Sea levels are falling

That’s right, according NASA, sea levels are going DOWN! This is big news. How come the media hasn’t mentioned it?


NASA satellite sea level observations for the past 24 years show that – on average – sea levels have been rising 3.4 millimeters per year. That’s 0.134 inches, about the thickness of a dime and a nickel stacked together, per year.

As I said, that’s the average. But when you focus in on 2016 and 2017, you get a different picture.

Sea levels fell in 2016, and with all of this winter’s record-breaking snowfall, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decline again this year.

I clicked and zoomed on the above chart as NASA suggested, and obtained a closeup screen shot of sea levels from Jan 2016 to March 2017. This clearly shows the decline.

See larger interactive graph:

Thanks to Norman Grant Smith for this info

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  1. Looking at that chart it appears that they fell in 2010-2011 and again later in 2012-2013 before starting up again.

      • Holy crap. You just ADMITTED you wrote the same BS story seven years ago. And when sea levels keep going up for the next seven years, are you going to write this BS story a third time when there’s another irrelevant wiggle in the graph somewhere around 2024?

        • Holy crap! You are a total dumbass! Just because the sea level has been rising little by little each year doesn’t point to your stupid man made global warming hype! So the sea level Rises an inch per century big fucking deal! You are missing the whole god damn point that the earth has been warming since we got off that glaciation so of course the sea level has to rise! It’s a natural cycle that we can’t control! Deal with it!

          • Yes Robert may have made a tiny whoopsie by showing the slight decline from 2010-2012 but that doesn’t mean you are getting your global consumption tax for promoting your shitty fraud! Nice try cone head!

          • The entire solar system warms and cools with the sun’s activity. Warming seas and air mean there will be more moisture in the atmosphere and more precipitation. The sun goes through cycles of warming and cooling that significantly affect our weather. That chunk of glacier that left Antartica recently may help with the decreasing sealevel, but you have to wonder why AlGore owns a beachfront estate if he believes what he says he believes.

    • During the last ice age, the coastline was much lower than now.
      All the moisture pulled from the atmosphere and tied up in ice also diminished the ocean levels. Is this happening again?

      • That’s how Asians got to America, and then went on to be the Amerindians. Bridge on the Bering Sea, now subsumed.

        • The Asians actually hooked up with the Siberians (2/3 to 1/3) and Made it to the Americans to become the Indians….interesting indeed. The Oceans do naturally fluctuate.

          As we all know, the glaciers were reportedly melting well before real emissions.

        • There is an excavation in Florida, the Windover Site, in which the mummies were found in mud, well-preserved, and dating back many thousands of years. Their DNA was found to be northern European, if my memory serves. This DNA result is controversial and so isn’t being mentioned since that first revelation.

          • The mummies found in the peat at the Windover site in Florida were not likely Europeans. Their DNA shows that they were of Asian origins but mtDNA also showed them to be of a rare haplogroup X which is found in Europe, the Americas, Western Asia, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa. So they could have been hybrid offspring of European/Asians but not Europeans solely.

      • Don’t tell anyone this. The continental shelves, some 300′ below our present sea levels, are the average sea levels for eons and show what our Earth is really like. When in doubt stop listening and start looking. Like any decent police detective. People lie, forensics don’t. Especially, Democrats.

        • They lie for their globalist sabbetean frankist masters. It was going to be their vehicle to tax the world independantly of nation states. Global warming was drummed up to be abnormal and since it is abnormal it must be man made. But ii isnt abnormal the climate has always changed.

    • Most of you along with millions of people aren’t scientist , that said the so called scientist have sold there souls to $$$ grants etc.. I’m a scientist and I can prove global warming climate change is a scam just like most sane scientist can. But what stops most is Greed.. of course climate is changing , it has been changing for over 3.6 billion years, ( yes Earth is 4 billion years “old “but it did not have a climate/ atmosphere for all of the 4,) in any case climate is always changing , so yes climate change is real , of course we don’t live on a dead planet– idiots…but human intervention is but a fraction of the influence. Gore and his sheeple are blinded by self importantance , remember these are the same idiots who predicted a mini ice age in the 60s-70s…

      • I’m also a scientist (geologist), have not sold my soul for grant funding, and can confirm that what you say is correct.

