Sea levels have been rising for 10,000 years

Last week I posted an article saying that, contrary to what the mainstream media may tell you, sea levels declined in 2016 and 2017. I received many snotty comments about that article, telling me that sea levels on average have been rising (presumably due to human activity), and accusing me of not looking at the bigger picture.

So okay, let’s look at that bigger picture. Sea levels have been rising for 10,000 years. Did humans cause all of that sea-level rise? I think not.


Sea levels have been rising for 10,000 years

By Robert Felix

During the last ice age almost all of Canada, along with parts of Europe and Asia, were buried beneath one to two miles of ice. At the same time, sea levels stood 350 to 400 feet lower than today.

Sea levels were so low that the entire continental shelf, at least in eastern North America, was above water. Many states on the eastern seaboard were twice as big as today. New Jersey’s shoreline, for example, stood 60 to 100 miles east of its present location.

Same in the west.

The land between Alaska and Asia rose out of the sea like a bridge (or rather, the sea dropped away from the land), and the Bering Strait, which today is only 18 stories deep at its deepest point, was above water. Our ancestors could have walked to Siberia. (The word bridge is misleading, because the land connection between Alaska and Siberia was almost as wide as Alaska itself.)

Why were sea levels so low? Because that’s where the water came from to create those huge ice sheets. Literally millions of cubic miles of water had turned to ice.

Then, about 10,000 years ago, the ice began to melt and sea levels began to rise.

Here’s a sea-level graph from Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever.

. . .

. . . 

Rising sea levels have been the norm

If you run the numbers (see below), you’ll find that sea levels have been rising an average of .42 to .48 inches (just under half-an-inch) per year for the past 10,000 years. Rising sea levels have been the norm, in other words, for 10,000 years.

And that brings us to today. What are sea levels doing right now?

Sea levels now rising slower than normal

According to NASA, sea levels are rising 3.4 mm (about 1/8th of an inch) per year. That’s about the thickness of a dime and a nickel stacked on top of one another. Not the diameter of the coins, but the thickness, In other words, sea levels are rising slower than normal.

Sea levels declined in 2010, 2011, 2016 and 2017

That doesn’t even take into account the fact that sea levels declined in 2010, 20112016 and 2017.

Yes, no matter how assiduously the media tries to ignore it, sea levels actually declined in four of the last eight years. Not much, maybe, but NASA’s own graphs show that it is true.

Where is the water going?

It’s being locked up on land as snow and ice. That’s how ice ages begin.

If we keep getting record snowfall as we have during the past few years, sea levels will begin falling and won’t begin rising again until the end of the next ice age.

This talk of unprecedented rising sea levels and catastrophic global warming is complete nonsense. It just simply is not true.


It’s not rocket science. Try it yourself. Multiply 400 by 12 and you get 4,800. That’s how many inches in 400 feet (how far sea levels have risen in the past 10,000 years). Now divide 4,800 by 10,000, and you get .48, just under ½ inch.

Just under half-an-inch. That’s how much sea levels have been rising on average per year for the past 10,000 years.

Today, sea levels are rising only 1/8 of an inch per year, LESS than normal.

And we’re supposed to throw billions, if not trillions, of dollars at it? We’re supposed to destroy our economies over a non-issue?
Robert Felix is author of Not by Fire but by Ice, in which he maintains that the next ice age could begin any day.

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  1. Keep up the good work. Constantly report what is happening. Aware people will eventually see they were duped into believing nonsense.

  2. It is certainly sensible to believe that the Holocene sea level rise has plateaued and is now trending into a decline.
    That is exactly what the science is showing.

  3. There are several things about sea level changes that really get people going. Minor changes can be caused by warming and cooling the oceans. Larger changes can only come from either tectonic shifts or from change in the ice sheet-ocean balances.

