Seriously – how deluded and gullible are people who subscribe to this nonsense ?

“32 years and billions of wasted dollars later they best they can come up with is fake data, fake graphs, a child advocate who dropped out of school…”
– Rosco Mac

Seriously – how deluded and gullible are people who subscribe to this nonsense ?

Rosco Mac

1. I have a million molecules of ordinary air –  how many do you think are CO2 ? (We should all know there are less than 400.)

2. I have a million molecules of ordinary air how many do you think are methane ? (We should all know there are less than 2.)

3. Why do you think that such insignificant amounts of stable gases can cause the temperature of the remaining 999,958 molecules of air to rise by any significant amount?

The alarmists are seriously deluded. The IPCC, established in 1988 was charged with establishing that mankind was causing global warming by emitting tiny amounts of a stable non flammable gas.

32 years and billions of wasted dollars later they best they can come up with is fake data, fake graphs, a child advocate who dropped out of school and the ridiculous claim that today’s children from wealthy countries suffer climate degradation worse than child sex slavery or the equivalent of forced labour in the “salt mines” and the hyping of the misery of those who have lost possessions or, worse, their lives due to completely natural disasters.

All in the name of how many failed attempts to overthrow democracy, introduce a regressive carbon tax, and probably prepare to remove a large proportion of the human race from the planet permanently.

Seriously – how deluded and gullible are people who subscribe to this nonsense ?

Of course it’s a scam !

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    • Global warming – cooling – global climate stasis is merely the latest iteration of Marxism, gotta keep those peasants eternally alarmed to keep those research grants flowing. Hell, without that money coming we’ll all have to real jobs, and God knows none of knows how to do jack s–t. Face it, our very survival is at stake here! Hey, maybe there’s an asteroid out there heading for planet Earth! This could be the ticket!

  1. What gets me is the same person who would takes his family and moves from Minnesota to Florida, the whole family, including cat dog and parakeet, where it is 20 degrees warmer and certainly doesn’t even imagine that any of them will be harmed, is terrified by a projected 2 or 3 degree temperature change by the year 2100. Are they really that ignorant?

    • yes.

      and gullible deluded AND wilfully ignorant because info and data IS available…but they will not exert themselves to read and learn.

    • Funny thing is, I moved from Florida to North Dakota because a) I wanted it colder (although I would say closer to at least 40° difference, especially in winter) and b) if, somehow, they were right and global warming did occur, this is where the prime real estate would be. But mainly the first reason

  2. Robert. FYI. Listening to KFI Los Angeles over the internet live Jan 24 2020 and they are reporting that there is up to 6″ of Snow in the city of Las Vegas. I cant find anything on internet search , but that would not surprise me as the AGW censorship is full on in the internet these days.

    • Destroying capitalism? Not likely. Destroying free enterprise, the middle class and upward mobility for those who try harder; absolutely right! This is what is really going on. The capitalists, communists, democrats, elite special interests and other oligarchs on the other hand are all in bed together and cooked up this ridiculous farce of a hypothesis called AGW or climate change to suppress their competition and reassert their dominance over mankind…
      This is the only explanation that makes sense in the light of history and the facts available. TPTB wish to remain the kings of the castles and the masses must remain being the dirty rascals if in fact we are allowed to live at all.

  3. A friend of mine’s wife, a D, is a principal of a public middle school. I was talking to her about GSM recently, mentioning the record days without sunspots. She’s never heard anything about that.
    I told her there was a solar cycle, she’d never heard of that or that our mag shield is weaker and is what shields us from the sun.
    She knows all abut climate change though, gospel.
    A friend of mine is a retired PHD Ag , doctor of farming, He’s a millionaire, lives in a condo, wife’s head nurse at a hospital.
    Never heard of a solar cycle or weakened mag shield.
    Another friend is an 85 year old retired structural engineer, had his own bridge company, Won national awards for interstate bridges and he still works periodically for Manson on projects around the world, private jets and limos. He knows little Billy Gates family, he knows everybody. Seriously connected.
    He’s never had the internet, no outside info beside MSM. which he follows like religion.
    He’s never heard of the solar cycle or weakened mag shield. I went on 2 mile walks with him almost everyday for 3 years. He’d talk about politics, votes D. I’d talk about current solar activity, how it was effecting the weather . He’d blurt I was rambling on about things nobody has ever heard of, end quote.
    No one else I’ve ever talked to about this has ever heard of the solar cycle or weakened mag shield. 100% nada. The more I’d talk, the crazier they’d think I was. They don’t want to know because it interferes with their status quo. Except my Aunt Sue.
    She looked into it and reads here everyday and wants to learn, to prepare for how it will effect her status quo. Amazing .
    To people here on this site this is all common knowledge, but the general populace hasn’t been exposed to it whatsoever. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t.
    Thanks for this website and your teaching ordinary citizens like me about all this important info.

