Seattle – Almost as much snow in one day as it gets in a year

SeaTac Airport received 6.4 inches (16.3 cm) of snow Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

That may not sound like much to those who live in snowy locations, but it’s the second most snow recorded in the area in one day in the past 20 years, and only the fourth time the area has seen 6 inches of snow since 1991.

The city averages 6.8 inches of snow over the course of an entire year.

Because the city usually gets such small amounts of snow, it is woefully unprepared. It has steep hills and only a handful of snowplows, meaning that secondary and neighborhood roads are never plowed. This in a city with very steep hills.

In a list of  “The Ten Cities That Are Least Prepared For Winter,” Seattle ranks as the worst in the entire country, worse, even than Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, some inland portions of Washington state reported 12 to 18 inches of snowfall.


6 thoughts on “Seattle – Almost as much snow in one day as it gets in a year”

  1. For Seattle not a big deal, likely all melted by now…..

    Hmmm just checked the weather in Seattle and the high is only 36 so could be an issue..

  2. I am in the inland northwest….and the snow finaly arrived this morning. I consider it a blessing that our regional winds yesterday came out of the east and kept the snow storm in the Cascades. However, it didn’t stop the cold…once again the models the NWS is using are way off…first it was 3″ today with maybe additional 5″ over the rest of the week. Now it is 6″ today a high of 13 degrees and almost a foot of accumulation for the rest of the week. Last week their prediction was clear and 10 above….and we woke up to -11 (and no power).
    Its is concerning that NWS weather models are not being ground truthed or is it part of the “climate change” agenda and they are participating in keeping the sheeple fed poop ??? Thoughts please.

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