    However, there is actually very good geological evidence from locations around the planet that indicate the sea level _peaked_ between about 7 and 8 thousand years at a point roughly 1.5 meters (as little as one meter and as much as 2.0 meters shows up in various papers) ABOVE the present. Searching on “Early Holocene marine highstands” or similar should turn up papers describing evidence of a high stand from locations as disparate as Texas, Brazil, Micronesia and IIRC Tasmania.

  4. You received the snotty comments because the simple logic could not be faulted. It is a simple process if you can’t argue about the statement attack the person making it. The long established policy of AGW supporters for so long now.

  5. But according to the AGW brethren the rise is accelerating…
    accelerating away from being able to understand observation and science.

  6. I would like to point out something even more pertinent.

    Take a good look at that Holocene sea-level chart. For the last 2,000 years while Man has been impacting the Earth like never before, sea-level has flattened out. Even with huge changes made by Man, deforestation, urbanization, industrialization and acidification of the environment, we still have a flattening of sea-levels.

    NOW LOOK AT THE PREVIOUS 2,000 YEARS, to the last 2,000 years. We see something very interesting. From 4,000 to 3,000 years, we see a marked drop in sea-levels, that is a partial glacification of the Earth, and then a marked change during the 3,000 to 2,000 year period, where there was a reversal! This occurred during an infinitesimal Human impact. So what caused that? If Man was not the reason, obviously not, then it means there are forces that are so powerful that can in such a short period of time, can impact largely upon Earth’s sea-level.

    As I have stated many times before here on this site, I do not believe the Earth is strictly capable and defining its own climate. Could there have been a Solar outburst? Maybe, however I do suspect there are several other extra-terrestrial (non-alien!, but cosmological) that are equally possible to explain this. I intimated once about neutrinos, and Earth’s anomalous thermodynamic imbalance; there is strong theoretical evidence to suggest neutrino activity can alter radioactivity rates, if this is true, what would an anomalous neutrino burst that came from say a non-Sun source do to Earth’s inner radioactive core? Heat it, of course. Think about that. There is lots of evidence for this.

    The Earth, as I have said MANY times, is a non closed system. We are vulnerable to the vagaries of many cosmological forces, to think Man can be equal to the Universe’s potential, is not just idiotic but slams of gross theomania!

  7. Addendum to my above comment.

    As to the point about neutrino affecting our Earth’s radioactive core, I used the neutrino affect as an example to illustrate for increasing melting scenario. Of course, the chart shows a cooling and then a heating change during that 3,000 to 2,000 year ago period. The theory should then be that since there is a fairly constant streaming of neutrino’s upon the Earth, that during that initial 1,000 years of cooling, that some sort of cosmic shrouding (say a huge of some kind), interrupted the neutrino stream and thus caused a slow-down in radioactive decay and thus allowed the Earth to cool. After this cosmic shroud passed, the neutrino stream regained its strength and thus the radio-active core of the Earth began to heat again.

    Yes this is all conjecture, although my work is proving promising. What we need is greater distributed data from extra-Earth sources, like ice-core data from Mars, or some of the moons of Saturn.

    In any case, the science of climatology on Earth, is fake science. You can not do meaningful science on a non-closed system like the Earth. But then again, science is filled with junk-science these days, from nonsensical evolution to unproven black-holes. It seems today, the only science that is really going on is the science that can’t be proven, but only lead by theoretical and computer acolytes, surrounding themselves with keyboard committee cults and Hollywood-like narratives, all with the common goal of cheating, stealing and defrauding the public purse.

  8. Generally when looking at that chart of sea level rise, folks think of the dark black line as actual sea level and the little star data points as various measurements that have error in them, removed by averaging.

    I’ve come to suspect the data points are right and it is the average that is hiding real volatility in the data over time. That is, sea level is volatile in fairly short time frames.

    As a particular, note that in 2500 BC, the coastline at Thermopylae was significantly higher than during the battle of The 300, and that the shoreline is now farther out from land than then.

    The present shoreline is explained by sedimentation, but that doesn’t necessarily explain the shoreline of 2500 BC.

