Second nor’easter in a week to slam the East Coast.

Up to 18 inches (45 cm) of heavy wet snow from Pennsylvania to Maine will bring downed trees and limbs, widespread power outages, thousands of flight cancellations, and traffic nightmares.

“This will be a significant blow to all of southern New England,” says bostoncbs.local.

Unlike last week’s nor’easter, this storm will be much snowier along the I-95 corridor, including near the Boston-New York City-Philadelphia corridor.

Snowfall rates of 1-to-2 inches per hour in places will create snow-covered roads tough to keep up with.

As of mid-afternoon, parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the New York City area already had over 6 inches (15 cm) of snow.

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1 thought on “Second nor’easter in a week to slam the East Coast.

  1. Now, what will they do, when ,next year, this begins late September, every week till late March?

    People will NOT be able to live there anymore, unless they wish to go back to the methods used around 1800……burn wood. melt snow for drinking water, stay indoors for 4 months, eat frozen beef jerky, huddle by the iron stove for those 4 months, no clothe washing for 4-5 months, go to the bathroom out a window (don’t worry, it will freeze till spring)…………..

    I can imagine the HUGE financial hit these States are taking due to no sales, no shopping, etc…which means NO State sales taxes to collect….nobody working which means NO State income taxes to collect….. and this is just the beginning.

    Then there are all the cracked and split frozen water pipes to fix, which can’t be fixed, until the ground thaws. What then when the rivers freeze and there is no shipping in or out? Snow so high nothing moves by railroad?

    Most Americans live pay check to pay check so how will they pay for their astronomical heating bills? This is going to get very, very, very ugly.

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