Sea Ice Affects Ships In North China Ports

Temperatures across China have plunged to their lowest in decades, boosting demand for power and fuel to historic highs in the world’s largest energy consumer.

12 Jan 21 – “The sea ice situation is more severe this year than the same period in previous years,” said Wang Jun, a professor specialising in transport issues at Dalian Maritime University.

Expansion of sea ice makes it tougher for ships to berth and discharge at key energy product import terminals along the coast of northern Bohai Bay.

“It could impede sailing and docking for vessels, no matter how big they are.”

Sea ice stretches 45 to 55 nautical miles at Liaodong Bay and 10 to 20 nautical miles at Bohai Bay, close to levels that could prompt temporary bans on shipping.

Last weekend, the marine safety bureau in northern Hebei sent several tugboats to the aid of vessels, , trapped in sea ice that was one metre (three foot) thick, to help bring them to Caofeidian and Huanghua ports, state television said. The vessels included LNG tanker Clean Planet and coal bulk tanker Agia Eirini Force

Sea Ice Slows Ships In North China Ports

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  1. And the Russians continue to add to their world’s largest fleet of ice breakers, and are even “growing ” larger ones. All very obviously signs of a warming world.

  2. hmm never heard mention of this problem before now…is it because theyve been restricting shops unloading coal and the ice has built up I wonder
    75 or so ships out at sea idling for months

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