Several record lows in the Trans-Baikal Territory

5 July 2019 – In Char, the thermometer dropped to 1.9°C, a new absolute minimum, the previous + 2.4 was observed nineteen years ago.

Mogocha saw a weak frost of -0.8°C, easily beating the previous minimum for this day 0f +2.3°C set in 1965.

In Sretensk on July 5 a new record low of +4.8, which is 1.7 degrees lower than the previous one set in 1965.

In Aginsky, a new record low of +3.2, beating the previous record low of +4.0 set in 2003.

In some places frosts were observed. Overall, the average daily temperature was 2 to 4 degrees lower than the climatic norm.
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2 thoughts on “Several record lows in the Trans-Baikal Territory”

  1. When I was a child, I remember my great great uncle talking about some old timers he knew when he was young. They talked of the “year without a summer” in which it froze every month of the year in Western NY. I believe he was referencing the Dalton minimum, or more specifically, the year 1816, when that area was part of the American frontier. We’re not quite there yet, but this pattern forming has me eyeing the coming year or two to look for weather patterns that match. We’ve been steadily trending towards that for about 6-8 years now. I’ve always been skeptical of the global warming theory based on this testimony from an old man. Our collection of accurate records, conveniently for AGW alarmist, started shortly after this cold period. Of course the trend will be warming when you start from an unusually cold period. The real proof will be what happens over the next few years. If we don’t see a cold period soon, AGW is confirmed. Otherwise, I don’t put any stock in it, whatsoever. I’m not holding my breath either.

  2. Also a huge flood in Siberia. Over 20 dead ,more missing, injured or displaced. And on top of this over 4000 building destroyed. Imagine so many people without a place to live and winter comes very early; no time to rebuild. Also thousands of houses flooded. The mud could very easily turn to ice before houses can be cleaned. I know it is in Russia-THE ENEMY- but they are people too.

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