In Search of… the Coming Ice Age – Video

“Here is the old documentary from the 70’s hosted by Leonard Nimoy, peace to him,” says reader Riku.

“Live long and prosper.”

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  1. Even though this presentation is identified as somewhat speculational at the start, I noted they were more honest in presenting alternatives and admitting we really don’t know what the weather will do than the current day Warmists, who can accept no alternatives. I suppose science had not been invaded and invalidated by political expediency and desire at that time. Contrast the “coulds” of then with the “wills” of the present Climate Change scenario where no disagreement is allowed and the “facts are all in” is inviolable at the U.N. and Federal levels. I was disappointed that this old video did not tie in the sun cycles as well as the orbital mechanics of the situation though. As now, volcanism seems to be thought to play a large part though. All in all, both entertaining and informative. I did note that the level of Hubris had not risen to the level where they were afraid to admit there was probably not much we could do with certainty if the weather changes.

  2. They were a little early. This time the scenario for global cooling going forward from here is much more likely then it was in the 1970’s.

    The sun was just to active back in the 1970’s -2005. Post 2005 it is a different story.

    Any one have an info. on the abrupt climate change that took place 89000 years ago? I have had a hard time finding information on this event.

  3. Riku, I have been trying to get bloggers here to read book one of Snowfall Trilogy by Mitchell Smith. It is a fantasy of human survival during an ice age. I hope you will check
    it out.

  4. at least back then we had honest reporting and science, not the contaminated political trash we see today.

  5. Looks like Mr Spock of the enterprise had it right the first time! Back then we had had accurate and logical reporting of the upcoming ice age.

  6. What actually fascinates me the most about this presentation is that it defines the beginning of the ice age as thousands of years ago. When you think of that, really, along with what the weather has been like since then – periods of greater warmth separated by growing periods of colder climate – you come to realize that the true “hiatus” or “pause” in the trend has been the period between about 1980 and 2000, and why that “opportunity” that this pause offered to grow a one world government and strict depopulation plans by fear mongering was grabbed by the elite and transformed into CAGW. The fact that “THEIR” pause in the spiral into the ice age was shorter than they hoped is why the desperation they show now at crushing debate is so strong. If they don’t succeed in installing a one world government to control our use of energy, thus guaranteeing the deaths of billions of people, this fall, they won’t be able to build their Valhalla in the area left unaffected by what IS going to happen, the ice age. In the meantime, they will pull out all the stops, including hysteria over disease and forced mass vaccinations that will end up causing depopulation through death from some future exotic disease that will be released, or sterilization. Watch the directions the governments AND the UN go, as it will reveal itself, but not to those that are so brainwashed by media hysteria that nothing can save them from themselves. If it is whipped high enough for enough of “them,” “they” will take out those that can see the forest as well as the trees. My suggestion is to make peace with your God, as we may be meeting him sooner that we hoped, and not because of “end times.”

    • I agree with the majority of what you’ve said, besides the part where we will all be culled. If we are all doomed, then why is there such a desperate scramble to set down new laws? Why convince the public to vote for anything if they have no influence at all? The behavior reveals the weakness.

    • Given that the definition of an Ice age is a significant Ice Cap at both poles, which we have, we are already in an Ice Age. That said, each Ice Age has interglacial periods like which we are in now, on this Blog, Richard raises the speculation as to when this interglacial will end. If you look at the Warm period trends, which is downward it should, in my view start in 500 to 700 years from now.

      However, it can be triggered early by a combination of three other factors together:
      1. A Cool Sun.
      2. The Earths Orbit parameters
      3. A Major Geological event such as Yellow Stone blowing is top or a major volcanic Trap event, much larger than the one in Iceland as present.

      There is another, which is nuclear war, which will happen if the Iranians or Putin miscalculate.

  7. This “time warp” (ahem) back to 1977 sounds just like AGW climate “experts” today. Those scientists made predictions in 1977 with an assurance that their science was settled too. – Both can’t be correct. Guess which one is… 🙂

  8. Historical Background:
    The scientific discoveries made in the 1960s/70s:
    . Ice Ages: Solving the Mystery

    Nigel Calder who just passed away about a year ago was a science reporter during those times. This is what he wrote at his blog spot which his wife is keeping up.
    Prophet of the Next Ice Age

    A hero from the glory days of discovery half a century ago, before the sophistry about man-made global warming invaded climate science, will be speaking at the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago, 16-18 May 2010.

    In the 1960s a respected geologist in his native Czechoslovakia, George Kukla, counted the layers of loess – windblown mineral dust ground by the glaciers and laid down in the region during recent ice ages. They were separated by darker material left over from warm interglacial periods. Kukla found too many layers of loess. Until then, almost everyone thought that there were just four recent glacial ages, with long interglacials between them. An exception was Cesare Emiliani, who in Chicago in 1955 had traced major variations in heavy oxygen in seabed fossils, and counted seven ice ages. Very few experts believed him until Kukla reported at least nine loess layers in the brickyards of Czechoslovakia.

    Following the ill-fated bid for democracy in the “Prague Spring” of 1968 Kukla emerged from behind the Iron Curtain and found refuge at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory (now called the Earth Observatory) where he still works.

    The observatory perches beside the former glacier valley of the Hudson River. And down at water level Alec Nisbett of BBC-TV filmed Kukla for our multinational TV blockbuster called “The Weather Machine”, broadcast in 1974. By then the count of ice ages had increased still further and the reasons for the comings-and-goings of the ice were better understood.

    And as you can view here (after a patch of narration read grandly by the actor Eric Porter) Kukla issued a warning…


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