  2. Port Arthur in Tasmania, a penal colony in the 1840’s, has indicators on the rocks in the harbour that show the sea level was a metre higher at that time. Seas have always risen and fallen over time apparently.

      • Continental drift will move volcanic islands into deeper water towards oceanic trenches which makes it appear as if the sea level is rising.

      • The flow between 2 of the Great Lakes has reversed because the Earths crust has risen there after the melting of the ice cap after the last ice age. I read the ice was a mile thick. Heavy stuff.

        • I know the earth’s crust is still “rebounding” after the last ice age with glaciers in North America, but I didn’t have any information about flow directions in the Great Lakes. Possibly due to more extensive evaporation in one of the lakes. Do you have a reference for this?

          • The flow direction was to the north towards Hudson Bay, especially once Lake Agassiz burst its borders and emptied into the north Atlantic. The reduction in weight from all that water, combined with the rebounding as the ice sheet receded, changed the direction and flow of the waters of the Great Lakes towards that through the current Gulf of St. Lawrence.

      • The land and the sea bed rises and falls like ocean waves, only over immense time periods. The crust is always in motion. I live in the western US where there are lots of mountain ranges. A few years ago I was driving west across Nevada and encountered one long mountain range after another running from north to south. Some of these ranges across Nevada were higher than others. “Just like waves upon the ocean,” I thought. The only difference was that these waves were moving with such glacial slowness, they seemed frozen in time. Even so, I knew they were moving imperceptibly. Keeping this in mind, and knowing that ocean tides can vary as much as 12 feet on the east coast of the US, the idea of a static, unchanging sea level in relation to the Earth’s surface seems absurd to me. It’s about as absurd as a mean earth temperature.

      • The Continents rise and fall with the retreat and growth of the Ice Sheets, that puts more or less weight on the Continents. Couple that with less water because the Ice Sheets growing and the oceans rise and fall because of it. This is way to much for Al Gore to grasp but all others understand the concept.

        • Al Gore really knows his stuff, “The internal temperature of the earth is millions and millions of degrees.” This is almost on the level of ignorance of Congressman Hank Johnson with his fears Guam will tip over if too many Marines are stationed on one side.

      • You are not going to get a Global Warming Research Grant awarded with that type of thinking… ;\

      • Land subsidence could well be the reason for all of the claimed sea level rise of recent centuries once most of the glacial ice melted from the continents.

        The continents and oceans are “floating” on tectonic plates, the continents are higher above these plates hence have greater mass and water is less than 2/3 rds the density of rock and soils.

        Thus several miles deep oceans weight considerably less than a continent at sea level let alone the mass above sea levels such ad mountain ranges and plains etc.

        Depending on the position of the plate boundaries and the viscosity of the “fluids” under the crust land masses are most likely slowly sinking into the mantle whilst the ocean basins are more “buoyant”.

        Any land upthrust is due to the hypothesis of plates colliding.

        This hypothesis of land slowly subsiding due to more mass proposed by a French Mathematical Society and therefore giving the illusion of rising sea levels seems perfectly reasonable to me – I certainly would not rule it out as I am sure alarmists will.

        Perhaps there is actually no real sea level rise but slowly sinking heavier land masses into a viscous mantle. This easily explains why different sea level rises are noted at varying locations around the globe dependent on the location of tectonic plate boundaries.

        It is more plausible than 0.04% of the atmosphere causing all the “havoc” alarmists subscribe to a harmless essential trace gas.

    • This is a pure lie. I have been there myself. Average sea level is now 6 inches higher than when British made the mark at Port Arthur. More than half of that is thermal expansion of the ocean.

  3. Yes Robert, sea levels are falling very gradually, but the majority isn’t falling as snow onto Ice Caps and Alpine regions, but as rain on to normally low lying arid regions of the world.
    For example CENTRAL Australia has received far more rain fall during this solar cycle than in the previous three high output cycles; I would suggest the same for SC20 and for Dalton; and every other GSM in this interglacial.
    Ditto for the region of Africa to the South of the Atlas Mountains stretching though Libya into Egypt.
    Ditto for the South American arid regions
    Trillions of tons of rain could fall on these dry regions of the world and we wouldn’t even see it, or even measure it. Only on Ice caps and glaciers is it visible to electronic radar measurement, and even then it’s sanitised by the Warmist great and the good in NOAA and NASA, anything to keep the carbon taxes flowing into the UN coffers, and inconvenient Gores carbon lined pockets.
    Even the normally arid Arctic circle regions are getting their fair share, in North America a large proportion of the following melt run off ended up in the Great lakes and eventually into the Labrador current , no wonder the overturning warm current is beginning to weaken.
    Time to check if the 4K+ M high tropical or semi tropical mountain glacial fields, are recovering or starting to grow by retaining Ice 365. The Indian Sub-Continent should be a good starting point.
    It would be really nice to know that glacial fresh water will continue to flow into the Ganges for the next 172 years after this GSM has ended.

