September snow – Romania – Video

Early snow in Carpathian Mountains.

Romania - 22 Sep 2012

The first snowfall of the season occurred Thursday night in Bucegi and Fagaras snowing throughout the night. At Balea Lac snow measured 25 centimeters and tourists came in large numbers to enjoy the snowflakes.

The mountains at high altitude in Bucegi, it snowed all night, so at over 1,800 meters to form a layer of snow of 10 to 12 inches, and where wind knocked down formed snowdrifts reaching half meter, meteorologists say.

See video:

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  1. Seems a little early for that part of the world even at higher elevations and I recall they got buried big time last winter.

  2. Is this normal ?

    Does it mean snow in this area for six or more months Oct – March or longer ?

    How much snow and ice do the AGW crowd want ??

  3. My Romanian is paltry, but I clearly heard “minus four degrees” (that’s 25 degrees *above* in Fahrenheit). This is the same Romania that suffered five meters, 16 feet, of snowfall in the space of a week just this past February. (Didja all forget?) This early snowfall and cold is not a good omen.

  4. In N. Ireland on 24th September, 2012, some locations recorded their lowest-ever maximum temperature for that month when they failed to reach 9 degrees C (48 degrees F). That, coupled with 100mm of rain in some places, led to a very miserable day’s weather.

  5. This early snowfall in Romania doesn’t promise much good. We still remember the excessive snowfall during the extreme cold month of February. Will this happen again the coming winter? I fear this is highly possible. How many horrible winters does it take for the believers in global warming to loose their faith? The nut-cases will still believe in that bogus religion till the day they freeze to death themselves.

  6. Yeah snow already, but in Bucharest and others cities on lower ground temps are still reaching +30C. It doesn’t matter, it will soon cool down.
    We had the first signs of winter in the Carpathian Mountains in mid August, when the temp felt to -2C (while in Romanian Plain we baked under +40C).
    Meteorologists predicted cold and rainy fall for Romania, with the first signs of winter in mid November. So there are signs of another snowy winter.
    I found out that last February was the coldest month ever recorded in Romania, followed by cold spring (statistically, January is the coldest month of the year); they gone crazy with global warming about this summer heat(hottest summer in 51 years) but not a single word about the record coldest month. So, thanks Romanian media !!
    My feeling is that this winter will be extremely cold (with new records probably) rather than snowy; we had mountains of snow last winter because we had very strong blizzard.

  7. Argiris Diamantis said.
    The nut-cases will still believe in that bogus religion till the day they freeze to death themselves.

    Argiris I whole heartedly agree with you on this point. It is one of natures ways of cleaning the gene pool.

  8. And here, in the central valley of California the forecast for this week (under a high pressure system) is mid- to upper-90’s (Fahrenheit) with Sunday reaching 100 degrees. Ugh! Oh well, it’s better than too much snow.

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