Severe cold up north

Winter storm in Quebec


9 Jan 2017 – Extreme Cold Warning for many areas (see link):

The coldest wind chill values will be between minus 40 C and minus 45 C (-40 F to -49 F). (also ab25 in the address link for the High Level – Rainbow Lake – Fort Vermilion – Mackenzie Hwy warning)


Arctic outflow warning for North Coast – inland sections region

Communities exposed to moderate outflow winds will see wind chill values lowering to minus 20 C (-4 F) tonight.


Extreme Cold Warning for Brochet and Tadoule Lake regions

Slight winds and temperatures near -35 C will generate wind chills of -45 C (-49 F) or colder tonight and Tuesday morning. (also mb35 for the Tadoule Lake warning)



Extreme Cold Warning for Arviat, Chesterfield Inlet, Coral Harbour and Rankin Region including Whale Cove regions

Extreme wind chill values at or below -55 C (-67 F) will develop once more this evening over parts of Kivalliq. Winds up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph) and temperatures near -40 C (-40 F) … in general the cold will persist over the area for the remainder of the week. (also nu24, nu4 and nu1 in the address link for the other affected areas)


Snowfall warning for many areas (see link):

15 to 20 cm (5.9″ to 7.9″) of snow likely today. (also on31, on22, on45, on35, on28 and on15 in the address link for the other affected areas)


Winter storm warning for many, many areas (see link):

… will reach Western Quebec Tuesday morning. Snow will then spread toward Quebec City and the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and reach Eastern Quebec later in the evening.

Amounts of 15 to 25 centimetres (5.9″ to 9.8″) are expected for some regions north of the St Lawrence. Moderate to strong winds combined with snow will reduce visibilities in blowing snow. (also qc64, qc62, qc51, qc46, qc61, qc47 and qc52 in the address link for the other affected areas)

Thanks to Terry Homeniuk for these links

2 thoughts on “Severe cold up north

  1. If this isn’t proof of “Global Warming ” then I don’t know what is !

    And that’s “why” it is so “Cold” ?

    It’s called “Flo-Bal-Cooling” because the “cold” Flows” down from the Arctic greatly cooling Ecuador and parts near-East right into Cambodia ? ! ?

    Where Communists can make Snow-People (It is now considered “wrong” to identify “Humans” according to their “gender”, just ask “EX”-President Barack “Insane” Obama ???) !

    So again it’s all because of Global-Wooling, whoops, I meant “Flo-Bal-Cooling” ?????

    My Bad…

  2. What a start to Twenty Seventeen !!!
    One of the coldest that’s been !
    Record lows in Siberia,
    Just like Manitoba !

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