Severe cold in Siberia – Seriously below normal

Temperature 10-12°C below the climatic norm.


Severe freezing has hit parts of Evenkia, Irkutsk and Yakutia. On November 19, the temperature fell to -40, -42°C.

It was even colder just east of Yakutia. In Ytyk-Kel and Churapcha, Teplyi Klyuch and Tompo, the thermometers showed -44 ° C, In Deliankir and Oymyakon -47°C.

In Yakutia, such frosts are fairly common at this time of year. But for Central Siberia, this is a serious temperature anomaly (italics added), because the average daily temperature for Nov 18 was 10-12°C below the climatic norm.

For tonight, forecasts call for heavy snowfall in Evenkia, with frosts dropping to -30, -35°C.

In the regions of Katangsky and Northeast is expected to be -33, -38°C.

On the night of Nov 20 in Yakutia, the temperature will be -38 ° to -43 ° C.

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5 thoughts on “Severe cold in Siberia – Seriously below normal”

  1. No wonder I’m seeing birds I’ve never seen before.
    I saw a woodpecker a few days ago, first time in Thailand.
    Also seen many other species for the first time in 13 years at this location.

  2. Just curious Robert but you and David Dilly seem to be on the same page of the playbook. Did any of his work influence you or vice versa (to the best of your knowledge).
    Secondly what do you think of his predictions?
    David Dilly Predictions:
    1) Phase 1 2014+ = similar to 1950-70
    Phase 2 2019-20 = rapid cooling (1880s like)
    Cold = 2022-2040 = Coldest phase
    2) Ocean levels will not increase after 2018
    3) More volcanoes & earthquakes 2020-2030
    4) Historic volcanic erruption 2024-2028
    5) Starts warming again in 2140
    6) 2116 our inter-glacial ends (see you in 90,000 years)

  3. At 47 below zero it doesn’t look like the hot air coming out of Gore’s mouth is helping Siberia too much!
    I thought cold like this was supposed to be a thing of the past???
    I don’t see any palm trees up in Siberia nor does this signify the Jurassic hot climate either lol.

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