Science no longer science but about money and funding

Global warming craze not science but fabrication.

Science no longer science but about money and funding

REAL science follows the evidence WHEREVER it may lead! Fake science alters data so it fits the theory!! We now live in a post-scientific era!!!
By Battlechief Rob

The Global Cooling of the 1970s was not a myth nor urban legend. It was SCIENCE of the time! It was covered by major media reports and publications including Time Magazine. It was taught in school. And it was experienced by many across the globe! Example:

I lived in the SW USA and it started snowing and kept snowing! It got colder and colder. Soon there was so much snow that hardly anything could move. Trains could not run because the tracks were frozen. Highways were shut down for days. Grocery stores ran out of food. Trucks couldn’t run because the highways were shut down. Schools closed for days. All this was unheard of in that part of the country at the time!

Out on the edge of town elk and antelope herds were gathering around the sawmill looking for food and warmth. People started throwing them out bails of hay but it wasn’t enough. The animals herds in this area experienced massive die offs due to the cold and lack of food and those herds have never been the same sense.

The doors to my grandparents house were frozen and would not open. Water lines froze. The gas company and all other utilities were having major problems getting gas, electric, phone, etc service to customers.

My grandfather ran a side business selling propane a block down from the house. He stayed up all night one night pumping propane because Native Americans were coming off the reservation to get more propane as they had run out. By morning his 1000 gallon supply tank was empty and he could not get it refilled as the supplier couldn’t move its delivery truck! There were many reports of people freezing to death. Most were on the Native American reservation nearby.

Things got pretty scary! A lot of people thought “this is it!” meaning human civilization was about to meet its maker. It snowed in places that had never seen snow or where it only snowed once in a lifetime. People got scared and about the time panic was starting to set in it stopped snowing and things began to thaw out. We all got a taste of ICE AGE!

Yes this global cooling was attributed to industrial pollution but I’m sure there were other contributing factors as well, as there always is. After this snow storm people started building fireplaces or putting wood stove in their homes as they were sure the next winter would be even worse. The following winters did bring much snow but nothing like this one did.

Then along came the global warming people! Suddenly, global cooling theory was out the door and global warming theory was ushered in with fanfare! I went to college and in my final year I took a climate class taught by an old professor set to retire. He had nothing to lose so he said what was on his mind often. One thing he said is that we are IN an ICE AGE still but what we’ve been in for the past 10,000 years or so is a warming period (that’s about the time written history began btw). He warned that one day the ice would return and he said that the science says so. He said the “global warming craze” was not science but “fabrication.” He also commented once that science was no longer about science but about money and funding! He hit the nail squarely on the head because today we have a lot of JUNK SCIENCE! One thing he drilled into our heads was “Real Science follows the evidence wherever it might lead.” And that means even if the science destroys one’s pet theory or hypothesis.

I cannot help but wonder how some people who push global warming are going to feel should this planet suddenly slip back into the ice age. Here they’ve brainwashed people into thinking global warming and meanwhile they’ve left people totally unprepared for global cooling which is the REAL danger! Can you imagine the human death toll? I wonder what they will do when their children and loved ones are dying of the cold and/or starvation all around them? Will they feel any remorse or guilt? Will they feel any regret? Doubtful!

Again, global cooling theories of the 1970s were NOT myths or urban legends but the science of the time. They can rewrite history all they want but those of us who grew up during that period know the TRUTH and we know the re-writers are LIARS!

Finally, one thing we know from ice core samples gathered a few years back by a team from the University of Indiana is that “something” happens every so often on this planet and it happens suddenly. This “something” has nothing to do with warming and everything to do with COOLING. Get ready because our climate today is doing just exactly what we thought it would do in the 70s (periods of extreme warmth and extreme cold, droughts, etc). All signs of coming global cooling (read Ice Age return) and NOT global warming.


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  1. There will be no remorse or guilt. The end, total government control, always justifies the means in this brave new world.

    • Total government control never works over the long term. If history is any indication, the worlds described in Brave New World, and 1984 are so dysfunctional that they would ultimately become unworkable and collapse. The same thing will happen to any real world attempt at total government control, though it may take it some time. Clio doesn’t like tyranny.

  2. well……Global Cooling is still science today!
    It’s been happening since 1940 in modern times and the rate of cooling is now accelerating. You have science on your site as long as you stick with snow and cold updates.

  3. I’m sorry, but I lived in Yuma, Arizona, in the 70’s and not only was there not snow in the desert regions of the Southwest, some years winters were so warm we went swimming in my father-in-law’s pool during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays without heating the water. By the 80’s this had changed big time.