  4. Paragraph 3: “…. the remaining 999,958 molecules …. ?”

    You subtracted 42, not 402 to get that 999,958 number. It should be 999,598. Old calculator?

    • Only if you’re an ex presidential couple such as the Obama’s, a celebrity or an Australian climate alarmist Tim Flannery –

      “Professor Flannery, appointed climate commissioner by the Gillard government, is never backward in coming forward.

      A few years go, he spoke of sea-level rises of biblical proportions, where walls of water eight storeys high would subsume all beneath.

      “Anyone with a coastal view from their bedroom window, or their kitchen window, or whatever, is likely to lose their house as a result of that change, so anywhere, any coastal cities, coastal areas, are in grave danger,” he said.

      Since his most recent appointment, Professor Flannery has taken the cause around the country, warning in June of a clear and present danger.

      “There are islands in the Torres Strait that are already being evacuated,” he said.

      Given all that, many have been surprised to learn Professor Flannery has his own pile right on the water in the trendy tidal region of the lower Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney.

      “Yes, it is waterfront and his would be one of the biggest on the point,” a neighbour, David, told Sydney radio jock Ray Hadley on 2GB last week. Almost immediately, the world of talkback and the blogosphere went wild.

      In one chatroom, OS said doomsayers such as Professor Flannery “after having frightened the elderly to sell their seaside properties, are buying them”.

      According to property searches, in 1997 Professor Flannery bought one house on the Hawkesbury with his wife, Alexandra Leigh Szalay, for $274,000.

      Five years later — even as climate scientists, including Professor Flannery, claimed evidence of global warming and rising sea levels was even more solid — the couple bought the property next door, for $505,000.

      For a week, Professor Flannery declined to speak to journalists about his properties, but he broke his silence yesterday to tell The Weekend Australian that while waterfront property generally was at risk, his little bit of paradise was secure for his lifetime.

      “There is no chance of it being inundated, short of a collapse of the Greenland Ice Shelf,” Professor Flannery said.

      While his place was, he admitted, “very close to the water”, the issue was how far it was above the water — something Professor Flannery would not reveal because, he said, it could help identify the location and subject him to a Norway-style attack by conservatives.

      Professor Flannery also said his warnings of a 20m rise in sea levels should be put in perspective — that, he said, had to do with a range of factors and could occur once every 50,000 or 100,000 years.

      The relevant time period, he said, was between now and

      the end of this century when the best predictions were for a rise in sea levels based on thermal expansion of the oceans of 40-80cm, plus a less predictable additional rise from melting icecaps and glaciers.

      Asked what Torres Strait islands were “being evacuated”, Professor Flannery conceded no evacuations were under way, but authorities on one island, Saibai, were looking at the possibility of acquiring land on a higher one.”

      What a lying scumbag !

      There appear to be no photos of Flannery’s home – there should be considering the amount of BS he has spruiked over the decades rendering his “right” to privacy null and void.

      You can easily find Coba Point on Google Maps and view the satellite image – it is easy to see all the properties are very low lying WRT sea levels.

      What a lying hypocrite scumbag – typical of all of these “save the planet(for my personal profit) arseholes” !

      Anyone who falls for their BS is gullible at best and stupid beyond belief at worst – pay attention to reality Greta.

  5. Woo … I hadn’t heard that part before about

    “Today’s children from wealthy countries suffer climate degradation worse than child sex slavery or the equivalent of forced labour in the ‘salt mines’ ”

    … curious who said that? But yes, that is idiotic.

    And yes it sounds like something a whining little Special Snowflake** could come up with!! (** for those of you in other countries, who may not have heard the term Special Snowflake, it’s a reference to something teachers in the US started calling little kids … when raising today’s Millennials who apparently are so fragile they “needed” pajamas and hot chocolate & teddy bears installed in their “safe spaces” before screaming at the sky at their horror that Donald Trump won our election. Don’t know if it’s as bad outside the US, but that generation is so outright ridiculous it’s laughable. Unfortunately there were a lot of Obama and later Bernie Sanders supporters (who later voted for Hilary) among that group.