    • At least the world is getting watered. We just need to deal with the chaos and excesses involved in the process.

    • Rainfall in Central Australia has always been very hit and miss- sometimes 20 years with none at all and other times a deluge. The average is extremely low. It correlates far better with the ENSO cycle rather than solar cycles.

  4. Someone better at math than I can look at the correlation I see in the graph. There appears to be a plateau at the time of solar minimum and a drop shortly after.

  5. Sea levels do fluctuate but so does the land. Land masses heave and subside. After an earthquake land masses can dramatically shift up or down. Land masses can also slowly subside as oil or water are pumped out from underneath the land.

    • Finally someone that understands, sea levels are determined by the ocean floor moving not the ice caps melting

        • If you took a pool in someone’s yard and lifted it 10 feet, the surface of the water would then be 10 feet higher.

      • I was raised in the Texas Coast. Land that I rode horses on as a child are now fishing areas. The problem came due to the land sinking, not water rising. They were pumping water out of wells with pipes so big you could drive cars through them to supply the chemical plants water to dilute their pollution to 1 part per millions and dump it into the bay. When they mandated surface water only, the subsidence stopped. I’m not sure if the land will recover, but this is just one lifetime.

    • Florida is sinking as the karst topography crumbles, but the politicians claim the ocean is rising.

      • Liberal politicians are making that claim. Its part of the liberal agenda. But to what end? I really don’t understand why they are hanging their hat on the global cooling; no, that was the 70s; the global warming; no wrong again, now its climate change fraud. Its a fraud because the climate has been changing over the millennias and will continue to change forever.

      • Did you even read the article beyond the headline? There is clearly still an upward trend from the 1990s, but what appears to be a minor dip over the past year. Your responses are as well thought out as a cold day disproving climate change.

  6. Looking at the big picture. The human body consists of an average of 65 percent water. We are walking water pods. More people means, lower water levels. Throw us all in a heap. How much water is walking around on this earth? lol

  7. *** REAL NEWS FROM DNN ***

    Houseboats and Rising Tides, NOT!

    We sent an engineering firm out to Sausalito California to inspect the watermarks on the pilings that were pounded into the San Francisco Bay over 35 years ago that anchor the houseboats to the dock. We also talked with long time residents of the houseboat community to ask them if they noticed any rise in the tides due to global warming.

    One houseboat owner actually worked on those pilings 35 years ago was keenly aware of *** NO CHANGES *** to the watermarks on the pilings that are created by the two tides (high and low) that happen each lunar day.

    When we look at all of the false claims made by those in “climate science” we wonder why anyones believes them. Just recently it was discovered that

    “Climate scientists often apply adjustments to surface temperature thermometers to account for “biases” in the data.

    We wonder what “biases” there could be in a thermometer. Perhaps the Russians hacked them as well.

    Have a nice day…

  8. Wow, you zoomed in on a tiny fraction of the total data showing rising sea levels to prove… What again? That cold years are still possible.

    Global warming has been debunked, folks.

    • But why is there an ocean level drop during one of the hottest years ever recorded? I find this to be a fascinating topic, Michael. Regardless of whose forum the article is being shared on, this is worthy of good quality conversation, don’t you agree?

    • I agree that this drop needs to be sustained for a few more years before we make any conclusion. But CO2 based global warming is still bunk.

  9. I’m no expert but I can’t help wondering about what “sea level” actually means. To the lefties it seems to mean waves crashing over sea walls, and if ocean basins and land masses were constants that might be true. If it means the distance from the ocean surface to a fixed point in space, like a satellite, that may be a different story.

