Severe cold and heavy snowfall in Japan

Five times average snowfall in Morioka city. Temperatures below minus 20 degrees are likely. 

The amount of cold and snow is different from last year. Snow flew fiercely at the acid spa hot spring located at the foot of Hakkoda mountain in Aomori Prefecture. Snow cover exceeded 2 meters (almost 7 ft) for the first time this season.

It got cool yesterday too, mainly in eastern Japan, with with the temperature falling below 0 degrees at more than half of the observation points in the whole country.

The amount of snow is also larger than normal. Aomori city has already received nearly 50 cm (20 inches) of snow, about twice the normal year.

Snow in Morioka city is 19 cm, about five times the average of this year. Tomorrow morning it will be severely cold nationwide.

In Hokkaido it is likely to drop to minus 20 degrees.

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4 thoughts on “Severe cold and heavy snowfall in Japan”

  1. between their nuke power and thermal regions i notice they dont seem to report anywhere near as many deaths by cold there..hmm?
    even with very aged pop and stone buildings that wouldnt be real efficient chill wise when its that cold n snowy.

  2. It’s notable that the usual suspects haven’t started shouting about “hottest year evaaaaaaahhhh” yet. Unless I’ve missed something?

    • They have been touting the third warmest El Nino winter evah instead. But seasoned observers might question why is it only the third warmest and not THE warmest.

  3. From what I’ve seen so far Eastern part of Russia, both Korea(s) and Japan are seeing an unusually cold and aggressive winter and this is just December! On the other hand most of Europe and Western Russia are influenced by gulf stream that brings less cold and more wet weather over the regions. I wonder when the gulf stream influence slows down. When it does it will bring Europe to a total freezing 🙂

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