    OTOH, I spent a year in Syracuse, New York, including the 1962-63 semester and it snowed like crazy. In one snowfall we got 6 feet of lake-effect snow in a three-day snowfall. We even got a weird snow storm around June 1st of 63 that included lightning and thunder. I thought it would never warm up, being from Houston.

    Don’t make sweeping statements about the Northern Hemisphere based on regional records, filling in with alarmist statements to hype your point.

    • I was curious myself as to where in the SW USA that story was supposed to be from, because I was living in a variety of places in the 70s (went from CA to ME to MA back to ME then to UT) but I never heard about any place in the SW that had major snow storms or cold like Battlechief Rob said (so where was it Bob?)

      However, I know there are parts of NM that get a lot of snow at times … maybe that’s where he was? I visited Santa Fe and Taos late in late May of 2001 and got stuck in a snow storm traveling the high road to Taos…. but that is at high elevation so not unreasonable.

  4. We’ve been living in the post scientific world for the last 20 years at least. How else do you create a massive fraud like Global Warming?

  5. These events are so well documented and archived in a large number of places. The winter of 1977 was a humdinger and at that time I was young man living on far east end of Eastern Long Island N.Y., Mainland New York was getting pounded with snow storm after snow storm, our Long Island was tipical until January and dumped almost 6′ foot of snow 5′ foot of it with just one snow storm and it locked down the east end for four days.
    Just use the serach engine and enter “Winter of 1977” and you have that bit of history.

    • Yes to the last three comments, here so. of Chicago we had a lot of -2o -25 for lows almost every year in the 60s & 70s. I won’t forget a day when 3 of us delivered 5 loads of firewood in the late 70s, high temp -13 that day, that may not seem to bad to some but it’s usually more humid here and the cold air has a bite to it. It’s returning now -12 a couple yrs. ago, -17 last yr. and thickest ice and deepest snow in 2014 . Been ice fishing here since 68.

  6. Exaggerate or not: It wouldn’t look like a kind of trap for a big demographic control. A kind of “Conspiracy Theory”.
    Because the most believe it will be very hot.
    Wouldn’t have food or infrastructure for most of people survive.
    Only the more fortunate (AGW Family) would be in good condition to stay and / or move to warmer areas, and the rest would die of hunger and cold.

  7. I do seem to remember some pretty severe winters in the seventies, with the SW part of the UK being snowed under for weeks on end. But I also remember that hot, dry summer in 1976, when rivers in Southern England ran dry because of droughtconditions ! Funnily enough I can’t recall the winters or summers in the Netherlands where I actually live.
    Our national 11 town skating events every year, the Elfstedentocht, used to be most winters in the fifties and sixties, but became more intermittent from the seventies onwards and now there hasn’t been one for years. So I would say global warming in the past few decades has been around, cause unknown.

  8. The following is from a report in the Arizona Republic Newspaper referring to the snowstorm I referred to in my first post/commentary. It happened in December 1967 not in the 70s but close enough:

    The snowstorm I’m referring to didn’t happen in the 1970s but actually happened in December of 1967. It was the most snow to have fallen in Arizona in the State’s history. The snow paralyzed Flagstaff and buried the White Mountains under almost 9 feet of snow for 8 days. It cut off thousands of Navajo and Hopi people from food for both themselves and for their livestock.

    Snow began to fall on December 12, 1967 and everyone thought it was just another snowstorm which was not uncommon at that time of year and in that region. By the following day 11 inches of snow had accumulated in Flagstaff and the storm had grown. This storm now stretched across northern Arizona from Seligmen east into the White Mountains including the towns of Show, Pinetop, and Lakeside. Meteorologist began to take notice of something far from usual as a mass of cold air moved down from the North pulling moisture from the South. It all collided and the low pressure system became pinned over Arizona thanks to a strong ridge of high pressure over the Rocky Mountains. The storm couldn’t go anywhere and in fact intensified now over both Arizona and New Mexico.

    The Chief Meteorologist for the National Weather Service, Paul Sorenson, told reporters hat the barometric pressue was lower than he’d ever seen in 20 years! The high level air temps were colder than he’d seen in decades. He compared the conditions to what he saw back in 1949.

    The snow continued to fall day and night. By December 15 winds made measuring the snow almost impossible but the NWS estimated a total of 43 inches which broke the record for December. Everything came to a standstill by that time. Roads and highways were closed and even garbage collection was suspended. By the morning of December 16 the snow depth was about 50 inches. The worst, however, was yet to come and no one knew it!