    But due to volcanic and tectonic activity, ocean basins and land masses are far from fixed. Take a large plastic cup three quarters full of water. Squeeze it and the water rises. Squeeze a little more and the waves crash over the sea walls. Aren’t our ocean basins a little like that plastic cup? Wouldn’t enough tectonic plate movement coupled with some significant volcanic activity and a little continental drift cause what many would see as the “oceans rising”?

    • The water doesn’t care. It always seeks it own level, always. The sea floor or underwater events matter not. The water will seek its’ own level. A yuge asteroid strike the deposited a yuge amount of volume would raise the static sea level but by then we would already be dead.

      • if the ocean basins lower through compression, then in theory the sl would lower. Yes, it matters a great deal what the size and depth of the basin is. Water rising in a squeezed cup is still seeking its own level.

      • It seeks its own level within the confines of a fixed structure. Change the fixed structure dimensions so that it is shaped differently and water will re-adjust its level. The squeezed cup is a perfect example of changing structure dimensions.

    • While people tend to think of the earth’s crust as rock hard and generally a static solid, on a macro scale the crust (including the ocean floor) is more like silly putty. Hit it with a sharp, sudden force it will shatter; apply slow and steady pressure and it will deflect with relative ease.

      More ocean water = more weight / pressure on the ocean floor. Being the thinnest part of the crust it most easily deflects. It isn’t just water that finds its own level. Every part of the planet is in a dynamic state which is constantly trying to achieve equilibrium. Sea levels go up for a time, ocean floors deflect slightly due to added weight and pressure which then gets released elsewhere as earthquakes, volcanos, lifts, etc. when water levels drop the reverse happens. Seeking a state of equilibrium is a natural law that liberals seem not to be able to grasp.

    • Love the theory and the example you made perfect sense. Hows this idea, if the sea is actually falling, no wonder the Antartic ice sheet is breaking up.

  10. From the NASA chart the trend is still up, short term trends fluctuate. If the level fell to below 2014/15 then you could say that the trend had changed (as it did in 2010/11 and then got on trend again). The trend from the low of 2010-2016 is actually steeper than the trend form 1995-2010.
    Past trends, just like numerical models do not prove anything about the future.

      • Hi Chuck,
        that was my intent, all of the modelling on anything – sharemarket, global warming, population growth, ice mass, CO2 levels, solar minimums, can only tell us so much. The reality could be much worse or not much different to today.
        Still interesting and can give us some clues, but that is all.

    • Awesome, about time these idiots get some real science. I am no expert but common sense and logic dictates that this water level rising is nonsense as it has risen and fallen through billions of years. I was told in the 80’s that FL would be mostly underwater and too hot to live in. LOL. It is currently cooler than Kansas! I am from South Africa and spent a lot of time at a famous rock on the ocean. It has a pool through which water is compressed and spouts. I wa there from the early 70’s and moved to FL in the 80’s I look at current pics and see absolutely NO visible change in that spot. It is easy to see as the pool is still where it is. in 50 yrs, the doom and gloomers surely would have seen the small swath of beach between that pool and the beach end be completely covered. I am preaching to the choir but I have always used that spot as a guide to rising or sinking levels.

  11. Wait, I thought sea levels should be raising because of “climate change” and glaciers receeding. Isn’t that the lie that Al Gore has been spinning?

  12. Who’s measuring wind variables over time and planet surface to assess net daily changes affecting sea levels at coastal positions?
    Am I a complete fool or do I have pieces missing?

    • Howard, no. There are also 18 year lunar cycles, and longer. A fifty year monitor time is estimated to be required.
      This is why global tide gauges are the only relevant metric to how human lives are affected. And long term global tide gauges also monitored by geostatic land movement indicate a fairly consistent 1.49 mm per year SL rise and ZERO acceleration.

      The satellites are far less accurate.

  13. I have lived on the water on Long Island Sound since 1990. I have not noticed any change in the sea level. I have noticed more birds and sea life.

  14. It’s entirely within the realm of possibility, especially when you point out Antarctica is the largest repository of ice, and it’s surrounded by cooler, OK, colder than average sea surface temperatures. Add in a cold Greenland, and it would be rather expected.

    • ‘Dangerous Man-made Global Warming’ isn’t a theory, it’s merely a scientifically baseless assertion, which ignores the fact that there is no measurable evidence to support that errant “theory”.

