Scientist far outsells Gore on Kindle

Climatologist says Gore’s film contains lies and falsehoods.


Al Gore Outsold On Kindle By An E-Book Debunking ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’

By Michael Bastasch

(Excerpts) – Former Vice President Al Gore’s new book is lagging in sales, and, in fact, is being outsold on Amazon Kindle by an e-book debunking many of the claims made in “An Inconvenient Sequel.”

Climatologist Roy Spencer authored an e-book, “An Inconvenient Deception,” to critique the “bad science, bad policy and some outright falsehoods” in Gore’s latest movie and book, which were released in August. Now, it’s ranked higher in Amazon’s Kindle store.


The e-book published to accompany Gore’s film is ranked #51,031 for purchases in the Kindle Store, according to Spencer’s book is ranked #1,201 for Kindle Store purchases.

(Gore’s) movie points to extreme weather events as evidence of man-made global warming, including the drought in Syria.

“It’s wrong because everything Gore shows in the new movie happens naturally,” said Spencer, who’s been studying Earth’s climate for decades.

Gore also points to regular flooding in Miami as evidence that human activities are currently driving more destructive natural disasters.

“Sea level has been rising steadily at about 1 inch per decade for over 150 years, long before CO2 emissions could be blamed,” Spencer said, noting one of Gore’s most egregious deceptions in the film.

“In Miami Beach, the rise is double because the buildings were built on reclaimed swamp, which is now sinking,” Spencer said. “Video of glaciers calving and Greenland melting is another example, it happens every year, just as it has for thousands of years, and 2017 was a huge snow accumulation year with little melting.”

Probably one of the most notorious scenes in “An Inconvenient Sequel” depicts the 9/11 memorial site flooded during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

In his 2006 film, Gore predicted the 9/11 memorial site would flood due to glacial melt, which he said would raise sea levels 20 feet. Gore used the one-time flooding event as proof that his global warming predictions came to pass.

“The movie mentions one prediction he thinks he got right, the flooding of the 9/11 memorial,” Spencer said. “But that was due to storm surge, not sea level rise. So in the new move he lied about the storm surge explanation being mentioned in the first movie.”

Gore also claims in the movie that corn and wheat yields in China have been declining because of rising global average temperature.

“Agricultural yields around the world have continued to increase, with no sign of negative effects from global warming,” Spencer said. “His claim that corn and wheat yields in China have decreased in recent decades is, quite simply, false.”

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  1. “His claim that corn and wheat yields in China have decreased in recent decades is, quite simply, false.” ?

    But it doesn’t matter !

    His people (Closer to “entities”) will follow Gore no matter what, all together being escorted to their individual “Pits”, one after another, after another, and so on, and so on, and so on, etc, etc, etc……

    You “can’t” reason with Hell, they simply don’t have the intellectual capacity nor the capability to [ REASON ] things out !

    They (Gore (Don’t forget to insert Obama here) and his followers) are truely of their father…

    The Devil !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!



  2. Al Gore is a pompous jerk-who made millions off the globaloney lie while living a huge carbon footprint at his mansion in Montecito,Kalifornia..But I don’t believe i n carbon footprints-that is INFANTILE!!! So all of you who believe in CARBON as the big evil componet today need to be aborted as recovering brain donors. Your body has carbon -all plant life has carbon-carbon sequestration occurs in every plant-tree-fallen logs. Carbon is not a POLLUTANT!!!! It is necessary for ALL life.

  3. Now everyone, well almost, should know what a sociopathic liar is. 51,031 sounds like maybe someone should be feeling a little stupid, but not a sociopathic liar.

  4. Wow, the glaciers are melting?!? How can glaciers melt during an inter-glacial period? Just being sarcastic of course. And we’re nearing the end of this current inter-glacial period too!! Even so, some glaciers are actually growing in certain places. But yeah, I think overall glaciers should be expected to do some melting in an inter-glacial age….. What ya think??

  5. Gore is full of crap.

    In the 2018 mid terms, vote out your major parties in the USA who are owned and bought by the FED’s private shareholders.

    In most of the G20 its the same in varying degrees’

    This cold will come and we the people will be let die, They know its coming. To ultra wealth, we are fast reaching our use by date

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