Scotland – Coldest November night in 6 years

A bitter -11.7C was recorded in Braemar in Aberdeenshire – making it the coldest November night since 2010.

Meanwhile, temperatures hit -8C in Altnaharra in the Highlands and -7C at Tulloch Bridge. 3

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5 thoughts on “Scotland – Coldest November night in 6 years”

  1. I’m setting up a subscription to the Marks & Spencer Wine Club. That should cheer me up during frosty Xmas time.

  2. I struggle to believe that the UK has its warmest year evah so far. It was an ordinary Summer, probably on the cool side. But if this is what they will claim then I suspect there are problems with their weatherstations. We saw with recent claims for maximums that Gravesend and Faversham have problems. There was the hysterical five minutes of record heat at Heathrow Airport last year.

    And yet the UAH record is likely to have 2016 about the same as 1998 (the other big El Nino year recently). So the question I pose is could there still be heat in the troposphere while on the surface we have seen it dissipate as the reports on here possibly indicate? Only contamination of sites or just fiddling is keeping any signs of warmth in the surface records?

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