    The following day was December 17. National Guard helicopters and airplanes were staged to spread out over the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona to search for at least 150 people stranded there and to make food and hay drops to people living on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations. In Chinle, Arizona a Navajo sheepherder was found frozen to death and he was only the first of 9 people that would die from this storm. Most died from exposure to the severe cold. Hundreds of Navajo and Hopi people had not been seen or heard from and no one knew if they were dead or alive. They had no electricity and no running water.

    By December 18 the snow had isolated large areas of the reservations and as many as 50,000 Native Americans were struggling to stay warm, find food, and just stay alive! Roads were closed down, water resources were frozen solid and/or buried under the deep snow. It was on this day too that a 3 year old Navajo boy was found frozen to death due to exposure. Then, Navajo Tribal Chairman Raymond Nakai told reporters that the entire reservation was in trouble!

    Search and rescue flights were grounded as the weather got even worse for hours and these hours were the difference between life and death both from people and beast. Snow started to fall again in Flagstaff and the White Mountains and rain began to drench the Phoenix area. The NWS said that a second storm had moved over Arizona and it was a storm of “major proportions.”

    The second storm moved in and spread over an even wider area than the first storm. In the White Mountains snow depths hit an unheard of (for the area) 7 feet! In the town of Payson the snow level grew to nearly 6 feet. And in YUMA, ARIZONA they even got a few “skiffs of SNOW”!!

    Thousands of people were now fully stranded on the Navajo, Hopi, and Apache Reservations. The National Guard managed to get some food and livestock feed flights up in the air. Food began running out as grocery store shelves quickly grew empty. Livestock and wildlife began dying and so did people! Even after the weather cleared it took 5 days for authorities to get to people.

    In the southern part of the State the Santa Cruz River in Tucson and the Gila River rain and flooding forced people to flee their homes. At least 32 people had to be airlifted from their rooftops as floodwaters rose higher along the Santa Cruz in the Tucson area. Bridges also began to get washed out making conditions even worse.

    Snow accumulated as far south as Rucker Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains southeast of Tucson. In that area a 51 year old man had to be rescued as he was trapped in the snow! Food rations had to be airlifted to ranchers in Southern Arizona because there too people and stores were running out of food.

    By December 20 this ICE AGE (as people were beginning to call it) was declared over! The NWS announced snow accumulation in Flagstaff to be 83 inches officially which was a new record for the town. Then Arizona Governor Jack Williams had to send in military grade equipment to remove the snow from roads and highways to get things moving again. The clean up began and everyone was relieved the snow and cold were over.

    Gila Bend, AZ in the midst of the desert got 2.5 inches of snow from these storms! Mt. Lemmon which is NE of Tucson got 84 inches. Crown King, AZ got 87 inches and the little settlements of Heber and Greer got 91.5 and 99 inches respectively. Hawley Lake not far from Pinetop, AZ reported 102.7 inches of snow accumulation!

    In those days we didn’t have computer models for weather predictions. The weather forecasters actually had to get up and go out side to look and measure! YES in the snow and cold unlike those of today!! One now retired and seasoned meteorologist who lived through this 1967 experience has studied the ’67 storms and has concluded that Flagstaff more likely got NOT 86 inches of snow but an astounding 100 inches! BTW he and his colleagues were stranded at the Flagstaff airport in their offices for 4 days during the storms.


  9. This entire period from 1963 to 1979 is covered by Solar Cycle 20, a weak AMP event with an output similar to SC17 which marked the end of the 1930s cool period.
    SC20 was similarly affected by Meridional Jet streams and with periodic NAO conditions with regular winter period reversal of the Westerly flow from Europe to Canada leading to harsh frosty winters in the NH, particularly on the cycles decline.
    The 1963 winter marked the end of SC19 and the start of SC24 with very low EUV levels, the majority of the following harsh winters in the NH occurred on the declining phase of SC20 as usual. Fortunately this cycle (20) was not a Solar Grand Minimum generating cycle, and it was immediately followed by three high energy cycles.
    The famous never ending warm period SC 21, 22 and 23 which the UN Warmists tell us that it’s all caused by humans emitting CO2, we are told stop producing energy using carbon, and then every human to stop breathing, and everything with come out smelling of roses.
    However, this solar cycle, 24 is a Grand Minimum affected cycle with a significant strong AM and a cycle similar to the output of the Dalton cycles SC5 and 6. The winter weather of SC20 will be nothing in comparison to those heading our ways over the next thirty years covering the remainder of Sc24 and the even lower output of SC25.
    Fact, fully peer reviewed accepted fact, the climate change over from Warm and Dry to Wet and very Cold takes 10 years before noticeable effects can be seen in sediments and the fossil records of shell fish. Science has already investigated the records from the AD600 solar grand minimum; this Grand Minimum will be no different.