    In Florida, on the Keys, you can see higher erosion lines where the sea level was higher. The Keys are deposits formed underwater anyway. In fact, all of Florida is essentially a sandbar from past higher ocean surface.

    So yes, sea level has been rising for 10,000 years, but it has also been much higher in the past, and can change relatively fast in short fluctuations at any time.

    It is expecting the sea to stand still that is folly.

    • All good points, however, your logic is a bit flawed. Its the trends, the big trends that are important. And our ice-ages have only been, regular only in the last few million years. This is a cosmological time scale. Add the irregular variability of changes, this only means that only one-off events must be happening to impact our irregular changes in climate. This can only mean that in an open system like our Earth, that something else is happening that is outside from our Earth, and even our Solar System.

      Think of it like this. If you study the climate inside a house but leave the doors and windows open, it is meaningless to come up with theories, as we do here on Earth, that are based upon local physical processes. You have no way of knowing of what is happening outside of the house many kilometers away that may be affecting the climate in the house. Take a good long look at ice core and other thermo-metric data coming from research. The Earth is not displaying any regularity, except for the last million or so odd, years. This is classic OPEN SYSTEM response.

      Furthermore, all thermo metric studies and measurements have grand holes in them. As I have said, thermodynamic accounting of the Earth’s climate does not measure up. Many scientists look at volcanoes for answers, but these natural forces are not enough to explain the disturbances of Earth’s climate variability over thousands of years, like the above 4-3,000 BC change. Volcanoes are global in affecting the Earth, but they have very short lived effects, years to decades. While the above 2,000 year change has to be something much more serious, and looking at the how quickly it occurred it must be something that is very irregular and acyclical.

      In short, our open windowed and doored houses, called Earth, has a climate that is highly susceptible to cosmological capricious events, making our little blue marble very precarious.

      I seriously do believe to understand what is going-on, on our Earth, we need to look further a field. I think we need to study Martian ice cores, and I am pretty sure we would get a great shock from the results. What if Martian ice-core data was like our own ice-cores, in time variability? Does that mean Man altered Martian climate? Or should I say those pesky little green-men that are no longer around because they destroyed their planet, as we are are supposed to be doing, if you listen to the lunatics.

      Or what if….Martian ice-cores show some similarity to ours but only irregularly!!! Think about that one. That opens the door to some thing else. Depending when Mars was in its orbit compared to Earth’s, we could well be seeing proof of a cosmic event that is large but not so large, to cover entire the Earth/Mars dual orbits. You see how open the possibilities are? With real evidence now at hand that radioactive decay rates do vary over eons of time, and with theoretical support that neutrinos could be the culprit, we are now really opening the door of Earth’s climate modeling to the entire, not Solar System, but the entire GALAXY, maybe Universe!

      And here we are today, with moron climatologist, creating models of climate in a house (our Earth) with all the doors and windows open, and not a single one of these morons dares look outside because if they did, not they would realize they missed something, no, no, but they would realize they’d be all out of a job!

  9. (For the snotty ones, the following is SATIRE, but some of you will actually believe it)

    Why did the sea levels begin to rise 10,000 years ago, and the Ice Sheets melt, 10,000 years ago?

    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    What Big Event happened at that time? BEER. That’s right. Some caveman drank some liquid that had been sitting in a pot, or gourd (didn’t have pottery at that time), and got nice and drunk.

    He also didn’t get the typical stomach ache, vomiting ,and diarrhea that comes with drinking water that has been sitting in a gourd, in the sun, for awhile. He must have drunk this since he was most likely dying for thirst and it was the only thing there.

    (Now, to be PC and inclusive and to make the raging females happy, this could have been a woman. The world’s first Bar Fly)

    Low and behold he/she (could of been Transgender or even Bi-Sexual. We need to be inclusive), shared this with his buddies and VOILA, Alcohol for consumption was born and saved Man Kind from dying of polluted water. Among them were enough intelligent fellow cavemen who figured out, by additional trial and error, what it takes to create Heineken.

