Sea Level Continues Inexorable Decline

The two-year-long decline is continuing at a rate of 5mm per year

“The latest sea level numbers are out,” says Steven Goddard on “Envisat* shows that the two year long decline is continuing, at a rate of 5mm per year.”

“No doubt Al Gore will pass this good news on to all his viewers,” laughs Goddard

What Al probably won’t tell them, is that this decline is a continuation of the sea-level decline that began in 2010. (See )

Where is the water going?

It’s being locked up on land as snow and ice. Look at the record snowfall throughout the Western United States this past winter. That’s how ice ages begin. If that sort of snowfall persists, sea levels will continue falling and won’t begin rising again until the end of the next ice age.

* What is Envisat?

Envisat (Photo Credit – ESA)

According to the European Space Agency (ESA) website, Envisat is the largest Earth Observation spacecraft ever built. Launched in 2002, it carries ten sophisticated optical and radar instruments to provide continuous observation and monitoring of the Earth’s land, atmosphere, oceans and ice caps. Envisat data collectively provide a wealth of information on the workings of the Earth system, including insights into factors contributing to climate change.


Envisat numbers here:

See also, Sea levels dropped in 2010:

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  1. A “wealth of information” about land, air, sea, and ice? And they can’t tell that the icecaps are growing from this “wealth,” or don’t want to view that part of the data?

  2. People only believe in what they hear from TV, Radio and Internet as the sick “Yahoo-answers”. You mr. Felix should take a break, because given enough time, sheeple will know the truth as what goes around comes around!

  3. I wonder, with the Arctic ice hitting low points – not “all time low” while the seas are falling and there is snow and ice build up farther south – is it possible that the Arctic is losing ice because it will not be the “North Pole” anymore? Antartica is losing ice from one side only, the rest of it is getting thicker? Idle speculation on my part but everything is connected somehow.

  4. I would say keep on laying out learned opinion and facts to the best of your ability. If the so called sheeple can’t hear the penny drop then they will just have to find out the hard way. Either way keep at it Robert Felix. Some of the smarter people in the world appreciate your efforts.

  5. The signs are here. Minimally, the wonderful era of warmth which started at the end of the LIA is probably over. Beyond that, we could well be into another Maunder given Solar Cycle 24 and other Solar difficulties now emerging. Given where we are in the interglacial, versus the trends seen in past interglacials, well, this could indeed be the big chill.

    • Sorry, I’m not buying it. As far as another solar minimum the sun is functioning quite nicely, thank you. Houston, Texas is still suffering through prolonged drought and excessively high temperatures. Texas has suffered through the hottest summer on record since 1895. In Houston, only one day in August was below triple digit heat. Only one day in August was there a smattering of rain. Trees throughout the area are dying. I would welcome cool temperatures right now. We’ll be lucky to see temperatures out of the 90’s until late October. As far as winter, I will be very surprised if we see any light freezes at all after this summer. We used to have frost on the windshield when I was a kid back in the 70’s. Haven’t seen that in over 30 years. While anthropogenic global warming is a scam for pseudo scientists and corrupt politicians, global warming is real. Texas has never been this warm in my life time.

      • It very much depends where the air is coming from. Here on the east coast of Australia it’s cooler but it gets super hot when the air is blowing across the center of Australia to reach us. The direction of the prevailing winds has changed with the change in world weather; it may be that you are now getting prevailing winds from the equator instead of from cooler or wetter areas. We are also out of the terrible drought we had for years…we are probably getting some of the moisture you lost…sorry.

      • I think in a way both are right, the Further south you go (closer to equator) the hotter, which is what is causing the evaporation from the sea and thus the huge amounts of precipitation we are seeing in many places. But as you go closer to the poles it is definitely cooling…

      • Not buying what, Dale? The warmist will tell you that weather is weather and climate is climate, and shouldn’t be confused when you talk about it getting colder, so why shouldn’t the same apply the opposite way? According to the data at NOAA, the average daily temperature of the US has been declining, over all, for the past 15 years. Yes, we had some hot times in Phoenix, too, but the truth is, even Phoenix’s overall daily temperature has dropped a little, in spite of the fact that the night time temperatures are 7 degrees warmer then normal. According to the guys at Weatherbell, Texas isn’t suffering a warmer or drier year then they did in the 1930s. So, again, what is it you aren’t buying? That it actually IS getting cooler world wide as well as US wide, because that’s the way things are right now. Look outside of Houston, and remember, every square mile of new housing that was built around Houston since you were a kid in the 70s means it is going to be hotter in the center of all that growth, just like it is here in Phoenix.

  6. It’s people like Robert who are waking up those who listen and believe the government controlled media reports about our climate. If we don’t warn of what’s coming it will be too late for most as they are being told the earth is warming when it is actually coolin. Drastically and fast.

  7. The Navy uses PIPS (Polar Ice Prediction System)to forecast Ice Thickness.

    They determined that Ice Thickness increased 25% from January 2009 to March 2011.

