carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants. (I personally think it was an attack on the American way of life.)

The president described the Clean Power Plan as a “crushing attack” on workers and vowed to nix “job-killing regulations.” “So many [regulations] are unnecessary, so many are job-killing,” said Trump.

The order also chips away at a myriad of other environmental regulations, including scrapping language on the “social cost” of greenhouse gases.

Trump  vowed repeatedly during the 2016 presidential campaign to cut environmental regulation. This order demonstrates his commitment to keeping those promises.

The order drew praise from business groups, and not surprisingly, condemnation from environmental groups.

The Paris deal was not addressed.

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18 thoughts on “Sanity prevails – Trump signs executive order undoing Obama-era climate regulations

  1. Both issues that are mentioned in this post are NOT “environmental regulations.” They have nothing to do with protecting the environment or preserving biodiversity. They are, as stated in the parenthesis at the end of paragraph 3, strictly attacks on civilization as we know it.

    Evil people attack people at will. There are those that called Hussein evil or Castro evil, but neither person truly caused attacks on civilization and quality of life in other nations. The, thankfully, recently departed resident at 1600 Pennsylvania, clearly has damaged more lives than virtually any other leader in history. They should reconvert Alcatraz back to a maximum security prison and give him a “corner office” there to write his memoirs.

    • in Aus a criminal may NOT profit by proceeds of crime
      that includes selling books media rights etc to the story
      proceeds are (deservedly) taken to be used for the Victims of crime support schemes.
      bummers 6mil or whatever obscene sum hes getting for his forthcoming book would go a long way for healthcare or food medical for some poorer states needy.

    • One might reflect on who is advising and directing the policies of the elected government. Without their influence and money history might have been quite different than what is recorded.

  2. The 2009 “endangerment finding” that branded CO2 and caused so much financial grief has not been overturned.

      • Apparently Pruitt himself convinced Trump to keep the myth alive . . but why? Similarly, Ivanka and Jared stopped Trump from deleting the Paris accord completely. Here is a clue to what is coming next.

        • Expose the CO2 fraud for what it is, a well-crafted hoax, or even worse a deliberate misinterpretation of data, which then lead to a series of fraudulent models designed to link modern industrialisation using Hydrocarbon as an energy source and blame CO2 as the route of all evil. When the educational establishment knew that the world was experiencing a Solar Warm period similar to the Minoan Warm Period.
          This fraud was carried out outside the legal jurisdiction of the US, within the UK Janet network and firewalled within a certain University to prevent climate traffic routing through US routers. The models where then hand carried backing into US based university networks, and similarly firewalled off.
          This router catch all, is what allows the US to rendition UK financial fraudster from the UK into US, without a reciprocal agreement to rendition US fraudsters back to the UK for judgment regarding the Subprime fraud which trashed the UK economy.
          This climate fraud, has been well researched, well laid, and well executed, so much so it has exceeded their wildest dreams, and captured trillions of dollars of research grants for researching a Climate based on Chaos, grants which should have gone on benefiting the human species.
          For example a cure for Cancer, or a working fusion power plant, or improving the economics of Africa as a whole. Instead the people who pay for this, are those in the bottom quartile of the working class, or worse, third world countries denied the benefits of industrialisation using their raw materials to do so.

          • The energy/fossil fuel industry was the richest most powerfull of all, more than most countries and they favoured right wing Govts so what should the Left do?

            • The so called left, are even worse, they hood wink the working class with Jam tomorrow, in return for their political power today. They, the working class overlook the fact that once in power the left taxes the working class even more, blaming the previous administration for all the ills of the world and the need for belt tightening, and we are in this together. Bovine Excreta!
              Only this time the left was in power for the Subprime debacle and the Sun entered an unexpected, but predicted by Landscheidt, Grand Solar Minimum and ended the Modern Solar Warm Period abruptly in 2008.
              It will take a further two years for the climate truth to will-out on the political stage, on just how bad the US Climate Ologists have lied to the world, by then the NH winter climate will have cooled significantly, and famine will be wide spread on the East Coast of Africa and starting in Asian Sub Continent.
              Climate History repeats itself. It has to due to the 172 year solar cycle; 140 years of warm and 32 years of cold. Take a look at the series of famines during Dalton.

              • Fossil fuel is the foundation of modern agriculture and transport (trade), electricity is the lifeblood of manufacturing and services so obviously any changes at that basic level will have severe consequences. The changes have been set in motion here and nothing can stop it now it’s just a matter of how bad it will get and how long it will take to rebuild. Trump is making an effort in the US and maybe he can turn it around but it’s too late for us in Europe and Australia.

          • Jim Bob,
            Do you know which university that fraud occurred at, and how is it you know that (I am not doubting you)? I am sickened to think it could have occurred at my own alma meta, which is UMass-Amherst. I know one of the professors there in the Dept of Geosciences (Ray Bradley), currently head of the Dept… is a climatologist who was one of the infamous “hockey stick” authors… and if I remember correct… I believe he is of British origin.

  3. Good to see he is keeping to his word. The UK media are loving the hiccup over revising Obamacare but lack the ability to see what good work he is doing with NASA, EPA, and UN funding.

  4. I like to point out to “environmentalists” that most of these orders were done later in Obama’s second term.

    If they were so essential to saving the planet, why did Obama wait so many years to do these things? If there really is climate change, it is his fault for all the pollutants he allowed or encouraged during that time.

    Not to mention that he and his family used up more carbon than any presidential family in history. It only hurts the climate if tiny amounts of energy are used by average people living their simple lives. Not if huge amounts of energy are wasted by wealthy, powerful hedonists-that’s okay.

  5. Thank God Trump was elected President. I’m very pleased with the progress so far. The best president since Ronald Reagan for sure!

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