Several cold records shattered in The Netherlands

Record low maximum temperatures across the north.

9 Jul 2020 – It has never been colder since the start of the measurements in Leeuwarden, in Nieuw-Beerta, and around the Wadden Sea at Lauwersoog, Hoorn and Vlieland.

The coldest was measured at 13.7C on Vlieland, which shattered the old record of 16.2C set in 2000. That the north also had a cold day in 2000 was also evident from the now broken records in Lauwersoog (14.9C), Nieuw-Beerta (14.7C) and Hoorn op Terschelling (16.2C). The record in Leeuwarden dates from 1978 and was 14.3C.

The new record values ​​can be read on the map at the link below.ó-koud/6338/

Thanks to Tije Pietersma for this link

3 thoughts on “Several cold records shattered in The Netherlands”

  1. And there you have these idiots here in the USA scream about a weak tropical storm with little consequence in NJ today. People are walking around over there with a 10 to 20mph wind or so. That’s supposed to be more important than the Grand Solar Minimum?????

  2. Thanks, near Ijmuiden my car showed 12C during a weather depression, temp. outside in the shadow in the garden showed 13C minimum in the morning. Good weather to sleep.

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