    We had the shortest Arctic Melt Season on record this year. Therefore the Ice Thickness would
    still be above January 2009 Levels.

    The Navy’s Submarine Captains require knowledge of Ice Thickness to avoid placing Both their multi-billion dollar submarines and crew at risk.

    Yet CNN says the Arctic Ice Pack is at an all time low.

    Would they report differently if they owned submarines. Perhaps. Perhaps Not. Most reporters have IQ’s below average.

    • By training journalists tend to be non-science students. Logic and reference to numbers often confounds them. They have an agenda and try to make everything fit the story.

  8. Say it Ain’t So Joe….. Right here on this web site, just a few days ago I explained … “Where is the water going?” “It’s being locked up on land as snow and ice.”

    An article posted on this site a few days ago tried to explain away the missing sea water through a “Pot-Hole” theory whereby “they” are trying to convince us that the drop in sea levels is only temporary because the water was simply falling as rain and would soon flood back in to the oceans to again “raise” global sea level.

    In response to that article I wrote that even if it rained over every square inch of the warm continents at the same time, it would not be sufficient to drop the sea level measurably since the oceans cover over 75% of the planet and the warm continents cover somewhere between 15-20%. In addition, any rain that would fall upon the warmer continents would make its way back to the sea sufficiently rapidly as to render any drop in sea level negligible.

    As I pointed out, the only logical explanation for the missing water was that it was being tied up long term in ice and snow.

    May we be saved from the “collective” stupidity

  9. Went to tybee Island Georgia and noticed the Ocean wasnt close to the pier anymore, in Febuary of 2009 it was barely 1/4 of the way up the pier length was more than 3/4th of the way in 2007. ran across a typo, or a coverup,or a corrected elevation for Macon, georgia that read the citys elevation was 1,178 feet above sea level,not meters it was later corrected to 378 feet above sea level,hmm did someboady mess up or is the eastern us rising in altitude due to uplift? Lol Ido beleive the oceans are falling the shorelines are pulling back to were they were in the late 70s and early 80,s the sea levels peaked in 1994

  10. Some nitwit writing in a UK rag said that the huge calves breaking off was evidence of glacier retreat, which is really evidence of rapidly growing glaciers.

    Looks to me as if it is “Ice Age Now”.

    In the last couple of years, great volcanic eruptions have been going on, and the crust of this planet is in great upheaval.

    The crops east of the Mississippi have been greatly damaged, drought has destroyed crops in East Texas, and now the Midwest has had heavy frost which greatly shortened the growing season, and has ruined the fall harvest.

    Could result in famine in the US this winter.

  11. Robert,

    Last Winter, almost ALL of the northern hemisphere was covered by cloud cover.
    The warm waters were in the Arctic along with the cold air blowing over them.
    The atmosphere is larger than the surface area of the planet and can hold quite a vast amount of water droplets.

    I still stand by the ocean salt preventing solar penetration to warm the surface ocean water. This is achieved by the stretched atmosphere when the warm air exerted out.
    Since cold air is more dense, it will generate a change in pressure.
    Centrifugal force is the driver that can bring ocean salt to the surface as it occurs at the equator.
    The tilting planet does generate a moving atmospheric equator compared to the solid one on the planets surface generated through strictly rotation.

  12. Quite likely, oceanwater increasingly being bound up as snow and ice, espcially so in the Antarctic, but there could theoratically also be leakage into the oceanbottom, into subterranean layers, especially after sea-quakes. Has that ever been verified, or impossible to check ?
    Always visit your site daily, want to know what MSM leave out. Keep up the good work Robert, thanks !

  13. This is interesting as allot of people (including some skeptic scientists) claim that the level is rising, but a tiny amount. It would make sense that the water is getting locked up more as the winters are getting colder. Also agrees with the increase of the ice sheets and glaciation observed.

  14. Most likely the sea level closely tracks ocean heat content because warm water expands.

    The ocean heat content tracks global cloudiness and albedo which dictates how much solar energy enters the oceans.

    In turn global cloudiness and albedo seem to be affected by the level of solar activity.

    Here is how I think it works:

  15. I shared this link on Facebook and one of my “friends” commented that the lowering seas were due to a shift in the Atlantic Conveyer and the La Ninia year both of which were caused by rising CO2 levels – when you are a fanatic, nothing gets through the fog.

  16. It could be that there is now more water being held in the atmosphere due to global warming.

    It could also mean that the earth level has risen due to volcanic pressures building up in response to global warming.

    I need more date to make an educated guess…

    • We understand that since the last Ice Age, global warming has been real. However, for about the past 5,000 years, the Earth has been cooling slowly toward the next Ice Age, with minor oscillations along the way.

      What’s interesting now is that solar energy output began to decline around 2003 and we’ve had planetary cooling since 2005.

      SORCE satellite data plot – combined Total Solar Irradiance

      Previous ocean level rise was attributed about 50% to warming water expanding. The new solar cooling trend has the opposite effect.

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