  10. Wouldn’t it be right and proper to refer to this global warming foolishness correctly as: Warming Science Fiction?
    The theme would continue to be the Hegelian Dialectic triad of thesis, antithesis, and finally synthesis. It would be organized and placed within the Science Fiction heading with the other fictional works such as ‘Speculation’ and maybe with even more fabrication and another different and I
    catchy title those writers could become filed under ‘Financial Theories.’

  11. The most prevalent retort to claims of scientific fraud in the AGW movement is ” How can someone create a conspiracy involving this many scientists?” My answer to that is show me the morals and ethics in the rest of society preclude fraud and prove to me why climate scientists are exempt from this decay.

    • I think the short answer for how such a conspiracy involving this many scientists can possibly be is simple. It’s the SAME answer we find when it comes to anthropological research and just about any other science research. It is all about FUNDING /MONEY! Make waves or promote a theory that doesn’t fit the status quo and you get NO funding and laughed out of the halls of academia and government funding offices!

  12. Ecuador, Monday 19 September 2016 | 16:11: Road Papallacta-Baeza is covered with hail, according to Ecu-911. A white panorama seen drivers that used the road Papallacta-Baeza, Monday September 19
    Facebook and Twitter users made “echo” of the peculiar natural phenomenon that surprised more than one.
    The ECU-911 through its Twitter account reported that the ice on the road is recorded at kilometer 20, an area known as La Virgen.
    The Ecu-911 body urges caution to drivers due to bad weather and constant rain with hail that have arisen in this sector.

  13. “people who push global warming are going to feel” ?

    The people who are pushing the “lie” could give a rats “@$$” about anybody else but themselves, they are in it for the $$$ or “Control” (Thanks again our LIAR & CHIEF OBAMA!), And they have sold their souls !

    I mean, if the World is going to freeze, why not “Capitalize” (Marxist Socialists “Capitalizing” ? Is that scum or what ?!?!) on it and pack my pockets at the same time !!!

    This is who and what you’re (We’re) dealing with, pure SCUM !

    Devil’s is a better word for it (Them!)

  14. Thank you Robert. I read your book not long after it was first published (2nd edition 1999) and it was a refreshing breath of fresh air, frankly. And it still is! Your book was one of but a few that I’ve read that actually make sense and gets the science right.

  15. mr166 above
    spot on!
    re the global warming mob..
    and thas why its now Climate Change
    it allows them to claim ANY event hotwarmcold dry wet whatever
    as attributable to poor old maligned C02..and us nasty humans
    dont let facts get in the way of funding and a fear headline is their motto

  16. Winter 62-63 was the worst for the whole UK in the last few decades. Big freeze from January to early April. The frozen ground caused big problems all round. Farmers couldn’t plant, even bodies couldn’t be buried. Summer of 76 was around 6 weeks of blue skies with no rain and hotter than this so called hottest summer evah.

  17. I think the way this is written sort of obscures the point – there were cold times in the 60s and 70s and with the declining strength in solar cycles a return is expected.
    Here in NH we had a low of 33F on 7/5/62…Feb. 1969 had almost 70″ of snow…May snow in 1961, 63, 66…a freeze on 8/31/65…-34 in Jan 1971…so yes, many examples of cold weather.
    But the 60s into the 70s were generally dryer, so we had wider diurnal ranges overall, with plenty of high maxes in the mid and upper 90s just like we do now. It was not uncommon to have temperatures range 45F+ during a day, now it is very rare to see it go over 40F+ in a day.
    The 80s into the 90s were generally warmer, with some exceptions e.g. Jan 1982, Christmas 1983, Jan 1994. There was also generally less snow in the average winter than the 60s to the late 70s (though 1995-96 set records in the mid Atlantic).
    But the 2000s saw some hints of the 60s coming back – 2007-08 produced nearly as much snow as 1968-69 record winter here, Feb. 2015 was the coldest month on our record (which includes the 60s), and we even had snowflakes on May 16, 2016 during the “hottest year evah”. I do not yet see the wide diurnal ranges of the 60s/early 70s….but I think it is safe to say here and in much of the eastern US that the 2000s have been cooler and snowier than the 1980s and early 90s.
    I do not think it is a coincidence that we are seeing this again with weaker solar cycles, no matter how much hot air the “climate scientists” and politicians blow about man made global warming.

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