    SO, why is this important? This created Agriculture and Agriculture created Globalist Warming and that is why the Ice Sheets melted.

    (PS: the history of Beer and it being the major driving force of the Agricultural Revolution is fact)

    • The sea level really began rising about 14,000-16,000 years, but we’re only kicking around the Holocene. The Holocene change is around 15 meters if you consider the graph, but that leaves almost 90% of the rise (at least 85 meters worth) back in the terminal Pleistocene. Your typical warmist has no idea about just how catastrophic sea level rise really can be, when you consider the real thing.

      Beer is definitely the explanation for the expansion of cereal agriculture. Every society that ever domesticated a cereal fermented it.

  10. You may have received snooty comments, but you also got a mention on Rush Limbaugh. I know.or osnt the first time.

    Something with the graph above – it only shows 50 feet of rise in 8000 years and then shows it in Meters 14 – that doesn’t sound like much.. Why not get a graph that shows the full 400′ rise?

  11. Don’t forget water from space. Back when I took an astronomy class and the professor said that every few days the earth is struck by, or absorbs about 40 to 100 tons of floating ice from space, which vaporizes in the atmosphere, and eventually contributes to about one mm of sea level rise per year. Not much he said, but if that goes on for another million years we may evolve into an aquatic species.

  12. Hi Robert,
    There is another sink for the sea water level falling, with meridional weather systems pushing water vapour into the Polar regions, those same weather systems on the Southern leg into more temperate/tropical regions push significant amounts of water vapour forming large weather systems which dumps as snow in the winter on high ground between Turkey/Iran/Iraq but significant rain at lower levels or in spring and autum.
    I would suggest the Aral Sea may be a significant site to watch as its levels rise and recovers to levels not seen for several years.
    Three other regions have been reported in the MSM receiving significant rain fall Central Australia which was one of the reason for a regional fall in Sea level and the portions Northern African states bordering the Mediterranean. Libya and Algeria has significant Artesian water systems replenished from the Atlas Mountain range and the increasing amounts snow which fall on it
    Another aquifer which has replenished following 2016/17 Snow/rain fall is the one under San Jose.
    The point is snow which melts leave no trace unlike the Ice caps, and recovering Arctic sea ice as the Grand Solar Minimum progresses.

  13. close to 5inches of rain dumped on Lismore NSW aus today…coastal so most will go to sea i guess..but we tend to appreciate la nina downunder…enso did a fast swing from neutral to0.5 recently and now it rains;-)

  14. Robert, fyi, imv, the 1/8th inch per year is about 60 percent bigger then well situated geographically stable tide gauges show.

  15. I recently received a brochure in the mail claiming that due to “sea level rise” my house would be subject to “severe” tidal flooding and “severe” flooding during hurricanes.

    Reality – this property has had a house on it for about 200 years and it has NEVER had tidal flooding or severe flooding during hurricanes. The reason, there is about one square mile of swamp where the James and Pagan rivers meet, that do what swamps are supposed to do… absorb excess runoff and tidal floodwaters.

    In historic times the worst hurricane to hit this property was Isabel, which had an 18 foot storm surge… which didn’t come close to flooding my house. The house is on a bluff also, and the property owner showed me where the water came up to. It would probably need another 18 feet to come close enough to my house for me to be worried about it.

    And for the record, 30+ years ago I had a job interview for a contract job to predict how many people were supposed to get flooded out along the east coast of the US. I did not get the job, but it seems also strange that where they were claiming all this flooding would be due to sea level rise… no evidence that has happened. That doesn’t mean there is no flooding in this area… further east (give or take 30 miles into the Portsmouth-Norfolk, VA area there is flooding every time it rains… but then they are at sea level. Nothing new! The oldest houses in Old Town Portsmouth (around 200 years old) have architecture that reminds of the oldest houses in New Orleans, where there was a steep step up to get to the main floor… built that way to keep the regularly occurring flooding from destroying the homes. In Portsmouth the “first floor” of those older buildings are about 6 feet up from the ground. Go figure!

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