Scientists admit we may be headed into a Little Ice Age, but keep on blathering about “global warming”

They dismiss their findings by saying the ice age will merely be “regional” (as if full-fledged ice ages aren’t also “regional.”)


A rapid decline in the Sun’s activity is making it increasingly likely that the world is headed into  a “grand solar minimum,” says a spokesman for the British Met Office.

The last grand solar minimum – the Maunder Minimum – is thought to have contributed to what is known as the “Little Ice Age” during the 17th and 18th Centuries.

The Maunder Minimum was a time of almost no sunspots from 1645-1715. It was a time of cooler winters in eastern North America and Europe when the Thames froze so solidly that horse-driven carriages were able to cross the river on the ice.

There is about a one-in-five chance of the Sun entering the same kind of cooling phase within the next 40 years, a new study shows.

“During the Maunder Minimum period there were runs of cold winters including 1684 which was the coldest winter recorded,” says Met Office long-range expert professor Adam Scaife.  In fact, “there are signs that solar activity has been dropping over the past decade.”

“Solar activity levels, or solar flux, are currently estimated to be at their lowest for the last 100 years,” agreed James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather.

Not enough to save the world from global warming

However, scientists warn that this will not be enough to save the world from global warming.

“Even if you do go into Maunder minimum conditions it’s not going to combat global warming, the sun’s not going to save us,” said Sarah Ineson, Met Office scientist and lead author of the study.

A grand solar minimum is more likely to affect certain regional areas, but not on a worldwide scale, said Ineson. “It could have impacts at a regional level that should be factored in to decisions about adapting to climate change.” (italics added)

Northern Europe and the eastern United States would experience much stronger cooling than other areas because less ultraviolet solar energy at the top of the stratosphere would cause a chain reaction which would affect the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), the study found. The NAO plays a key role in influencing winter weather on both sides of the Atlantic.

A changing NAO would also take storms in a more southerly direction, bringing more rainfall to southern Europe and slightly lessening the drying trend the region is (supposedly) set to experience because of climate change.

Eastern North America and Europe are merely “regional?”

I think saying that a Little Ice Age would merely be “regional” is a mealy-mouthed way of trying to hide reality.

Full-fledged ice ages are also “regional.”

Consider. During the last ice age, even though much of Canada was buried beneath one to two miles of ice, temperatures in much of the rest of the world barely changed. The tropics and subtropics were only four degrees colder, while the equatorial rainforest belt remained much the same as today.

By the time it stopped, the ice had claimed almost three times as much land as today: more than 17 million square miles. (Not by Fire but by Ice, p. 150.)

How much land would need to be covered by ice, I wonder, before these so-called scientists could bring themselves to admit that an ice age affects the entire world?

It may be “regional,” but when most of the wheat-growing regions of the world are covered by ice, it will be catastrophic.

See entire articles: ng-europe-us-study

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Note: The paper, “Regional Climate Impacts of a Possible Future Grand Solar Minimum,” comes from a UK and US team based at Cambridge, Oxford and Reading universities, as well as the Met Office and the University of Colorado in Boulder, and was published in the journal Nature Communications.

40 thoughts on “Scientists admit we may be headed into a Little Ice Age, but keep on blathering about “global warming””

  1. So what would the entire climate picture of an ice age world be like? Would the tropics be 4 degrees colder? One thinks of the ice sheets almost exclusively but what about the rest of the world? Has anyone worked this up?

    • I should imagine that as the cold weather, or even ice sheets, moved south, so would the temperate zone and therefore it might be possible to grow wheat and other plants in places where, at the moment, the weather is too hot to grow them. Let’s hope so!

      • And how are the people to the South of the Ice sheets and trundra to cope with loads of nordic/saxon style white people who camp out on their lawns, stealing their jobs, drugs, booze and woman, aint no justice in the world, send back them to the cold place they came from, in chains in nessesary, Black people have rights, they aint got any.

        How the world turns, only it wont be like that, there will be blood, and strife and most of the Middle East will be turned to glass, and On the Beach becomes true.

  2. They try to imply that the Maunder Minimum only affected the northern hemisphere even though it has been shown that it was a global event. These people lie about everything.

  3. classic doublespeak as usual
    curious a regional heatwave of a week or so is a major warming disaster for the globe?
    but the inability to grow food in wide areas is a minor regional event ..
    and of course wont affect any other areas OR global temp averages..(because they…can adjust that out)
    bloody morons!
    worse..there are sheep that believe it;-(

    • The asian sub continent usually has a heat wave prior to the start of the Monsoon. That warmth normally ends up in Europe and gives us a warmer Summer than normal.

