Scientists link magnetic reversal, climate change and super volcano to same time period

Confirms what I’ve been saying all along.

Normal and Reversed Polarity – © Dr. habil. Norbert R. Nowaczyk / GFZ

In a press release today, the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences described the connection between the Laschamp magnetic reversal, the Phlegrean Field (Campi Flegrei) volcanic eruption that devastated most of southeastern Europe, and periods of frequent rapid cooling and warming.

The largest volcanic eruption in the Northern hemisphere in the past 100,000 years, the Campi Flegrei eruption pumped out some 84 cubic miles (350 cu km) of rock and lava and distributed ash over the entire eastern Mediterranean and up to central Russia.

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  2. I thought I saw somewhere the location of the north pole is moving sufficiently rapidly to cause navigation by magnetic compass and maps to become unreliable with the need to correct navigational charts for those that don’t use GPS.

    Is this evidence of the likelihood of a reversal ?

    And you all thought it was the fault of CO2 induced ice melt – silly !

  3. Besides producing beryllium 10 and radiocarbon 14 cosmic rays produce muons, which are a type of short lived heavy electron. Japanese scientists have shown that muons interact with some (not all) volcanic calderas. These weakened calderas either precipitate volcanic eruptions or, in the case of extinct volcanoes, cause stresses built up during the volcano’s active period to be released in the form of earthquakes.
    The sun’s magnetic field provides most of Earth’s protection from cosmic rays so it might have been weak at that time.
    A nearby supernova in our galaxy could also have provided the massive increase in high energy cosmic rays over a long enough period to cause the weakening of the caldera of Campi Flegrei and hence precipitated the eruption.
    Japanese scientists are currently very worried about the current increase in muons due to the current weakness in the sun’s magnetic field. This is understandable given the massive pressure currently building up in Mt Fuji’s caldera.

  4. I JUST read your book,last night,in about 6 hours,it was a PAGETURNER,a BRAINBURNER,and I simply couldnt put it down.Good thing I was off work last night!!!!…This article IS EXACTLY what you said in your book!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Read from other sites that an iceage or super cooldown of earth climate poses huge political problems. So,the topic will always be a premier problem for the future of civilization…and that’s why info regarding our subject is being swept/ignored under the rug. I’ve read Roberts book,info is intricate very eyeopening subtleties of sub atomics entangling with climate. Fear keeps us alive but not every conscious being is strong imense amounts of credible info will always be suppressed from mainstream. I will continue to be part of iceagenow,reading,posting and gathering honest facts of our changing world,which might help us survive what’s coming.

  6. And there might even be a bigger cycle we don’t see?
    Looking lately at the solarcycle24 sunspot trend…and its going-going-going down!!
    Maybe what the mayas saw was a new era (cycle) starting soon.

    • The Mayans talk about a connection of the “new era” with the transit of Earth/Solar System through some “magnetic axis” and having in sight the changes that are now happening in the magnetic fields of Earth and the Sun, their “description” becomes even more impressive.
      They probably had some knowledge a few centuries ago that was much deeper than what we presently think they did, or they discovered some “law of cycles” that probably goes beyond our present scientific knowledge.

  7. another such event will solve the present banking and other crises…probably all that will:-)
    would definitely take our minds to far more important matters like swimming for our lives, finding food when its toxic ash covered and the suns down to a dim glow in the haze..
    the height of the lawn, and whos got a newer something or other? wont matter then:-)

  8. Yes to the correlated incidents.
    Yes to the high energy particles noted in Discovered: Cosmic Rays from a mysterious nearby object Nov 19 2008 by La univ researchers.
    How close? One parsec. That makes it Proxima Centauri, which I propose as an LT (light terminus) starbit that pierces the Oort shell at perigree before returning to Centauri system.

    The energy first compresses the heliosphere, passes the bodies in orbit into the back side of the energy allowing them to be expanded by shedding compressed core heat into cosmic space.
    This event is 5,000 y periodic. And since 20,000 y ago losing energy. The compression we are currently experiencing is from energy stopped at the outside of Mars orbit. When it releases will will have heat expressed from all planetary cores but not as much as in past cycles.

    I believe science already understands this and is waiting for the safe side of 2013 to inform the public.

    There is the possibility of a galactic alignment bringing a ‘galactic jet of energy’ our way at this same time.

  9. It’s a NEW CONFIRMATION of our averting group’s celestial-volcanic climate explanation:

  10. What this article is telling us is that periods of magnetic reversal cause violent volcanic activity all around the world and thus bring on Ice ages too. So we need to understand what is causing magnetic polarity reversals ? The Phlegrean Field (Campi Flegrei)in laymans language is Mount Vesuvius in Italy. The same Mount Vesuvius that destroyed Pompei and now threatens to do the same to modern Naples. This time it will be millions dead. Like as at the time Pompei were destroyed the onset of the eruption will be sudden and the local population will have serious problems making the evacuation. Watch this video animation to get an idea what happened.|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/news/index.php&__utmv=238145375.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Ctechnology%20%26%20science%7Cscience%7Clivescience=1^12=Landing%20Content=External=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20External=1&__utmk=32189821

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