Schools in E. Idaho (where it’s COLD) – close because it’s TOO cold

Wind chills expected to reach minus 30 (-34C) across eastern Idaho tomorrow.

Idaho Falls School District 91 and Bonneville Joint School District 93 have announced that all schools will be closed Thursday due to the predicted cold weather.

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5 thoughts on “Schools in E. Idaho (where it’s COLD) – close because it’s TOO cold”

  1. No global warming in Idaho , then !
    Is Donald Trump going to mention this?

    By the way, it is MINUS 53 CELSIUS in Dzalinda, Siberia, Russia at the moment , at 2.40 AM GMT Jan 5th 2017.
    There is a High Pressure over Germany. If that slipped north over Sweden, it would draw in SEVERE EASTERLIES across the UK from Siberia. THEN, we would have heavy snow in the UK.
    Let’s hope a High does not build over southern Sweden .

  2. Growing up in Eastern Idaho (Pocatello), I remember walking to school one year in January and the temperature was -32f one morning. Several mornings it was below zero, but that particular morning was the coldest.

    That was the coldest I experienced, until the winter of 1973-1974. I spent that winter in Rovaniemi, Finland. Where the first week of December was -40c to -50c, all week. That was the coldest I ever had to deal with.

    For those that aren’t familiar with Rovaniemi, it’s about 6 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. It’s the capitol of Lapland.

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