    • Actually, if there truly was a full ice age in the wings, the land mass of the southern hemisphere would increase in size as the sea levels drop about 140 feet or so as that water turns to ice over the northern hemisphere. That land, however, wouldn’t be arable for quite some time since it has been under salt water for thousands of years. At the same time, the oceans should get considerably saltier – perhaps more acidic since the acid that is there will remain while the water evaporates. Antarctica might expand until it touches Cape Horn, might even reach South Africa. The civilization left would be subsistence at best, probably, since most of the technological buildup is in the northern hemisphere, not the in the southern, although there are some exceptional areas.

      • The shoreline in an ice age should approximate the 100 meter depth contour line. Much of the North Sea (Dogger Bank) would be land, and Florida, Argentina, Tunisia, China, and Malaysia/Indonesia would be larger.

      • There are many countries in the Southern hemisphere with industries that are at least at the level of late-19th century/early 20-th century. Brazil is the “B” in the BRICs economies, Australia has lots of edge research. So I seriously doubt that we would go back to “subsistence” levels.

        Also, depending on how slow the glaciation progress, the northern countries will simply invade the southern ones and relocate their population over decades/centuries. Yes that will be ugly, but ugly times require ugly actions.

  4. The continental ice sheets in North America and Eurasia form where there exists now the humid continental climate. Yes, these are “merely” regions – and pretty darn large regions to boot – all of Canada, and all of northern Europe and Russia. The impact of having ice sheets the size of mountain ranges in these areas make the world a very dry place to be.

  5. It is not just about the Sun going into hibernation which in and of itself is a major problem. There is also the problem of super volcano eruption that is in the pipe line too. Not just Yellowstone. Also Mount Toba in Sumatra seems to be getting active too.

    Their worry about global worming is based on false blatantly counterfeit data and on top of that they fail to understand simple thermodynamics. The “greenhouse” effect is non-existent.

    • Oddly enough, referring to the “super volcanoes,” there has been consider sporadic activity at the super volcano in Italy, the one in Germany, and even the Long Valley Caldera has shown signs of unrest. And when you consider that there are far more active volcanoes right now than in the more recent past, you have to wonder what is causing the disturbance in Earth’s biosphere and geology.

      • Check out the orbit of the largest mass object in the solar system around the Solar System BarryCentre (SSB) during a Solar minimum, the Sun follows a disturbed trefoil orbit around the SSB, The Sun has now executed two disturbed trefoil orbits, a shallow one in SC23 and a deep one in SC24, that disturbance over many years since 1990 is bound to affect the Earth’s geology. It’s also a fact that Iceland’s rifts erupt more so in Solar Minimum periods and more violently again due the gravity stresses caused by the Sun.

      • This has to be related to the lessening of the Earth’s magnetic field as the core of the planet is liquid metal…I bet one consequence of lower solar activity is not only cooling at the surface but possibly cooling at the core…that’s just an educated guess I know of no papers or anything that back this….

  6. Interestingly, I would guess that these same scientists would say that should the Sun cease burning, “it wouldn’t be enough to save us from demon carbon dioxide.” These “revisionist anti-scientists” are as “stuck” in their mentality as is the perpetual “racist” that is always seeing racism in every act, thought, and word directed at them or about them.

  7. “It may be “regional,” but when most of the wheat-growing regions of the world are covered by ice, it will be catastrophic.”

    Excellent summation. Many arguments fail to recognize the impact on rainfall and our ability to grow enough food to feed an expanding population. There will be many a scientist shame-faced when this goes full blown, but it won’t put food on t he tables of hungry families.

  8. Though it’s difficult to talk about scientist(s) in the plural, the CC movement is:
    1. Ignoring historic levels of solar activity of the 20th Century.
    2. Overestimating the warming power of CO2.
    3. Underestimating the cooling power of CO2.
    4. Overestimating the ability of human activity to control the climates of Earth (note the plural [climates], there is no such thing as a global climate! ‘Earth’s climate’ is a collection of many smaller climate regions that do not all move in tandem with each other.)
    5. Underestimating the Earth’s natural ability of self regulating heat transfer to space.
    6. Ignoring geologic historical facts related to ice-ages, solar activity, volcanism, and atmospheric changes.

    There’re probably a few more things that could be added to this list. But these stand out, IMO.

