Severe winter storm hammers New Mexico

The storm, the third to hit the state recently, spread heavy snow – up to a foot deep in places – throughout most of New Mexico, closing schools and major highways across the state.

Motorists sought emergency shelter overnight as state officials closed both directions of I-40 from Albuquerque to Gallup.

Many roads still remained closed Tuesday morning including I-25 between Las Cruces and Belen and I-10 between Lordsburg and Las Cruces.

Kerry Jones, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Albuquerque, said residents could expect another  inch or two of snow throughout most of New Mexico, and to expect “bitter cold” with temperatures 15 below zero in some areas.

The storm even brought snow to southern New Mexico — a region usually spared the worst of winter blasts.

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“Shouldn’t it be called an Autumn or Fall storm?” asks Robert.

So much for global warming.

8 thoughts on “Severe winter storm hammers New Mexico”

  1. Absolutely it should be called a fall storm Robert ! We are still 3 weeks away from winter and this storm already produced snow in the deserts of AZ and NM. True, winter storms in past years have done this; however, these types of storms (such as desert snows, coastal snows, early season record snowfalls and late season record snowfalls) are occurring more frequently across both hemispheres in the past 10 years now. And of course, so much for Global Warming. I guess the Gore effect is working out really well. It is called “Global Cooling.”

      • —yes, I’m sure Robert knows this but maybe a lot of us don’t so it’s nice to get the information. I live in England and am not quite sure where and when you usually get snow in the States.

  2. South East Queensland, Australia – 7 December 2011 – should be hot sunny and about 29 to 30 + degrees C.

    It is officially

    the coldest December Day ever recorded

    – OK it barely made 18 – 19 degrees C and certainly not cold.

    BUT it’s SUMMER !!

  3. so why? did I read a claim that Mexico is in the grip of the Worst Drought in some 40 years?
    all this snow will melt or a good part of it, so the durban err der mobs claims look a bit sillier than ever.

  4. Not really. The snow will not melt in many of the higher mountains in the SW for a long time though. In the deserts it will, of course. It could easily last thru next May in some of the higher elevations. Ski resorts are opening earlier than ever these days. Global Cooling at its best…

  5. I have lived in New Mexico for 20 years, and it is not unusual to have snow this early. Kenneth is correct in saying that the mountains will hold onto it until May, possibly longer if we continue getting snow. Albuquerque was largely spared the snow. I waited all night long for snow that never started in my part of town. The entire city was surrounded by snow of 2 – 6 inches deep, but not a flake to be seen in the valley near downtown. In spite of all the early snow Taos Ski Valley currently only has a 34 inch base, that certainly is not record setting and not actually unusual. But the cold that hit is more unusual than the snow fall. Many parts of the state dropped to the single digits above zero, and the mountainous areas dropped to 23 degrees below zero. Days have been cooler than normal with ice-cold nights. This has become the norm for the last 3 years here, where a few years back and thougout the 90’s wintery spells were nearly always interrupted by temps in the 50’s to 60’s. That hasn’t happened since the winter of 2007-2008!

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