Saxony – Coldest April in 30 years

27 April 2021 – With only a few days left, this April can no longer be saved: It will be the coldest of the last 30 years.

In Germany and Saxony, especially on Tuesday night, another real frost roared in from the east.

In Saxony, the temperature dropped to below minus five degrees (23F). Early Wednesday morning was similarly well below freezing.

In western Germany there were considerably more frost days than usual this April. Instead of the normal two, it amounted to ten, says Torsten Lehne, a meteorologist at the DWD in Leipzig.

Eastern Germany also saw two or three days more April frost than normal.

And according to reader Ric, it has been the coldest April in Switzerland in at least 20 years.

Meanwhile, the center of Russia was covered with snow

Not only snow, but abundant snow, with the restoration of the snow cover!

On the morning of April 27 in Kashira (in the south of the Moscow region) there was 17 cm of freshly fallen snow and in Plavsk (Tula region) – up to 20 cm!

Also record snow in the eastern Moscow region

April is very changeable in the middle of the road: that summer promises, will please you with unprecedented heat, then you will remember winter again.

In Pavlovsky Posad we can already speak of records. In less than a day, 25 mm of precipitation fell on the city in the form of rain, hail and snow, the most in 80 years. A snow cover with a height of 17 cm was formed. In the morning, the snow fell to 9 cm.

Soon there will be no more traces of the falling snow, but never before has snow cover returned in the second half of April.

And due to the wind it will feel like we are in early April, not the end.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands and Martin Siebert for these links

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  1. None of this ever makes it to any msm outlet, as you well know. What will it take – and more importantly, how will the progressive left manage to double down and continue the anti-western lies when it does?

  2. I have noticed this last year Northern winter 2020-2021 that the North pole area rarely came above -25 to -35oC and yet vast amounts of very cold air dipped south all the way to Mexico (Texas) ALL of Russia and in fact virtually the whole of the Northern Hemisphere has had 6 Months of very cold weather . Usually the North Pole area is warmer than -35oC during winter climbing to -10 to -15 oC as the warm air from the South flows north and dumps it’s heat to space . There seems to be a large deficit in heat in the Northern Hemisphere.

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