  9. This ‘regional’ effect is just another way of describing what is referred to as polar amplification. It necessarily goes both ways, as temperature increases or decreases. The heat engine that we call home speeds up or slows down depending how much energy the sun supplies. High latitudes show the most change. Duh.

  10. They are right if the projected warming from AGW were to happen a 1C drop doesn’t negate a 2C+ gain….however those GIGO models have never been even close to right….There are many good scientists who have been fed falsified data by government agencies such as NOAA or just about any agency that relies on government funding to remain operational….I even believe Obama himself has been misled that he isn’t intentionally doing the misleading….He is merely a powerful puppet in this corporate game to the 1%

    • if he wasnt as thick as two short planks/box of rocks…he wouldnt have been put forward by the puppet masters who run him..
      nobody from nowhere with ??record worth a cracker gets to be prez?
      and now the medias spinning the bitchqueen as next in line for the job?
      deity help you all if that gets elected.

      • he he,


        more polite than what i called the religious leader of the left which Robert did not post.


        • The “No Child Left Behind” Jeb Bush has converted to Catholicism.
          States, it coincides with his life style better than baptist.

  11. Carbon dioxide has no effect on climate. Proof of this has been hiding in plain sight. The proof was discovered by a licensed mechanical engineer and is corroborated by an analysis that matches measured average global temperatures since before 1900 with better than 97% accuracy while assuming no influence from carbon dioxide. The analysis and a brief description of the proof are at

    The two factors which explain the last 300+ years of climate change are also identified in a peer reviewed paper published in Energy and Environment, vol. 25, No. 8, 1455-1471.

  12. but, but… but, the models all show we are already 2C higher than NORMAL. So, by the time the supposed ice age starts, we’ll be 4C higher, thus, the ice age will just return us back to “normal”. We should be happy that they predicted all of this.

  13. As Dr Tim Ball has said – GIGO, Gospel In, Gospel Out.

    The old GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out – also applies to the AGW Alarmist and their endlessly “adjusted” data.

  14. Hitler said something to the effect that propaganda repeated long enough and strong enough will even cause people to believe that a miserable existence was actually a wonderful life. Just about everything our government puts out now, as facts & figures, is just propaganda. The real question is not if there is warming, but just what the hell is the agenda of the powers that be. Fiddlin

  15. Here in southern Ontario, I would just like to experience summer again–haven’t seen it in the past three years. Haven’t had any decent haying weather in the month of June. Crop development is slow due to the unusual cold conditions.

    • yup, no summer for the past 3 years in southern ontario. crop development has been noticeably slower. looks like barely any decent ripe tomatoes this year again, just like last year. saskatoon berries, also called ‘june’ berries, are only just beginning to ripen, and it’s almost July. the wild mulberries are flavourless, no sugar content whatsoever because of the low temperatures. 16 degrees celsius today and tomorrow. i predict not one 30 degree day all summer long. georgian bay is still freezing cold, and might be swim-able in mid august if we’re lucky.

  16. The cold may be regional but will food production and the cold regions be the same? In which case people in warm areas may be fine other then the lack of food.

  17. This is a very important admission on the part of mainstream scientists. Note that they have now admitted:
    1) Sunspots do affect the temperature of the earth.
    2) We may be heading for a grand minimum.
    3) This will bring about cooling for a large part of the earth, including much of North America and Europe.
    4) It will offset global warming in these areas.

    The only thing they are not admitting, yet, it that this will completely offset global warming. As the years go by they will admit that sunspots and volcanoes have more power than they want to admit, and will be able to say that global warming was overpowered by natural events, so we are all really lucky! That will cover the falsness of their weak science.


  18. If the Maunder minimum caused a drop in the temperatures which was obvious in Europe (harsh winters, crops failures, growing glaciers, etc…) it is highly improbable that the cooling was limited to our countries.
    Are there available studies about the mini Ice Age elsewhere in the world and peculiarly in the southern hemisphere?

  19. So now, I suppose we’ll have listen to the Left’s ranting about Man Made Global Cooling, like we did back in the 60’s, and 70’s. Actually this goes back to the 1600’s when they blamed Witches casting spells to make it colder. I that was actually called “Woman Made” cooling.

  20. Wheat growing in an ice age will be in different places to now. North African sand may become lush and fertile again. All the oil and gas deposits there didn’t form from deserts, you know. Some latitudes between Iowa and Texas will be suitable…………

    Staple growing will move south. The big issue will be whether enough rain falls.

    Discuss adaptation of the whole system, not glaciation of one region…………….

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