Schtick about how Glacier Park is becoming “glacier free” is totally bogus and deceptive

“Deliberate misrepresentations of fact,” says reader. “Glacier Park has been largely glacier free for a very long time.”

“This whole schtick about how Glacier Park is becoming “glacier free” is totally bogus and deceptive,” says reader J Bird.

“Why is it bogus? It’s bogus, because Glacier Park has been largely glacier free for a very long time.

“I remember visiting there with my parents in 1953 and being disappointed because there were no visible glaciers like I had seen in photographs of mountains in Alaska and Canada. I visited again 20 years later, and the few tiny patches of permanent snow and ice that existed had remained essentially unchanged – no growth, no melting. I can support these facts with hundreds of color slides I inherited that had been taken by my father of the mountains in the park in 1953 – virtually NO GLACIERS, just small, permanent snow and ice fields.

“As a child in 1953, I remember asking a park ranger, “Where are the glaciers?” He explained that the park was named for the geological FEATURES that had been LEFT by the glaciers, not for any existing glaciers. You may still find this statement today on the this national park service web page:

“Never-the-less, I’ve been told about how visitors in recent years have been taken on guided tours where the park rangers pointed out the features, shook their heads and tsk, tsked about how climate change was destroying the glaciers in the park. It’s true, of course, but those glaciers have been melting back since the beginning of the Holocene, not because of anthropogenic influences.

“These are the kinds of deliberate misrepresentations of fact that led me to investigate the AGW hypothesis some years ago and to learn that there was essentially no empirical evidence to support it.”


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  1. Never let the truth get in the way of a good taxation fraud.
    After all, they the people will only spend their money on stuff we dont want them to spend it on, its much better if we spending it for them.

  2. Thanks for the helpful history!

    Back where I grew up (southeastern MA) we had a little park we liked to go to and see the “glaciers”… which was probably the same thing as you say – small permanent snow pack. The name of the park was Purgatory Chasm, not far from Uxbridge, MA. We would go crawl of a lot of rocks and look at scrapping along some of them which my dad said were from the last ice age. Nice cool place to play in the summer among the rocks and crevices where you could see a little bit of snow… whereas we did not have air conditioning.

    • Ooh, Purgatory Chasm is a nice hike, even in summer when it remains nice and cool at the bottom of the gorge. I don’t think it was carved directly by the glaciers though, but rather by the raging melt waters when a temporary dam broke.

      It was really neat scaling the polished 40? degree wall in the parking area.

  3. Agree. I lived in Montana in the 70s, spent some time hiking the Glacier Park back country, loved it, you can see the geological evidence of massive glaciation everywhere, but only a few small glaciers remained . . . 99% of the glaciers that formed Glacier National Park melted away long we invented the internal combustion engine.

  4. Thanks very much for the “local knowledge”.

    Sadly, Joe and Jane Average have never heard of “The Holocene.” That’s not part of the Core cirriculum.

    If you could digitize a couple of your slides. Perhaps send them to Robert?
    That would be a great contribution to the Climate Truth movement. A picture is worth…

    Peace from Canada

  5. Protect those pictures.! The climate change guys do not like evidence or people that show the truth.

  6. I’ve been to Glacier National Park just once in my life – in 1979 – as a child, and glaciers weren’t very visible from the Going To The Sun Road. I recall the same small permanent snow-and-ice fields, but not glaciers. At least the park rangers were more upfront and honest about the park reflecting GEOLOGICAL features and not as clandestine mouthpieces for CAGW profiteers.

    If you want to see glaciers, go to Alaska on a cruise ship. Spare yourself the nausea-inducing drama of today’s Park Service.

  7. Thanks for posting. I had heard a lot about the glaciers in Glacier Park disappearing, but since you have knowledge I now know this is bogus. Nice of them to lie about all this stuff–not. But I guess if they told the truth, then no one would care about “Global Warming”.

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