Scientist who advocates prosecuting climate skeptics ‘paid himself & his wife $1.5 million from govt climate grants for part-time work’

From 2012-2014, the leader of the 20-scientist effort to prosecute climate skeptics under RICO reportedly paid himself and his wife $1.5 million from government climate grants for part-time work.

George Mason University Professor Jagadish Shukla, a Lead Author with the UN IPCC, reportedly made lavish profits off the global warming industry while accusing climate skeptics of deceiving the public.

Shukla is leader of 20 scientists who are demanding RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) charges be used against skeptics for disagreeing with their view on climate change.

Shukla reportedly moved his government grants through a ‘non-profit’. The group “pays Shukla and wife Anne $500,000 per year for part-time work,” Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. revealed.

“The $350,000-$400,000 per year paid leader of the RICO20 from his ‘non-profit’ was presumably on top of his $250,000 per year academic salary,” Pielke wrote. “That totals to $750,000 per year to the leader of the RICO20 from public money for climate work and going after skeptics. Good work if you can get it,” Pielke Jr. added.

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12 thoughts on “Scientist who advocates prosecuting climate skeptics ‘paid himself & his wife $1.5 million from govt climate grants for part-time work’”

    • yup …so leading by such a fine example
      he and the missus will happily present to court I guess?
      or yet another do as I say not as I do ….just like so many of the others

  1. I hope somebody calls for this to be investigated. As far as RICO goes, not being from the US of course, could this be a monumental blunder by the warmists as usually they are careful to avoid court cases as they would have to give evidence under oath. Given the lack of proof and fraudulent claims, their could unravel.

  2. I was out of town for a week, and saw on TV that Australia has yet another Prime Minister. Where does he stand relative to AGW? Abbot, although a Cameron lackey in all things, at least wasn’t brain-washed by the green academics at some Aus universities.

  3. They gave skeptics the idea of going after them with RICO….this was intended for organized crime.. specifically the drug cartels and the mafia….these “scientists” don’t want to open this can of worms….It would kill AGW potentially

    • Good point. RICO is being used by the government today like Elliot Ness used the tax laws in the past; it was the only way to get a conviction. (I’ve often wondered if RICO was so named because of the Rico character in the old TV show…..) Even so, I’d say they’d have plenty of support on their side if they tried this strategy; I’d give them a 50/50 chance at least.

  4. This is the money pump that John Stossel writes about. The money is pumped from the tax payers to the faithful loyalists, assorted water-carriers and stooges.

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