Second snowiest march on record for Colorado ski resort

Snowiest in 50 years 

“(This has been) the second snowiest March in recorded history at Winter Park which is just incredible,” says Winter Park Director of Communications Steve Hurlbert.


“Wow! Low and behold 101 inches for the month is extraordinary,”’ said Hurlbert.

That’s almost 8½.5 feet (2.5 meters) – in just the month of March.

I thought Colorado ski resorts were supposed to be out of business by now. Instead, they get one of the biggest March snowfall amounts on record.

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  1. Mt. Baker Ski Area in Washington State, a low elevation ski area, has a base on the upper mountain almost 5 meters deep. Mammoth Mountain in California has a base that currently exceeds 5 meters on the upper mountain. Mt. Hood Meadows in Oregon has a base of more than 6 meters on the upper mountain.

  2. I have been skiing at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado (which is south of Winter Park) on May 2 (probably 1979) when we got 14″ of new snow overnight….

  3. Location Grand County, Colorado, USA
    Nearest city Winter Park, Colorado
    Coordinates 39°53′13″N 105°45′45″W
    Top elevation 12,060 feet (3,676 m)
    Base elevation 9,000 feet (2,743 m)
    Skiable area 3,081 acres (1,247 ha)
    Runs 143 total
    8% beginner
    18% intermediate
    19% advanced
    55% expert
    Lift system 25 total (9 high-speed chairs, 10 fixed-grip chairs, 6 surface lifts)
    Snowfall 370 in (940 cm)

    By my math the 1st snowiest March should be 1966 right at the start of the single AMP event solar cycle SC20. This solar cycle SC24, is already lower in energy output than SC20 and it still has another 4 years to the end of this cycle. The next cycle SC25 will be even lower in energy output. This Grand Minimum is on track to be much worse than Dalton and heading for Wolf levels, another two cycle Grand Minimum.
    Significant cooling is taking place, both at High Latitudes and at High Altitudes, even with brief snow events even on Caribbean Volcanos and Hills at Altitude this early in the Grand Minimum.

  4. In the summer of 2001 I walked up Mt. Hood to the lodge. There was a just a little dirty snow at the very top of the mountain, where in previous years they had had the only ski resort in the US to be open all year.
    Looks like they are back to skiing in the summer up there.

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