    • Remember Great claimed all us oldies had destroyed her childhood and stolen her future – how dare you.

      And not one MSM journalist said “at least you’re not in forced childhood labour like millions worldwide.

      My source for the figures about slavery –

      “The International Labour Organization is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social justice and promote decent work by setting international labour standards. It was the first specialised agency of the UN.”

      Funny how one wing of the UN exposes the BS of another wing.

      The IPCC should be dismantled immediately and save us a small fortune the ILO could use to help some really deprived children whose childhood have really been stolen.

      • Amazing how the spoiled pretty fledged high school dropout is telling adults that they ruined her childhood. Half of the world’s children barely have enough to eat and she’s turning away food due to her neuroticism. You couldn’t make this stuff up it’s so twisted

        Those who put her up on this pedestal are really setting her up for disaster. It was LOL funny when she said you’re hearing me but you’re not listening to me. She honestly thought important adults in the world would hear what she had to say and act on it. Simply nuts.

      • Good points!

        I recently read a book “Coyote Songs” (fortunately got at the library) from a new Latino writer (Gabino Iglesias) that was such crap I had to finish reading it to see what was in it.

        This book was like a series of short stories but one of the characters was a coyote (the human kind that “guides” illegals over the border, not the animal) who decided he had the right to kill a bunch of people if he found them abusing kids crossing the border (all alone… gee, why might that create a risk to those kids) supposedly because of having dreams that the Virgin Mary supported him in these efforts. And the author equated Trump and ICE with being equally “evil” as child traffickers and rapists.

        What I do not understand is how any parent could possibly send their kids over the border with a coyote, alone.

        Anyway, in the meantime… the border patrol in Amado (about 15 miles south of where I live) recently caught some guy with over 500 grams of Fentanyl strapped to his legs with tape under his pants. That sh*t is something like 50X more addictive than heroin and as little as 2 grams can kill a person. THANK GOD for ICD and the Border Patrol! I make a point of thanking them for what they do every time I have to go thro a border crossing.

  6. We should never forget that the whole global warming CO2 thing was kicked off by Margaret Thatcher as a political means to aid in ending the coal mine fiasco under her Prime Ministership. The CO2 thing was ALWAYS about political issues, and remains that way today. CO2 cannot be a blanket to keep in heat – it’s heavier then air so will always sink to the ground level.

    Greenhouse gas has always been H2O – water vapour. This is what blankets the Earth and in vast quantities. All we have do, to see the power of water vapour, is to observe its effects on weather with dramatic changes in the weather simply from changing humidity.

    Greenhouse gases have always been about water content of the atmosphere. The changing water content of the atmosphere is fundamental to all the climate changes that the Earth has had throughout its existence.

  7. Agreed. The amounts of warming that the “climate crisis” fanatics are threatening us with would barely bring us back to the medieval, Roman or Minoan optimums. They are threatening us all with prosperity! Even more warming would bring us back to the Holocene optimum, with vast increases in the amount of arable land. No doomsday! Sorry, Greta.

    • Wasn’t the Sahara green during the Holocene Optimum? And the population in Europe escalated during the Medieval Warm Period, when Greenland was colonized.

  8. Well, we can say to a global warmer believer a version of the 400 parts per million but in human being terms. AS follows: Take 1 million people with average temperatures of 98.6 degrees except that a certain number of them have a temperature of 100 degrees. Then ask them how many of the 1 million people have that temperature ( that represents C02) and if that group with a 100 Degrees difference will warm the rest of the group UP to the same temperature they are?

  9. heres a topper
    a chap on WUWT did a sarcastic comment on a “special carbon particle” totally hilarious
    well today…
    in aus media we have Karolly the klimateklown stating that manmade c02 is DIFFERENT
    and its stealing oxygen fromthe air
    whereas carbon released from oceans doesnt attach to oxygen
    well if it doesnt then its NOT co2 is it,

    I have sent the clipped bit and link to Robert and bookmarked the page
    but I reckon I should go copy it in entirety for future hilarity

    • Manmade CO2 stealing oxygen from the air? CO2 + O2 = ?
      Carbon (=C) released from the oceans?

      That’s Mickey Mouse chemistry!

  10. For the record, in December 2017 Australian researcher Robert Holmes’ peer-reviewed Molar Mass version of the Ideal Gas Law definitively refuted any possible CO2 connection to climate fluctuations: Where GAST Temperature T = PM/Rp, any planet’s near-surface global Temperature derives from its Atmospheric Pressure P times Mean Molar Mass M over its Gas Constant R times Atmospheric Density p. Absent any carbon-factor, proportional CO2 at 420 ppm (.042%) is a non-issue. Meantime, over eighteen months through June 2019, Finnish researchers empirically replicated Holmes’ findings, independently verifying his result.

