Seal hunters come back empty-handed – Ice too thick

Thick ice blocks attempts to reach herds off Nova Scotia. ‘Catastrophic’ for grey seal hunters.

Thick ice on Gulf of St Lawrence – 8Feb18 – Photo courtesy Fisheries and Ocean Canada

8 Feb 2018 – Sealers on the Magdalen Islands usually haul in 2,000 grey seals in the short winter hunting season. This year, after two failed expeditions out on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, they did not bring back a single seal. They were not able to get past the thick ice.

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8 thoughts on “Seal hunters come back empty-handed – Ice too thick”

    • If you are judging the Arctic by the gulf of St. Lawrence then you are looking in the wrong place.
      Look at the Arctic seas instead.

      • Are you saying that there is more thicker ice in the Arctic or that there is less due the Arctic’s tropical climate?

  1. That looks like a glut of seals, hopefully to match the glut of Polar Bears recently seen feeding off whale carcass in the Russian Arctic. Still thick ice has caused other problems
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    The weather might start to play ball after 2056, I wouldn’t dream of calling it climate disturbance

  2. Dr Crockford warned about this very situation. Leads to very hungry Bears and sealers. Dangerous in the streets even…….

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