Seven states now threatening to veto EPA’s global warming rule

“Mississippi has become the latest of a growing number of states to suggest it might not enforce a major EPA regulation to limit carbon dioxide emissions at existing power plants,” writes Michael Bastasch in the Daily Caller.

“The flaws inherent in EPA’s proposal make the development of responsible SIPs unworkable for states, including Mississippi,” wrote Mississippi Republican Gov. Phil Bryant in a letter to the EPA last week. “One of my most important duties as governor is to secure reliable access to affordable electricity for Mississippians. I am deeply concerned that the current form of EPA’s proposal could prevent me from fulfilling this duty.”

Mississippi joins at least six other states already threatening to not enforce the rule – West Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas and Louisiana – whose governors have suggested they may not enforce EPA’s rule to limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. Oklahoma has officially decided it will not enforce EPA’s rule.

“President Obama and the EPA are fighting a politically charged war against utility consumers across the country,” Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin said on her issuing of an executive order to block the implementation of the EPA’s power plant rule. “While the environmental benefits of these regulations will be minimal, the economic devastation of these overreaching and unrealistic regulations will be very real.”

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  1. good on them!!
    by all means use scrubbers to remove ash sulphur n as much mercury as they can, but co2?
    bloody lunacy!!!

  2. Good work, and I hope my state (VA) joins the effort soon!

    In the meantime, I recently noticed something that initially I thought was extra spooky. In my area (Isle of Wight County, VA) which is largely agricultural the farmers typically rotate their crops from year to year as either corn, soy, or spring wheat. I have concerns that most of them are using GMO, which I don’t believe in and which affects my gardening efforts in the form of the worse weeds ever.

    This year I notice the corn looked weird… about one in 50 plants would pop up taller than the rest, last week some of the fields started getting heading up only this time the so-called corn looked bizzare, nothing like corn. I noticed this in field after field… then I decided to look it up, in case there’s been any news of this. Turns out it wasn’t corn at all… for the first time in the 9 years I’ve lived here… farmers appear to be growing sorghum, which I’d never seen before and looks a lot like corn. On the other hand it seems they are doing it because it’s a lot cheaper to grow and they’d not been making good profits lately on all that other stuff… and with hog farming big in this region (I live just outside Smithfield) and pigs able to eat sorghum… there ya go. But it did give me the creeps for a few days seeing all those plants look like what I thought was warped GMO “corn”.

    • Sorghum also does better in drought and will restart growing after a bit of dry, so is better if rains are irregular.

      When corn outlook is risky due to water issues or unpredictable weather, farmers often swap to sorghum or if very dry, millet.

      Cold and wet, the swap is to wheat, barley, oats and buckwheat in about that order (though all of the last three will grow and sprout at just a bit above freezing, the days to maturity are shorter with buckwheat.)

      Watch the ratios of planted acres for those and you know what the farmers are expecting. Watch the harvest ratios and you know what they got…

    • As Neil deGrasse Tyson says: “We are creating and modifying the biology of the world to serve our needs,”added the “Comos” host.“I don’t have a problem with that, because we’ve been doing that for tens of thousands of years. So chill out.”

      From cross breeding/cross pollinating in the past to now more direct gene manipulation, it the same thing. Now you can take issues with things like copyright and patenting, but those are clearly different issues than creating more hardy, drought tolerant, and pest resistant crops.
      While I don’t side with every issue that Neil expounds upon, I do agree with him on this one.

    • I remember a similar experience the first time I saw sorghum , when growing up in rural Tennessee in the 1950’s. I knew what corn was very well, because everybody grew it, but my dad had to explain what sorghum was. Where I lived, it was also called sorghum cane, or usually just “cane.” It was sometimes grown with corn and cut for silage to feed to cattle. In the southern US, it’s also used to make molasses. The juice is sweet, and if you squeeze it out, and cook it down, it will make a form of molasses, which probably isn’t technically molasses, but everybody calls it that anyway. Another plant that might throw a lot of people a curve is milo maize, often called just “milo,” which is a form of sorghum that doesn’t grow as tall as regular sorghum, but makes a similar head.

    • Totally agree. I think we should take our EPA leadership and Rainbow 6 them to the Amazon or the polar bear packed Arctic so they can see how much fun living without power is. (Its a joke I am not advocating violence)

  3. Wind energy has an efficiency rating of between 15% to 30%. which means we would have to build 3 to 6 times the generating capacity we now have, just to stay even. That means a 3 to 6 times higher electric bill. Hydro-Electric, and Nuclear have 90%+ efficiency rating. Which is even more efficient than we have now.

    • Wind energy probably has some legitimate applications on a small scale, as off the grid power for an individual home. For one thing, it does away with the expense and energy use of building transmission lines to remote locations. But on a large scale, where’s just plugged into the grid, it is simply impractical, and is probably going to leave kids in the future wondering why those forests of abandoned towers were ever constructed in the first place.

    • And don’t forget, for every MW of wind power that the grid relies upon, there should be another MW of dispatchable fossil power to back it up.

      So, why build one power plant when you can build two for twice the price, when only the fossil will do fine?