    More recently, Russian researcher Valentina Zharkova’s “Climate – Solar Magnetic Field” (C-SMF) hypothesis (October 2018), citing Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark’s 2005 “Cosmic Ray – Cloud Cover” model, provides historical proof-positive that –absent major astro-geophysical exigencies (axial and orbital precession, galactic orbit, solar magnetic fields; cometary/meteorite strikes, geothermal currents, plate-tectonic dispositions, volcanism)– Earth’s semi-millennial atmospheric/oceanic circulation patterns reflect ambient Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) to the virtual exclusion of all else.

    Moreover, global temperatures have been trending downward for the past 3,300 years. If this continues, a looming 70+ year Grand Solar Minimum to c. AD 2100 –following Earth’s 500-year Little Ice Age from AD 1350 to 1850/1890 and its 140-year “amplitude compression” aftermath to c. 2030– likely portends geophysically induced (plate tectonic vs. climatological) 102-kiloyear Pleistocene glaciations up to 2½ miles deep.

    • There is no need to consider only near surface atmospheric temperatures !

      Every planet with an atmosphere greater than 0.1 bar has a temperature higher than its calculated black body temperature as the atmospheric pressure increases.

      Here is a graph showing this:-

      Here is a chart derived from NASA data showing the assertion is true :-

      There is no “back radiation greenhouse effect” – every planet simply radiates in equilibrium with the incident solar radiation from some point in its atmosphere.

      For example Jupiter at 0.1 Bar has a temperature from the graph of ~130 Kelvin – and increases to well over 270 Kelvin in the graph and this is more than double the calculated black body temperature of 110 Kelvin. Also note Jupiter is believed to have temperatures exceeding 25,000°C (25,273 Kelvin) deep in its atmosphere. How can this happen with solar input of ~50 watts per square metre ? Short answer – it can’t !

      There is no “back radiation greenhouse effect”.

  11. While you are right that the whole climate-apocalypse thing is wrong, it is more complex than you say. The CO2 effect is saturated (at least in the lower atmosphere).

    If there were no water (responsible for most of the “greenhouse” effect) and no CO2, the earth would be much colder than it is, according to Stephan’s law. The GGs slow the rate of I.R..radiation from the surface to space.

    If GGs (especially water) were the only story, the earth would be much hotter than it is. Why is the other not much hotter? Convection. If the temperature gradient gets too big at the surface, parcels of hot air rise and expand to balance it out. You can calculate accurately the drop in temperature with altitude using this fact alone (i.e ignoring the GGs). Adding more GG makes no difference whatever to the temperature gradient – the GG effect is saturated.

    “Greenhouse gas” is a misnomer because the way a real greenhouse works is to prevent convection doing its job.

    The above, by the way, has been standard climate science since the 1930s. Most climate alarmists, like St Greta, know no physics.

  12. They have the majority of the population tricked while the odds of a human posting a comment here are the same as being struck by lightning. Majority of humans vs the maximum occupancy of a minivan or an elevator. Public restroom.
    Seven comments, one per billion humans. More people died of old age out of that billion than commented on this article.
    There is a lot of work to do to reverse those odds, take control of education, etc. May the force be with you.

  13. The truth is that a new long cold period or mini ice age would be far more harmful to the planet and modern civilization than a slight warming over several centuries.

  14. The Dinosaurs never worried about this nonsense and they survived for 170 million years, through thick and thin, and without stupid governments to guide them. Global warming being controlled by man is fake and totally impossible.

  15. Very poor title to this article! It is exactly what the ‘global warming’ nuts would say of us ‘conspiracy theorists’, who are largely the crowd challenging the accepted ‘groupthink’ surrounding climate change. In fact, it is largely a well educated crowd, who are hyping global warming as an agenda for ulterior purposes …. can’t get more conspiracy that that!

  16. Human induced climate change is a resurrection of ancient devilry for gain and power. Such as offerings to priests to insure good crops and sacrifice of virgins to prevent volcano eruptions etc.

  17. Reworded: The “Global Warming” ruse is a reformulation of ancient method to get control and wealth. (Offerings to the priests would insure sunshine and rain. Sacrifice of virgins to prevent volcano eruption, etc.)

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