Severe Midwest flooding could last all spring – Video

“Unprecedented.” “Historic.” “Severe.” “Extraordinary.” “Catastrophic.” “Worst flooding in the state’s history.” Just some of the words used to describe the flooding.

The severe flooding that has swamped much of the region may be a long way from over, because snowmelt and spring rains could create additional flooding in the weeks ahead warns Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

In neighboring Nebraska, 88 cities and 74 counties have issued emergency declarations.

We’ve already the most widespread damage in our state’s history, says Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

5 thoughts on “Severe Midwest flooding could last all spring – Video”

  1. I for one remember like it was yesterday, 4, 5 6 years ago? Times go by so fast, thumbing through Robert’s archives when the “Old” channel was still up; that to have an ice age a lot of rain water is required for many years, decades for the deeper cycles.
    Good, clean water will quickly become the highest priority for cities and county towns inside many states forthwith eh. Boggles the mind concerning how many dairy and field cattle will be lost this spring due to flooding, lack of food and potable water!
    As the albedo effect from volcanic aerosol seeding of atmosphere, these events will year by year become 2x, 4x per year incrementally more intense! One can look back a decade or so ago and NASA stated that it was not uncommon for 1/3 of planet to have cloud cover at any given time; 4 years ago it was not uncommon for 1/2 to be covered; currently it is not “UNCOMMON” for 3/4 coverage. Quite sobering to say the least! When the blood hell are people going to awake to the fact they have been lied to by the same system that has lied to them over, and over, and over……?
    Let the seed wars begin, seed will become a higher priority than guns or cattle in the very near future?

  2. What really makes me angry as hell are these Red Flag states popping up as of late. Many Midwest states have flooding and people need to protect themselves with guns and rifles against thieves or robbers. Illinois and some others are becoming red flag states – so if your neighbor on a farm is a cop trying to help you – no thanks! Good chance he might show up on your door for a different purpose – such as taking your guns away based on something on your record. Sadly, I’m not so sure if a flood would stop them from doing this. Look it up under Red Flag states. This new disgusting law has already killed one person. When food shortages set in with this upcoming ice age – I don’t think you want to be home without a gun!

  3. This is a wet run example of just prior to the Glaciation tipping point 1500 years from now. Only instead of the 1-ft-thick ice melting, it stays put though a series of cold dismal Summers, growing as it does so.

    Historically very little was known about the Northwest States during Maunder or Dalton. The North American climate/weather was known about during the Gleissberg period 1880 to 1940 as that is where most of the NA records stem from for both Cold and Hot.
    Both extremes exceed this modern GSM, but then again it hasn’t got stated yet. The GSM has been too busy cooling down both North Pacific and Atlantic.

  4. Still raining here in San Diego County today and yesterday, continuing the wet weather since November. Last week was the first time we had like a week without rain. We got hail and thunderstorms yesterday. Over a half inch more rain over the last few days. Cool daytime temps and hail, low forties at night, in late March. Usually it’s uncomfortably hot this time of year. This year I can barely get my grass seed to germinate because it’s so cold.

  5. What about an ex tropical cyclone in February in NW Queensland killing cattle by hypothermia in Summer ?

    “It’s been more than seven years since the region received a substantial downpour but the monsoon — which saw clouds dump three years worth of rain in 10 days — is expected to cripple farmers for decades.”

    “If the cattle have not drowned or frozen to death in the elements, devastated farmers now face having to kill thousands of animals. The situation is so terrible that there are reports the farmers have run out of bullets.”

    I repeat this occurred in summer in areas where the temperature is typically 40°C during summer.

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