  15. I have maps from the Army Core of Engineers from when the canals were completed in South Miami in the 1940s and 1950s. Sea levels have not changed at all since that time. What’s changed is the amount of building on the coast. There are many more structures built right on Biscayne Bay, therefore people have taken a higher degree of risk of flooding, and are not willing to pay the risk premium.

      • Corps, George. Like the U.S. Marine Corps. Pronounced “core”. In the Army, a Corps is composed of units totaling more than one division. Typically one division plus a brigade (regiment plus), perhaps up to 5 or more divisions, but usually less. In the Marine Corps, ground and Marine air units are combined as MAGTFs (Marine Air-Ground Task Force) and Marine Expeditionary Units (MEF). MEFs are typically a reinforced infantry regiment plus Marine Air, like an Air Wing.
        MAGTFs are typically a reinforced Marine Division plus a reinforced Air Wing.
        While the Marine Corps is known for amphibious landings, the mantra is now “From the Sea”. A Marine unit (MEF?) was inserted into Afghanistan, hundreds of mile from the sea, onto an abandoned airfield. And it was supported and maintained from the sea.

  16. Well, it’s about time Obama got around to his promise for the tides to recede. I guess all that golf when he was Preezy got in the way.

  17. As G.H. Kaub has shown conclusively in his landmark paper in the Journal of Irreproducible Results, March-1974-sea levels only appear to have been consistently rising for years due to the continued mass effect of people not throwing away their old National Geographic magazines exerting tremendous downward pressure on the Earth’s mantle causing it to sink. I postulate the reversal we are now seeing is due to people finally burning/composting their old issues , canceling their subscriptions and getting their National Geographics and similar information online now causing a natural “rebound” upthrust in the mantle and only the appearance of sea levels falling. My team and I have applied for a multi year government grant to further study this phenomenon.

    • The rebound upthrust would tend to flood low-lying coastal areas (shallower oceans). Thus, Washington DC would
      experience drowning of low-life, lying politicians.

    • as long as you use the magic words in your grant app
      “climate change”
      you will get funded generously
      and thanks for the chuckle
      add sci am to that as well;-)

  18. It is well documented, measured, quantified, and proven that there is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune …
    —- see William Shakespeare’s tragicomedy, ‘ A Hoax for Floundering Folks.’ Costumes and contortions by Al Gore (of ox fame).
    Clearly, if men would cease having affairs
    tides would less likely reach flood stage.

    • Correctomundo, Howard. And re: sea levels…

      “…there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so…”

      (…sez Hamlet)

      The SL is still rising at ≈6 in/century; about the same rate since the Little Ice Age began winding down.

      If ‘man-made global warming’ was occurring, that trend would be accelerating, no?

      But there has been NO upward acceleration in sea levels.

      Draw your own conclusions…

  19. Mother earth has been around awhile and constantly changes. Carbon emissions will not deter her. Yes take care of our waste and reduce going forward. Al Gore is a lunatic, money hungry, with carbon emissions with private jets, SUV enterage it’s nuts. Just retire you stole enough money.

  20. The notion that there is an ideal condition of the world that must not change is a human invention, it does not exist in nature.
    Mountains erode, coastlines change, rivers silt up bays, glaciers grow and recede over eons.
    Climates change.

  21. North Carolina has a brand new island just this year that has sprung up out of the ocean just off Cape Hatteras that is over a mile long. . They have nicknamed it “Shelly Island’ because it if full of conch shells tourists are renting boats to go and collect from. Google it. There isn’t a person in the world with a lick left of the calm, intuitive, wordless common sense they were made with that actually believes in any of the ‘sky is falling’ climate change assertions. They are all lies made up by useless filthy perverts and believed by useless filthy perverts or they have accpted large sums of cash to ‘believe’ in it. .

  22. I was lead trainer for a Leading EPA compliance firm, and I believe the calculation(the True Nobel Prize part, anyway) was wrongly calculated factor of 2.

    The amount of Ozone-Depletion calculated for 50-year-Half-Life is actually 22 Years, give or take 14 months. The correlation of firms here in America who observe Best Practices in their daily operations identify strengths(and weaknesses) of the HVAC/R departments We owe them a debt of gratitude for dealing us RIGHT OUT of any man-made global temperature differences.

    Job Well Done.

