Scotland Snowpack Did Not Melt Off This Summer – Video

49 feet (15 meters) of snow still remains on Ben Nevis

Winter storm warnings out for Fairbanks, Alaska – 4 to 8 inches of snow forecast – Snow this time of year is incredibly rare

Thanks to Adoni for this video

21 thoughts on “Scotland Snowpack Did Not Melt Off This Summer – Video

    • Move along… nothing to see here.

      A new $50M study has determined that more moisture and heat energy from global warming simply makes the clouds bigger and higher which makes for COLDER and SNOWIER conditions on the ground.

      As we can see the warming is even worse than they thought.

  1. Oh, by the way, the media as of today is still reporting that Yellowstone is “warm” now. Few people would agree, I think.

      • Robert, please check your spam and your trash for my comment. TPTB have been tossing my comments out or banning me for the last two years.

        • Gail, I enjoy your comments and have never intentionally tossed one out. However, I get 100 to 200 spam messages a day and let my spam filter sort them out. It is therefore certainly possible that some have been “tossed” as you put it.

  2. is this forecast actually for the city of Fairbanks or for an area many miles to the northwest of it?

  3. This is just one of many articles you have posted about snow not melting in Scotland over the years.
    Starting to think it just might be a trend.

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