“Screw Covid”- A quarter-million motorcyclists ignore pandemic hoax

I say three cheers for the bikers.


Tens of thousands of motorcyclists roared into Sturgis, South Dakota, on Friday for the start of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The rally is expected to attract roughly 250,000 thousand enthusiasts this year.

“Screw Covid I went to Sturgis,” read a black T-shirt amid a throng of Harley Davidson and Trump 2020 outfits sported by the attendees.

Those outfits did not include face masks, and social distancing guidelines were completely ignored.

South Dakota is among several states that did not impose a lockdown, and residents are not required to wear masks.

Indeed, Gov. Kristi Noem, a Republican, actually encouraged people to attend the rally.

According to TMZ News, the annual rally rakes in $800 million for residents in the area.


ZZ Top Tribute Plays to Packed Saloon … Hundreds Watch Maskless



28 thoughts on ““Screw Covid”- A quarter-million motorcyclists ignore pandemic hoax”

  1. Well done bikers. If I were lucky enough to live in the States AND own a Harley, I’d be in Sturgis tonight.

    The UNITED NATIONS World Health Organisation (WHO) covid hoax is as fake as the UNITED NATIONS Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ‘man-made warming’ lie …


    Wake up everybody. If you like truth, vote Trump, obviously.

    Thanks Robert.

    Regards, Roger

  2. This PLandemic is for one reason, and one reason only. To get rid of the “Orange Man”. There are at least 3 “medications” that can stop it or cure it, or decrease the death rate, all non-patented, all cheap, and all being ingored.

  3. Oxford PSA
    Oxford says censorship of conservative websites is necessary “public service”

    Oxford vaccine trial results ‘as good as one could expect’
    We have been following Prof. Sarah Gilbert (her triplets are fine) and her team’s progress since April 2020, when she told The Times that she is hoping to have a vaccine ready by September. Her team’s vaccine uses a chimp adenovirus that is harmless to humans as a vector.

    In April, Sarah Gilbert gave all three of her 21-year-old triplets, all studying biochemistry, a trial for an experimental vaccine against Covid-19. It was their mother’s vaccine—she leads the University of Oxford team that developed it—but there wasn’t a big family talk. “We didn’t really discuss it as I wasn’t home much at the time,” Gilbert told me recently. She’d been working around the clock, as one does while trying to end a pandemic, and at any rate wasn’t worried for her kids. “We know the adverse event profile and we know the dose to use, because we’ve done this so many times before,” she says. “Obviously we’re doing safety testing, but we’re not concerned.” With safety low on her list of worries (her triplets are fine), Gilbert is focused on quickly determining how effective the vaccine will be and how it will be made. In April, Oxford struck a deal with British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca Plc to spearhead global manufacturing and distribution and help run more trials around the world. AstraZeneca has agreed to sell the vaccine on a not-for-profit basis during the crisis if it proves effective and has lined up deals with multiple manufacturers to produce more than 2 billion doses. Sarah Gilbert graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences, from the University of East Anglia. <<<<
    With the support of the Wellcome Trust, Gilbert started work on the design and creation of novel influenza vaccinations.
    Front-runner… no kidding, eh?… her triplets are fine… and…Oxford says censorship of conservative websites is necessary “public service” … lol

  4. Herd immunity here we come.

    Patriots one and all.
    Now, if would just convince half these people to ride up to Portland and crack a few coconuts maybe we could get back on track.

  5. Covid Cavities Says Dentist
    “If you’re not used to (masks), it really can impede on our comfort of breathing. So what we tend to do is start breathing through our mouth rather than breathing through our nose, and what happens when you’re a chronic mouth breather — you know, particularly which people are becoming with masks on — is that we tend to dry out the mouth,” Ghandi said. “So saliva that usually protects our teeth from cavities is now getting dried out and making us more prone to cavities.”

  6. WTF!?!?! You mean states that have not imposed a lock down or require masks are now an exception? I had no idea, hard to keep up with everything. But I’m glad I live in Utah for a change. There has never been a true lock down here. And only private businesses like Walmart require masks. I normally hate living in Utah because I don’t belong to the “club”. I should start my own organization, I’ll call it, “Non-LDS folks matter”. Lol….

  7. You can’t get these guys to wear full face helmets , so do you think they will wear a mask they believe to be ineffectual.

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