  23. Of course the seas are losing water. I walked thru a grocery store just today and was astounded by all the bottled water on the shelves in bottles. Most people have large supplies of bottled water in their houses, cars, all over the place. It is difficult to find a place where there is not bottled water available. Look at all the gyms, baseball and football fields, etc.

    If this keeps up and boats do not have enough water to float in the word will go out and everyone will just get their bottled water out and pour it in a sewer and it will find its way to a creek, then to a river and eventually into the ocean and the problem is solved.

  24. Maybe someone here can explain what the motive is for those people who believe climate change is real. What do they get out of it? If they make policy based on that belief, how does it negatively impact those who don’t believe climate change is real.
    I don’t get it.

  25. Will AlGore live to see the day when he recants his religion and admits the world in not ending on his time table or anyone else’s? Will he ever refund those psychologically invested in his cult?

  26. Tell that to the Pacific Islanders losing their ancestral homes due to rising sea levels. Also, simply displaying one year and using this as ANY argument is ridiculous. These are natural cycles, at least you had the sense to display the records from 1995.

    • If you read up on the Pacific, you’ll learn that parts of the sea bottom rise and fall due to tectonism (volcanic activity is one form of tectonism). That’s why you find coral reefs surrounded by deep ocean, built on a rising bottom. Rising sea level (locally) = sinking land (locally). Elsewhere rising land (locally) = lowering sea levels (locally).

  27. Ancient light houses around the world were built to warn ships of shore lines. Today they warn people about liars, as water levels at their base haven’t changed.

  28. Scientific explanation adhered to by MANY: As earth orbits sun it does not have a perfect orbit due to its shape, gravity changes, etc… so it ‘wobbles’ around the sun. When it wobbles closer to the sun, we have global warming. When it wobbles away from the sun, we have global cooling, min-ice ages, and full blown ice ages.

  29. The massive increase of the Greenland ice sheet from the 2011 low could account for the abatement of natural sea level rise but the story currently doing the rounds in the media refers only to the increase in melt water which has scientists “worried”, of course we here know the cause.

  30. The fabric of climate change is constructed of a 1000 lies, accelerating sea level rise is just one of them.

  31. Fresh water and salt water do not mix. Fresh should sink to the ocean floor since it is heavier but does not because of the sheer volume of the salt water in the oceans. Instead it floats on the surface. As the sun heats the surface of the salt water in the oceans the fresh water evaporates into the atmosphere. That evaporated fresh water accumulates in the atmosphere and eventually returns to earth as snow or rain. In the past this natural event would cause erosion of the surface sending silt and sand through the river systems to the shore replenishing the beaches creating more land. Man in their ignorance as we populated and migrated around the planet built dams and locks to contain and control the freshwater preventing the natural replenishment of our beaches with sand.

  32. FYI. Paper published 2012. Please notice the conclusion in the last sentence of the Abstract: “Short period trends of acceleration in mean sea level after 1990 are evident at each site, although these are not abnormal or higher than other short-term rates measured throughout the historical record.”

    Is There Evidence Yet of Acceleration in Mean Sea Level Rise around Mainland Australia? P. J. Watson
    As an island nation with some 85% of the population residing within 50 km of the coast, Australia faces significant threats into the future from sea level rise. Further, with over 710,000 addresses within 3 km of the coast and below 6-m elevation, the implication of a projected global rise in mean sea level of up to 100 cm over the 21st century will have profound economic, social, environmental, and planning consequences. In this context, it is becoming increasingly important to monitor trends emerging from local (regional) records to augment global average measurements and future projections. The Australasian region has four very long, continuous tide gauge records, at Fremantle (1897), Auckland (1903), Fort Denison (1914), and Newcastle (1925), which are invaluable for considering whether there is evidence that the rise in mean sea level is accelerating over the longer term at these locations in line with various global average sea level time-series reconstructions. These long records have been converted to relative 20-year moving average water level time series and fitted to second-order polynomial functions to consider trends of acceleration in mean sea level over time. The analysis reveals a consistent trend of weak deceleration at each of these gauge sites throughout Australasia over the period from 1940 to 2000. Short period trends of acceleration in mean sea level after 1990 are evident at each site, although these are not abnormal or higher than other short-term rates measured throughout the historical record.
    Published in the Journal of Coastal Research.