      My analysis of Livermore Pass shows that its true EROEI is 0.29, not the 14.83 claimed.

      Wind power is simply unsustainable.

  4. volcanoes..volcanoes…volcanoes….think of the so2…co2..etc put out…right now there is quite a few volcanoes erupting….how are humans going to stop that??

  5. One predicted effect, or fear, of the horrendous debt the USA now faces is that it could ultimately cause the break-up of this country. Could it start over some unrelated issue, like this?

  6. It could be that this era of the very grandest pseudo science ever suffered by man ( soon to reach a crescendo in Paris), may be nearing an end.
    More and more scientists are distancing themselves from the green agenda, this can be seen in the media when experts are put on the spot over various wild claims from the recent past.
    The scientists are no longer playing ball while simultaneously those in charge of monitoring the institution are openly stating that some %50 of what is published is probably plain wrong. Put this together with the obvious collusion from many rich and powerful green leaning groups then you have a textbook case of corruption.

  7. Clearly the Obama administration and the EPA are guided by the anti-capitalist (ergo: anti-life) sentiments of the Marxist De-Growther movement disguised as organizations that care about the Earth and the safety and security of its inhabitants.

    However, after reading this excerpted chapter from Mark Levin’s new book ‘Plunder and Deceit’ : Chapter 7: On The Environment,

    I am now much less inclined to believe that the “accidental” breaching of an earthen dam at the Gold King Mine in Colorado, was as they claim, an accident. It may have been intentional. After all the EPA can easily deny culpability for this and put the blame on its contract workers.

    The Gold King Mine near Silverton has been inactive since 1923!

    The contaminated water has already reached the San Juan River in New Mexico from where it will flow Westward through Indian reservation lands and finally merge with the Colorado River and dump its contamination into Lake Powell. Eventually the contaminated waters will flow through the Grand Canyon and into Lake Mead, and eventually the Gulf of California. Though some settling and sedimentation will occur, the toxic contamination is likely to have a big impact on fish, turtles, and other aquatic and non-aquatic wildlife in all of these areas, and will take months or years to return to normal. Was this really an accident?, or was it an ‘intended’ mishap to draw attention and dovetail into the anti-capitalist, de-growth agenda of the current administration of the United States? One has to wonder.

  8. I work in the oilpatch and a very good friend of mine is a professional agronomist. One afternoon over coffee we did some back of the envelope calculations and found that one section of land (1 square mile, or 640 acres or 256 hectares) will produce about the same net energy from oil seeds as a 1 barrel/day oil well. Bear in mind that the oil well will occupy about 3 acres, leaving the other 637 for food production.

    When you can sit down and on the back of an envelope show that something looks like a dumb idea, chances are very high that it is, indeed, a dumb idea. You don’t need a supercomputer to figure it out.

    • You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Please consider>>>

      The problem we face isn’t about good politicians attempting to save the planet for mankind. Any donkey can see that. A simple example : There is no transitional plan from fossil fuels to green energy. They are simply trying to flip a switch to green before it’s even able to provide even 5% of the demand.

      That isn’t poor planning. That is intentional disruption of our power grid, or a direct terrorist act.

      These people are making a massive effort to cripple America. They are trying to bankrupt the worlds largest and once most robust economy, they have eviscerated the worlds mightiest military have demoralized our citizens with laws destroying families, dividing us black against white, brown against the united states sovereign territory, ignored and diminished the Constitution making it an experiment and not a law, by passing regulations when they can’t pass laws either intended to take wealth from individuals and to impoverish as many as possible while also making it impossible to carry out almost any form of business profitably.

      Frankly, based on the facts before every citizen, every progressive must be considered an enemy of the United States and a threat to every citizens liberty and freedom. What other conclusion could one possibly come up with seeing what is happening right before our eyes.

      • And America (Americans) are letting it happen !

        Every 2 and 4 years, Americans line up at the voting poles and willingly and knowingly “vote” their own destruction !!

        Question: Whom is more of an idiot, the idiot, or the idiots who “vote” for the idiot ???

  9. What is really needed is a constitutional amendment providing for recall of a President gone rogue in his second term.

    Proof that CO2 has no effect on climate and identification of the two factors that do cause reported climate change (sunspot number is the only independent variable) are at (new update with 5-year running-average smoothing of measured average global temperature (AGT), results in a near-perfect explanation of AGT since before 1900; R^2 = 0.97+).

  10. There isn’t much reason to enforce crippling regulations at all. No matter what agency they come from.

    What will the states do if Feds withhold major funding tho. States have up till now succumbed to Fed regs\rules due to them being tied to funds, like highway funding.

    • The States could then hold back federal taxes and keep them ! Federal taxes are far greater than State taxes !!

      Then what, the federal government declares War on each State ?

      And then War destroys the Union, and destroys the United States, of which the current U.S. President would love to see !!!

      “Fundamentally transform the United States” ?

      No !

      Fundamentally “destroy” the United States !


      If the “Race” War’s don’t do it first…

      • Thomas Jefferson, who was deeply distrustful of a strong central government, wanted to give the states the power to nullify Federal laws.

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