Sea Level Rise In Decline

Although the IPCC has predicted that sea levels will rise 100 cm by the year 2100, actual measurements do not bear out that conclusion.

A.A. Boretti, an Australian scientist who has studied satellite radar altimeter data covering the past 20 years, discovered that the average rate of sea level rise is just under 3.2 mm a year. That rate would cause a sea levels rise of  just under 32 cm (12½ inches) by the year 2100, not the 100 cm that is currently being advocated.

Boretti also notes that there has been a huge deceleration of sea-level rise (SLR) over the past 10 years – and even more so in the last 5 years.

A deceleration? Now we’re calling sea-level DECLINE a deceleration? Sea levels actually fell in both 2010 and 2011.

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Boretti comments, “in order for the prediction of a 100-cm increase in sea level by 2100 to be correct, the SLR must be almost 11 mm/year every year for the next 89 years.”

“(And) since the SLR is dropping, the predictions become increasingly unlikely,” especially in view of the facts that (1) “not once in the past 20 years has the SLR of 11 mm/year ever been achieved,” and that (2) “the average SLR of 3.1640 mm/year is only 20% of the SLR needed for the prediction of a one meter rise to be correct.”

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8 thoughts on “Sea Level Rise In Decline”

  1. Everybody who is spending his life at the coast will have noticed that sea-levels are falling at the moment . Only invory-tower absurdists will continue to think about unstoppable sea-level rise.
    It is looking like that prejudism is ruling the world , but reality is going against them , is is about time that the greens change color again .

    • frederik, you mean to the brown that the german fellas wore?
      their principles pr and media control etc etc are sooo similar.
      tell a lie, tell it loud, repeat often..
      except it isnt working this time round:-)

  2. Isn’t funny how the sea level decreases, how most of the glaciers are growing (if not all) and how our global climate is getting colder. And yet the global warming charlatans have free speech everyday in our mass-media. Cold, heat, rain, drought, everything is our fault in some mysterious C02 ways!

  3. IPCC wouldnt know its ass from its elbow:-)
    as the saying goes.
    and would lie or present wrong info if it was told which was which:-)
    its a committee of blind men examining the elephant:-)

  4. In their book Die kalte Sonne, Vahrenholt en Luning write that the official scientific 2007 IPCC report is very careful in what is says about sealevel rising. The conclusion was that the understanding about the causes of sealevel rising are so limited, that the report can not give any probability, nor is it capable of estimating a maximum limit. Until the year 2100 the so-called projections (based on computer models) show a rise between 18 and 59 cm. That was a lot lower than the projected rise in the 2001 report, which was between 9 and 88 cm. In fact we see that in all the reports of 1990, 1995, 2001 and 2007 the projected sealevel rise was reduced in each following report. But the limited and for the third time decreased projected sealevel rise in the 2007 report – with admitted unknown certainty!- was not enough for warmist Stefan Rahmstorf, who (knowing the contents of the report) wrote in his book The Climate Crisis that a rise of over one meter by 2100 could not be excluded and that in his view a rise of 140 cm was to be expected. James Hansen even stated that a global sealevel rise by 2100 of 2 meters was to be feared, and in 2011 he even changed that to 5 meters. There is no science at all to back up these exaggerated predictions (that only exist in the heads of some nut cases) and it is no surprise the sealevel is actually declining instead of rising.

  5. While the alarmists shout out doom and gloom, Nature just keeps rollin along. At some point the lefties will get a sore throat, and move on to something else. Meanwhile, they are a great source of entertainment.

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