  33. Does anyone know the uncertainty in the sea level measurement? How is orbital drift accounted for in these measurements?

    • Jay,

      Yes, the trend in sea level rise is still upward. Sea levels have been rising at the rate of six inches per century since the Little Ice Age ended.

      But the rate of sea level rise has not changed since human began to put more CO2 into the atmosphere.

      If more CO2 caused an acceleration of the rising sea level trend, then we would have observed that acceleration by now, and sea levels would be rising at an accelerating rate. But they’re not.

      In fact, the only measurable result of more CO2 has been the greening of the planet. That is to be expected, since plants are constructed almost entirely from atmospheric CO2: all of their cellulose, their sugars, their chlorophyll—everything—is made from the carbon they take from the air. Plants strip the oxygen from CO2 and discard it. Animals then use the oxygen to breathe, emitting CO2 as part of the carbon cycle. A win-win, no?

      The public has been misinformed about the amount of CO2 in the air. Carbon dioxide is only a tiny trace gas, measured in parts per million. It is also measured in parts per ten thousand molecules in the atmosphere.

      Question: do you know how many CO2 molecules there are in the air, out of every 10,000 total molecules?

      Answer: currently there are just FOUR (4) CO2 molecules in every 10,000 molecules of air. And how much has CO2 gone up over the past century?

      Answer: over the past 100 years, CO2 has risen from 3 molecules in every 10,000 air molecules, to just 4 in 10,000.

      Thus, over a century atmospheric CO2 has risen by only 1 part in 10,000. That’s all.

      We couldn’t even detect such a minuscule change without using very sensitive instruments. But plants can tell: NASA confirms that the planet is measurably *greening* due to the rise in CO2.

      And what is the cause of that rise? Climate alarmists like Algore blame human emissions, and it’s true that we’re producing CO2. But we don’t emit nearly enough CO2 to account for the global rise. The UN/IPCC states that human emissions account for only ≈3% of total atmospheric CO2. All the rest is being produced naturally. But how?

      As the planet continues to warm from the Little Ice Age (one of the coldest episodes of our current 10,700 year long Holocene), CO2 is being emitted by the warming oceans in the same way that a warming Coke emits CO2 (the fizz from ‘carbonation’ that’s being emitted).

      Temperature/CO2 charts that are designed to show causation all show the same thing: the changes in CO2 are the effect of changing temperatures, not the cause.

      On time scales from months to hundreds of millennia, the cause and effect relationship between temperature and CO2 is clear and unambiguous:

      ∆temperature causes∆CO2.

      Since effect cannot precede cause, rising global temperatures must be the cause of changing CO2 levels, not the effect. That empirical (real world) evidence is undisputed by atmospheric scientists. It shows that changes in CO2 levels always follow temperature changes; not vice-versa.

      The facts posted here (plants, causation, greening, CO2 levels, sea level trends, etc.) are all a matter of verified observations, which are accepted by the scientific community. So why are they glossed over, or ignored entirely?

      The reason, as usual, is self-interest: the government is interested in passing a carbon tax.

      A carbon tax would give them the wet dream that all governments from time immemorial have craved: a way to tax the air we breathe.

      Since the production of goods and services emits (harmless, beneficial) CO2, a carbon tax would bring the government an immense new revenue stream at our expense.

      And a carbon tax would not change global temperatures by even 0.000001ºC. But it would balloon the bureaucracy.

      Accounting for and regulating CO2 emissions would require a new army of federal bureaucrats—and we, the public, would be forced to pay for it.

      A carbon tax would raise the cost of all goods and services. But our pay would not rise commensurately, which would cause our standard of living to fall sharply.

      Finally, if the rise in CO2 had caused ANY global harm or damage, the Algores of the world would have been pounding us over the head 24/7/365 with the evidence.

      But there is NO evidence that more CO2 causes ANY global harm. Thus, the rise in CO2 is “harmless”. Furthermore, there is no credible scientific evidence that if CO2 doubled to TWO parts in 10,000, that it would cause any harm.

      In fact, scientific evidence shows that the rise in CO2 has been harmless, and that it is beneficial to the biosphere—which is still starved of CO2. In the geologic past, CO2 levels have been twenty times (20X) higher than now. But those higher CO2 levels have never caused runaway global warming (or any global warming, for that matter).

