Severe cold headed for Europe

“Intense cold wave over this week,” says Climaterra. “In 5 days will already be in almost all of Europe, very cold for several days and strong blizzards in several countries.”

“(It will be a) severe cold Europe,” says meteorologist Joe Bastardi. “(And nothing to do with CO2,”

Severe cold headed for Europe – Meteorologist Joe Bastardi

Thanks to Caleb Shaw, tomOmason and Martin Siebert for these links

‘Were there not some complaints in from French wine grape growers and Spanish vegetable grower about unseasonable weather recently? asks Tom. “Hold-on it’s just about to get worse!”


13 thoughts on “Severe cold headed for Europe”

  1. Yeaugh these left wing morons who believe that humans or CO2 control the weather are the same ones who accused Bush of causing Hurricane Katrina LOL

    I’ve never seen such extreme ignorance and stupidity in my life!!

  2. February – March are the snowy months for the UK, it takes that long for the seas around the UK to cool down to 4-5C, that allows much colder air from Europe reduce the UK landmass air tempreture and allow weather fronts rain to turn to snow as they slip South East.

    The difference between 62/63 winter the cold started in early December with a blocking high which then moved over the Noric countries. However, country folk experience suggests snow before 22 March can last till May. This probably stemmed from the Gleissberg period 1890 to 1945.

  3. Why condemn poor europe ,if your Californian central valley is going to freeze much sooner ? The Dutch skating-lovers , and there are quite a few of them have been waiting for over 50 years for a strong icy winter and finally motherearth is getting exhausted and will probably give too little too late .Or is it the CO2 that is coming to our help ? Nowadays cooling is the new warming-trend . Cool is cool nowadays like it was in the past ……..

  4. The other likely outcome of this cold period is that the jet stream will wobble even further south — so look out for North Africa getting another shot of very cold weather, or even snow (again).

  5. I’m “waiting to exhale” to warm the Earth. Are you?

    In the mean time, I’ll go boil up some ice cubes!

    Warm globally, cool locally. LOL!

  6. “(It will be a) severe cold Europe,” says meteorologist Joe Bastardi. “(And nothing to do with CO2,” ?! You call yourself “Meteorologist ? Nothing severe on it , like 1956/1963/1978 , those were quiet severe
    Do your dilettante “Homework” better…………………!!. Mr Kenneth Lund , European backdrop most likely , rightwing most likely , I know
    intelligence is not your part . Reminds me of all those Donald Dump voters , you are more catholic than the pope , do wish you a lot of very hot/cold weather , in your future thinking !

  7. Agree with you JimBob. People were interested in weather and seasons to know what to plant when.

    So, going back a few hundred years (pre-satellite era, I think) I collated all of the UK weather lore from then that I could find into a calendar and it is about as accurate as any weather forecast. It seems interesting (to me) that not much has changed.

  8. Thanks JimBob. No I hadn’t looked at those but what an excellent resource! Thank you. I collated a spreadsheet using data from Metcheck’s forward forecasts and then used Lamb etc to improve the data. I then took met office data to work out average temps rainfall etc. Better than a piece of seaweed!

    • Just had a quick look across the Web but can’t find any archive material on Bill Foggitt and his famous seaweed. It was my first thought when I saw the last paragraph of your reply.

      For those not old curmudgeons stuck in the UK Bill Foggitt was a little like the weather section in a Farmer’s Almanac. His family became interested in the weather as the last LIA was closing and they held a wealth of data.

      So Bill had a small cameo on the regional TV broadcaster giving countryside wisdom in the form of a forecast. More people were reckoned to trust him than the Met!

      So it just could be time for the seaweed and Pine cones again.

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