Several coldest May mornings on record in Australia

Several May temperature records – at least one more than a century old – were broken in southern Queensland overnight.

Applethorpe, Oakey and Dalby all suffered their coldest May mornings on record.

The temperature plummeted to -6.1 C in Applethorpe, –2.1 C below its previous record set 13 years ago.

Oakey dropped to -4.4, 0.3 of a degree cooler than its old record set in 2006.

Dalby had its coldest morning since 1911, recording -3.6.

Southern Queensland towns record coldest May morning

Thanks to Darren Mac for this link

“Unusual for the abc to report on cold temps,’ says Darren. “I guess we better get used to it.”

6 thoughts on “Several coldest May mornings on record in Australia”

  1. The Ski Resorts opened a week earlier than normal to take advantage of the early and abnormally high snowfall. The Weather Channel reported the snowfall amounts that fell this week in Victoria are not normally seen until the first week of July. Two months early!

  2. Both northern and southern hemisphere, early arrival of winter in temperate zones, late arrival of spring, simultaneously and for more than just one season. It’s looking more like a trend every day. Thanks for keeping us up to date Robert. I’ll be watching the weather worldwide much more closely in the coming weeks and months. Should be exciting.

  3. Try and they might and much as they would like to I guess even ABC can’t ignore the cold. Still, it will be labelled a ‘cold snap’, nothing to see here, move along to the global warming.

  4. mate in qld thinks 18c is a cold day and theyd light a fire
    seeing as inland areas had damned near continuous days close to 40c for a long stretch and nights avg 25c. its a bit of a shock to their systems;-)
    meanwhile in my area in Vic wed night was a nippy0.7c the last of the plants that were hanging in curled up and gave up.

  5. Around the coastal areas the minimums have been as low as 4°C which is cooler for May than for many years – these temperatures are more typical for later in June or July than May.

    However a “blocking” high moved in today, 2 June, and warmer tropical air flows resulted in some rain and minimums around 12 – 15°C so I do not see any trend – just weather and no broken climate.

  6. -4 C at Kenthurst NSW at 6-30 am in the morning a few days ago, but the BOM never tells the truth. We have around 14-20 days per years under 0C , and last years 2 were -6C in the early morning

    By 9 am it’s up to 15C or more, but that’s where it is as dawn breaks.

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