Scottish ski resort extends season into May

Cairngorms resort extends season after spring snowfall.

Heavy snow and freezing temperatures on Tuesday morning mean more than half of the 11 lifts in the Aviemore area are open for skiers and snowboarders.

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“Globull war… errh climate change… forgot to stop by,” says Ole.

8 thoughts on “Scottish ski resort extends season into May”

  1. We have just had the coldest late April spell since 1986. Can’t understand it after 30 years of C02 increases.

    • The Spring chill must be unusual this year as my cherry tree blossom still has not appeared as of May 1st- the latest in 40 years.

  2. Our climate is really totally screwed up, what with WEATHER CONTROL SYSTEMS utilizing the JET-STREAMS. It looks like on this occasion those with the HAARP machines and those spraying CHEMTRAILS got it all wrong! Or perhaps Nature itself, is fighting back to re-address the balance of nature. Man’s interference through both his HAARP and CHEMTRAILS, is probably actually inadvertently, helping the onset of the next ICE-AGE! Have a look on my website at some of the TRUTHS that are being covered up:-

    Best Wishes,

  3. i think this is the second year in a row for a Scottish ski resort going long with lots of snow,
    I know i remember reading a story of some ski place in the UK, a country not known for great snow for skiing; having lots of snow last season.

    • It’s not that unusual, you know. IN general in Scotland, the season takes time to get going but continues into the spring. Usually the best snow is in March and April.

      When I lived up there, one year there was snow down to 1500ft in mid June……….

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