You Sexy Thing (Fun video)

You Sexy Thing (Fun video)

It’s my birthday, so indulge me here.

You’ll hear nothing for almost 30 seconds, then the music begins.

If you prefer, you can drag the round button at the bottom in order to get to the music right away .

43 thoughts on “You Sexy Thing (Fun video)”

  1. Happy Birthday from FROSTY Northern Wisconsin, With snow and sleet last night in Duluth. By the way, loved the video; have had a thing for that piece of music since “The Full Monty”.

  2. Happy birthday, Robert.

    Here’s a beautiful song for a beautiful person :

    ” Who knows where the time goes?
    But we know how it flies.
    Pieces fit together,
    Just like hello and goodbye.
    All the things that matter…
    That money just can’t buy,
    Extraordinary moments…
    In ordinary lives.

    Blow out the candles,
    Slice up the cake.
    Life’s just a camera
    For these memories we make.

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