      Always ask yourself: “Cui bono?”: “Who benefits” from climate alarmism? It isn’t you. Or me. But there is BIG money involved…

      …so draw your own conclusions.

  34. There are two theories of Geological Evolution: Catastrophism vs Uniformitarianism.

    Secular scientists believe in Uniformitarianism; that what you see happening today is what has always happened.

    That is why they are panicking when something in the climate or geology changes.

  35. Pack your car, turn inland and move to a location that is 2 feet higher than where you are now. There you are covered from this disaster for the rest of your life.

  36. Looking at winter sea levels proves nothing, as most of the earth land mass is north of the equator and thus winter snowpack would lock up water on land that in spring and summer would flow back into the oceans. I am not defending Algore and the Rhythmics, but one needs more than winter data to prove a point. And using 3 data points is hardly scientifically rigorous.

  37. i noticed an alarming trend yesterday afternoon: the sun, slowly but perceptible, declined in height so much so that it left my home in almost total darkness. This is big news that no one seems to be talking about. What if it happens again?!
    has anyone studied this?

  38. How can the thickness of “a nickel and a dime” suddenly cause fish to swim through the streets of Miami, ala Al Gore?

    I don’t know about you, but when my waves are 1 nickle and a dime higher or lower, I don’t notice at all.

  39. How can I capture this? The comments are so interesting and I would wish to share them if I could. Help, please.

  40. I think it is hysterical that God with His creation has refuted this scam that is “climate change.”

  41. Really? If you look at the long term trend, sea level is increasing. If you zoom in on a specific year, as you did, throughout that time entire time period, you’ll see portions where it is increasing and decreasing. For example. Look at July 2010 through July 2011. Sea Level decreases and then increases. Can any of you not think critically?

    But the overall trend is an increase. It’s quite simple.

  42. Climate Determined to Be CYCLICAL… Pundits and Arseholes Ask; Who knew?

    In other news; Scientists announce that exposure to water makes everything wet.

    Lastly; No Dear, it’s NOT the pants.

  43. I thought Al Bore said the the sea levels would continue to rise because of global warming, sorry global climate change, sorry the next ice age, or something like that, depending on what year and lie he was telling. Maybe the global warming has reversed since he is not speaking as much.

  44. Sea levels could be dropping if the water was being stored as ice. So much water was wrapped up in ice in the last ice age that sea levels dropped nearly 200 feet.

  45. A few weeks ago I saw a chart that showed the Sea Level raising along the West Coast based on Land Coastal readings. I wondered at the time “is the sea rising or the land settling?”. Since the West Coast is being sucked back into the Earth I suspect it is the land settling as with so many of the Island that are flagged as endangered because of raising sea levels.

  46. You Nimrods! Don’t you know you are looking at UNADJUSTED data! The deplorables should only look at properly ADJUSTED data sets — adjusted by those with the proper mindset. Back to steerage — all of you!!!

  47. Peru, July 26, 2017: Polar clothing is the most demanded in the main galleries and markets of the city of Chiclayo (Lambayeque) as a result of low temperatures.
    Reporters from RPP Noticias visited the main sales centers and verified that the population buys quilts, blankets, blankets, blankets and polar clothing in a massive way to protect them from the cold.
    The wholesaler, Ciro Suxe Uriarte, said that more than 50 units of these garments are sold daily, sold from 10 soles and are bought mainly to shelter minors, the most vulnerable to this season.
    “People are wearing a lot of polar clothing. Sales have grown by more than 60% and we daily sell between 2 thousand and 3 thousand soles. We estimate that this will continue to grow as the days go by, “he said.
    In the galleries bordering the model market the demand for warm clothing also increased considerably and clothes for all tastes and pockets are sold.
    Here is the location of Lambayeque in Peru.

  48. Actually sea levels have fallen since the 80’s in the Indian Ocean and also the Atlantic. Also in Australia.
    Not sure how NASA calculates that graph the last 24 years. The seas were so low around the Maldives in 2005 that ships had to go around them to avoid getting stuck for the first time. The Island of Tuvalu had sea levels drop 2.5 inches from 1992 till 2000. Also sea levels are considerably lower here now at low tide along the SC coast since 1996 than they used to be in 1990. At tidal rivers here at low tide you can clearly see the decline since that time. Seas have not risen at all since 1992.

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