Seattle – The snow keeps on coming

60,000 lose power

It’s already the snowiest February on record in Seattle, and yet the snow keeps on coming – at least another 4 to 6 inches last night.

The February snowfall total at SeaTac Airport of 14.1 inches has already made this  Seattle’s snowiest February in recorded history. The previous record of 13.1 inches was set in February 1949.

Typically, Seattle receives about 7 inches of snow per year, varying from little or no snow in some years to more than a foot (30 cm) in others.

The Seattle area faces another one-two punch of snowstorms into Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Seattle – The snow keeps on coming”

  1. And the psychotic denial of reality continues to issue forth from global warming bloviators, doesn’t it.

  2. Pivot table of Tweet.
    Year Depth in ” Solar Cycle Solar condition Cycle Position
    1950 57.2 SC18 End of Gleissberg period Mid point solar decline to minimum
    1969 45.4 SC20 SC20 Cool Sun Period Low UV AMP affected cycle
    1968 22.1 SC20 SC20 Cool Sun Period Low UV AMP affected cycle
    1954 20 SC18 End of Gleissberg period Mid way rise to Max
    1951 18.2 SC18 End of Gleissberg period Start of rise to Max
    1985 17.5 SC21 Recovery from Sc20 Mid way rise to Max
    1965 15.3 SC19 Solar Minimum (SM) start of Solar minimum
    2019 14.1 SC24 GSM SM between 24 & 25 Solar Minimum

    Given that Seaattle has a similar warm wet prevailing wind condition like the UK, yet to have snow it needs the prevailing wind to reverse from a cold continent, which takes place during blocking atmospheric conditions seen during low periods of UV and large cornonial holes in the Sun atmosphere.

  3. That Dec 1968 – Jan 1969 (67 inches total) snow event I was in Seattle and trying to host a New Year party. The beer trucks had stopped running. We had to drive all over north Seattle to find a keg for the party. Fortunately the Boeing Company shut down at noon on Dec 31 because of snow, so we had all afternoon to get ready for the party.

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